30 Ways To Rock The Curtain Bang Trend With Short Hair

Curtain bangs were first made famous in the '60s and '70s by actors such as Goldie Hawn and Farrah Fawcett. The style involves the bangs being parted down the middle and swept to each side, hence the name "curtain" bangs. Today, the curtain bang trend is back in full force thanks to the power of social media. Celebrities such as Margot Robbie and Selena Gomez have been seen out and about rocking the retro look.

The trend is not only beautiful, but it is also extremely low maintenance compared to other types of bangs. Whereas other bangs require daily styling using heat, curtain bangs can be fairly easy to style without heat. They also make for less frequent trips to the salon as they don't grow over the eyes like blunt, straight across bangs.

Curtain bangs are versatile and look great on a variety of cuts, hair colors, and face shapes. A fan-favorite way to style curtain bangs is with a shortcut. Here are a few ways to rock the curtain bang trend with your short hair.

Curly and tousled

This long bob is both effortless and chic, perfect for the girl on the go. The messy cut features wispy ends for a look like no other. Curly girls tend to love this tousled bob as it is easy to style, naturally letting their wispy locks lay freely. If you do not have naturally voluminous, thick, or curly hair, adding some texturizing spray can help you achieve this look. Curtain bangs flow right into the layers of this cut, making for a fun addition.

Short and sweet French bob

If you are looking for an effortless yet super chic way to style curtain bangs with short hair, the French bob may be the cut for you. The cheekbone-skimming haircut with curved ends is known for being a go-to for French actors in the '20s. One of the most defining features of the French bob is bangs, whether fringed or blunt. Today, more French bobs are being styled with super-short curtain bangs, as modern versions of the cut are less rigid. Curtain bangs add an unexpected twist to the classic Parisian look, making for a more flexible look.

Go edgy with it

Edgy cuts, like this feminine mullet style, are sassy, bold, and a great way to make a statement. The length is also versatile, meaning it is easy to change small details, such as adding curtain bangs. Curtain bangs flow effortlessly into the many layers of a mullet-esque cut. This short, wispy cut is great for rocking the curtain bang trend while showing off your spunky personality.

The blunt bob

Chin-length bobs with blunt ends have been a rebellious and fun statement since the 1920s when women first began wearing bobbed hair. The style is a chin-length cut that stays the same length all the way around the head. While the style has become a basic staple in every stylist's playbook, the blunt bob is anything but basic. This look is easy to style as you can often blow dry your hair and bangs with a round brush and go on about your day. Add a twist to your chin-length, blunt bob with curtain bangs. Decades of styles will come together to create one amazing look!

A-line and wispy

The a-line lob or the "long bob" is not exactly long. The a-line lob often starts in the back with short layers for volume and gradually gets longer towards the front of the face. This cut is versatile and can vary in length and layers. For lobs with lots of layers, curtain bangs are a great addition. The curtain bangs will provide a natural bounce to your hair while framing your face, specifically for curly girls. Now, there's no longer any need for lifeless, boring haircuts with curtain bangs!

Flare your bangs

If you want to go for a style that has you looking like an elevated, modern Meg Ryan à la "You've Got Mail," look no further than the flared curtain bang. Giving your curtain bangs a quick flip to either side helps them to stay out of your face, but it also offers an effortlessly polished look perfectly suitable to whatever you may have going on throughout your day. 

Keep them simple on straight hair

If you boast a head of straight, easy-to-manage hair, your curtain bangs will probably be pretty easy to manage, too. Leave them down and free for an effortlessly chic look, or use a pair of sunglasses or a headband to keep the rest of your hair tucked back so your curtain bangs can shine on their own. If you need some hold, spritz with a lightweight hairspray or use a tiny amount of gel or pomade — don't use too much, though, as that could give your bangs a greasy sheen.

Do a double layer of curtain bangs

Sometimes it can be tricky to add lots of dimension to a short cut. If your hair is shoulder-length and you have a bit more room to play with, go ahead and ask your stylist for a double layer of curtain bangs. Double curtain bangs frame oval face shapes nicely and can help create the illusion of length even with short haircuts.

Swoop them toward the back of your head

To add some visual interest to a simple down hairstyle, swoop your bangs in the opposite direction as the rest of your hair. Swooped-back bangs on a head of hair that tends to flick forward at the tips offer a super simple way to get an elevated style, perfect for your day-to-day looks.

Wear them with a side part

Curtain bangs will naturally fall on either side of your face, but that doesn't mean that's how you have to wear them every day. When you want to switch it up a bit, why not sweep your bangs to the side? A side-swept look offers a fun, different twist on your daily style without needing to go to the salon to totally change it up. When you need extra hold, use a tiny dollop of gel to keep your bangs in place.

Don't forget about them when you're going for color

The next time you want to get an ombré color, ask your hair stylist to incorporate some curtain bangs. Get your curtain bangs just long enough for the ends to be dipped in your ombré shade — this will help the color transition become more seamless. Plus, if you want to pull the rest of your hair into a low bun, you'll still be able to show off some color in your curtain bangs.

