Fashion-Forward Ways To Wear Florals This Summer (Because We're Over Basic Bouquet Looks)

As long as spring and summer have warmed the earth, humanity has been obsessed with florals. At least, we think that's true. We bet cave people were walking around with flowers in their hair as soon as the weather dictated the beginning of the blooming season. And we don't blame them —flowers and their beauty demand attention, and we all want some of that for ourselves.


But isn't it getting a little old by now? After so many years (or centuries), shouldn't we finally give florals a break? Well, yes, maybe florals as we know it deserve a time-out from spring and summer fashion. No one wants to see the same regurgitated flower arrangements year after year. That said, flowers will never not be in style. Mother Nature wouldn't allow it. But, what we certainly can and should do, is give florals a little revamp every year. Here are the cutest and most fashion-forward ways to update your florals this summer.

Eccentric floral prints

Let's get one thing straight: florals don't have to be boring. Actually, they never should be. It's against their nature. You stop and stare, even sniff, not walk on and ignore life's most beautiful gift. Bees, birds, and humans all flock to pretty flowers, and that's how it should be.


So, don't be afraid to get eccentric with a loud floral print or an unconventionally large one. One huge flower could be taking up all the space, and you would still be doing alright. With the right print, you could command the attention of an entire room.

Demure floral prints

If you're not as big a fan of loud prints, go basic. All you need to do to innovate a demure, classic floral print is an eye for trendy colors and hues that compliment your skin tone. You may choose to select your florals based on what's trendy or what looks best on you — either way you're sure to get lots of compliments.


A bright lime green dress with some pinky florals for an evening moonlit dinner will have you glowing all night, whereas a more subdued all-around blush floral will go with any occasion. Your pick. 

Floral lace

If you truly want to step outside your flowery comfort zone this summer, lace is the best (and sexiest) way to go about it. Embroidered and lace florals go a step beyond traditional floral prints while remaining wearable and fresh. Typically more appropriate for night-time, a lacey floral might just be the ideal pick for an evening outfit.


Perhaps your next night-out dress will include this innovative take on florals. Trendy top-to-bottom lace dresses can do with or without lining underneath, depending on your desired modesty. One thing is for certain, a floral lace will garner attention.

Floral appliqués

Flower appliqués may seem so 90s, but they're back with a vengeance. You'll see them everywhere — on shoes, tops, pants, and even bikinis. Flower appliqués are being used as built-in accessories. Why wear a plain off-the-shoulder top when it could so easily be accented with a delicate flower appliqué, bringing much needed attention to one's décolletage?


You may still hop on the floral appliqués bandwagon early, but ask yourself this: what part of me deserves the most attention? Fair warning: a person's eyes will always land where the flower is placed.

Wallpaper florals

Think of your childhood bedroom wallpaper with the dizzying little flower patterns. Think of your grandma's Iife-long upholstery. Think of those old heavy curtains made of dust and floral fabric. Yes, that's what we're implying would look amazing on your clothes.


Think of it as sustainably fashionable. An up-cycled couch cushion cover could make for a beautiful pair of pants, just like an old curtain could make a beautiful dress. But don't worry, this floral pattern doesn't always require a DIY moment. Many brands are already releasing floral pieces inspired by grandma flowers, as per Real Style Network.

Floral accessories

Something one can easily overlook when it comes to rocking florals is accessorizing. And it's no one's fault, but it is definitely a mistake. Floral fashion evokes fabric patterns more than anything, which doesn't always lead to worrying about jewelry, shoes, or handbags. Instead, you might want to invest in floral accessories for an elevated take on spring and summer fashion.


You may choose an understated floral fabric choker rather than a stuffy scarf these warmer months, or you may even opt for real flowers preserved in resin to decorate your ears. The options are endless and stunning.