Simple Hairstyles To Hide Greasy Hair While You Wait For Wash Day

Keeping your hair and scalp healthy can come at a cost. After skipping a few shampoo sessions or trying the no-poo trend, telltale signs often manifest in the form of oily, hard-to-style strands. And while slicked-back hairstyles may be great for hiding greasy hair, they're not everyone's cup of tea. As many know, trying to hide greasy hair without washing can inspire endless uneasiness, especially when getting ready in a rush. And who doesn't want to set themselves up for a happy, productive day?


If you've been searching for simple ways to style oily hair, you're in luck. The Glam team has created a comprehensive guide to the best hairstyles for covering up greasy hair, saving your look without adding extra time to your routine. No matter your hair type or length, these easy 'dos have you covered, from flowing ponytails to carefully coiffed bangs. Plus, you'll even find expert tips on how to extend the life of your new look between washes.

High ponytail

One way to disguise oily strands in a hurry? "The high ponytail," of course. This style only takes a few seconds to pull off, and it can carry you through your daily activities seamlessly. Even better, it works for both those with bangs and those without. "For bangs, you can brush them back into the pony and secure shorter pieces with a bobby pin or two. You can also use hairspray to keep them in place," Glam's model, Elise Walker, explains.


To help freshen your tresses, Walker suggests starting by working a dry shampoo through your roots. "Any will work, but if you have darker hair you may want to opt for a tinted dry shampoo to avoid a chalky look," she tells Glam. Using a brush to smooth back your strands, pull your hair together toward the top of your head to create a high ponytail. From here, you can take your brush to smooth any flyaways at the base of the hair or within the pony itself. Lastly, take a hair tie and loop it around the length of the hair to tighten your ponytail. All set! With your bouncy new look, you can leave bad hair days in the past.

Classic claw clip

Is there anything better than rocking a claw clip on lazy hair days? The "classic claw clip" look fuses the simplicity of everyone's favorite tool with an adorable updo, hiding evidence of skipped wash days in mere moments. Thanks to the claw clip's secure gripping action, this look is suitable for virtually any hair type or length. "If you have shorter hair and you want to try this look, you can opt for a spiky Y2K look by using pomade to texturize the hair coming out of the claw clip. For longer hair, it can waterfall over the claw clip for a classic clip style," Walker explains.


The first step to fashioning the "classic claw clip" style is to choose a part that works best for you — that's right, swapping your hair part is not only allowed but encouraged. Next, grab your favorite comb or brush and smooth the rest of your tresses toward the back of your head. After that, gather the length together at the base of your neck, as you would with a ponytail, and begin twisting the hair in an upward motion. Holding your claw clip vertically, clamp it around the hair to finish the look. With hair this good, no one will know you have anything to hide.

Low bun

For an understated look with a literal twist, you can't go wrong with the "low bun." It sits perfectly underneath a baseball hat while at the gym or running errands, and it can be elevated in a snap for more formal situations. When it comes to concealing an oily scalp or lifeless strands, the "low bun" is one of our favorite go-to hairstyles. What's more, Walker tells us it's got added benefits for those with long locks. "For a messier, bigger style you can pull some pieces loose for more texture. Longer hair will also help you achieve this look!" she explains.


Ready to take things low? Start by sweeping your hair backward, using a brush or comb to eliminate any bumps or errant strands. For an even more refined take on this look, Walker recommends one hair product in particular. "Using a little hair gel and carefully combing the hair into the bun will help create a sleeker bun," she says. If you don't happen to have a brush handy, you can use your fingers to craft a slightly messier style instead. Now, grasping the length of the hair near the nape of your neck, twist it into a low bun. To bring it all together, simply loop a hairband around the bun and neatly tie it into place.

Sleek bangs

Those of us with fringe know all too well how bangs can betray us when we desperately need a wash day. However, Walker demonstrates that the "sleek bangs" style can help keep them in line until your next cleansing session. For very oily bangs, you'll want to use dry shampoo before styling, though Walker advises you to take your time selecting the right product for the job. "Any dry shampoo will work, but pay attention to the tint and how it reacts with your hair and scalp — you don't want to create product buildup," she explains.


Attaining this look is a snap, whether you're into the curtain bang trend or prefer sporting a side part. According to Walker, you can part the hair in any direction you desire. Once you've settled on a style for the front section, smooth the rest of your hair into a ponytail. Double-check to make sure your bangs are free of bumps or knots, and tie the hair snugly with a hair tie. Although you may be tempted to tackle oily flyaways with hairspray, Walker speaks highly of another finishing product for the final result. "Hairspray in my experience isn't as useful as gel," she says. As such, you can use a small dollop of gel to smooth any remaining frizz.

High bun

When you're looking for a little lift, the "high bun" is a great way to hide oily hair in a pinch. For this style, brush all of the hair back and hold it together at the top of your head. If you're a fan of the messy hair look, you can use your fingers to comb the hair along the crown of your head. Otherwise, use a bristle or paddle brush to tame tresses and prevent frizz. Using the length of the hair, twist it together until it forms your high bun. Once you're satisfied with the shape of the bun, take a hair tie and firmly secure it. Finish the look by smoothing down any bumps — or, for an edgier result, pull out a few flyaways for added texture.


Styles like the "high bun" work especially well when you follow Walker's advice for keeping hair fresh throughout the week. "To go longer between washes, brush your hair thoroughly to evenly distribute the natural oils your scalp produces," she tells Glam. "In the morning, apply dry shampoo near the roots and brush through your hair. Next, use a hair dryer, concentrating on the roots, to add volume and avoid a white cast from the dry shampoo." By using dry shampoo and scheduling wash days strategically, you'll enjoy plenty of harmonious hair days in the future.