Or just give them a different color completely

Of course, if you want your curtain bangs to really be the star of the show, why not give them a completely different color from the rest of your cut? This is an especially great look for short hair because it will allow even longer curtain bangs to remain distinct from the rest of your hair. 

Wear them with a curly bob

Yes, friends, you can definitely rock curtain bangs with curly hair. Any good curly hair stylist will know how to give you curtain bangs that work well with your curls and frame your face beautifully. If you're sporting a head of short hair, expect your curtain bangs to be on the shorter side. Worried about them becoming frizzy or unmanageable? Ask your stylist for styling recommendations, and keep some anti-frizz spray and a lightweight styling gel on hand.

Give them a blowout look

If you've been embracing big, bold waves à la the '80s recently, go ahead and give your bangs a big blowout along with the rest of your look. We love the dimension this style can add even on short, straight hair. Blow your bangs out away from your face for a look that won't require a ton of maintenance and should stay out of your face pretty well on its own. Of course, when you do need some hold, feel free to use a light hair spray.

Wear them with an angled bob

Angled curtain bangs can be especially stunning when added to the '60s-inspired stacked haircut or an angled bob. An angled bob, particularly on straight hair, offers a delightfully fierce look on its own, perfect for anyone trying to channel their inner Shiv Roy. But when you want to soften it a little, curtain bangs make for the perfect addition.

Make it look a little shaggy

For a casual curtain bang look that says, "I didn't need to try hard to look this good," opt for some shaggy curtain bangs. These bangs will typically be short enough in the middle to sit on your forehead and longer on the sides. Wear with tousled just-out-of-bed hair, or give your hair some gentle waves for a more polished look.

Keep the rest of your hair tucked back

When a low-maintenance style is what you're after, curtain bangs might be just what you're looking for. If you tend to tuck your hair behind your ears, why not get some curtain bangs that can hang freely while the rest of your hair is tucked back? This will add some interest to an otherwise fairly simple look. If you want it to look sleek, use some gel to sweep your hair back behind your ears. 

Curl them for some '70s flair

Want to throw your curtain bang style back to the '70s? It's a super simple look to achieve — simply curl your curtain bangs away from your face. This will give them that bounce characteristic of the chic '70s hairstyles. Spray them with lightweight hairspray for some hold, but don't go too heavy on the hairspray if you want to retain that bouncy look and feel.

Feather them out for a voluminous look

Sometimes it can be hard to get volume with short, fine hair. If this is something you struggle with on the daily, try spraying some volumizing spray through your curtain bangs, then feathering them out at the ends to give your hair some more volume. While you're at it, spritz some volumizing spray through the rest of your hair for a freshly tousled look.

Keep them short

News flash: Your curtain bangs don't have to be long. If you want to make sure your bangs remain distinct from the rest of your short haircut, go ahead and have them end at eye level. This will keep your bangs from ever going unnoticed and add a fun, flirty vibe to the rest of your hair. 

Or make them look barely-there

On the other hand, you can get curtain bangs that blend in so seamlessly that people only know they're there when you wear your hair back. If this sounds like more your vibe, opt for thin curtain bangs that follow the shape of the rest of your hair. It'll give an effortlessly polished, uniform look when your hair is left down and will add a playful vibe to any updo you try.

Use them to accent a sleek look

Curtain bangs also make for a great accent on any short, sleek hairstyle. If you're a busy gal with a no-nonsense personality who shies away from making any big changes, it's probably easiest to stick to the same shoulder-length, sleek hairstyle you always go for. Curtain bangs are an easy way to switch up your everyday look while still keeping its sleek, low-maintenance appeal.

Make them two-toned

Want to add some edge to your cut? Look no further than the two-toned curtain bangs! This look is for anybody who doesn't mind getting compliments galore on their walk to get coffee. And though it goes well with any short hairstyle, we love how it looks on a short curtain bang and shag combo. Two-tone your bangs with natural colors, like the above blond and dark brown, or go a little crazy and choose your favorite fashion colors.

Wear them with a low bun

If your short hair is always kept out of your face with a low bun, this tip is for you: Add some curtain bangs to your haircut to keep dimension in your hair, even when it's pulled back most of the time. This is a stunning, polished look on the candlelit brunette hair above, but it works well with any short hairstyle.

Wear them across your forehead

Curtain bangs tend to just frame the sides of your face, but you can always cut the front sections of your hair shorter if you want and have it angle down longer on the sides. This is a particularly flattering look if you are looking to conceal your forehead. We love it on shorter hairstyles because it adds more visual interest than your typical curtain bang, which often blends in well with the rest of your short hair.

Frame a wolf cut

When you do them right, curtain bangs offer a wonderfully natural addition to the trendy wolf cut. Wolf-cut curtain bangs are pulled off particularly well when you keep them shaggy and let some of them hang in front of your forehead. Wear the sides longer to keep your wolf cut from looking too akin to a mullet.

Pin them out of the way

Do you need your curtain bangs to just get out of the way for a change? Go full '90s and pin them to the top of your head. This works particularly well if your bangs are more of a skinny fringe, as you'll be able to pin them up and out of the way without creating too bulky of a look.

Match to a sleek-straight pixie

When you want to go ultra short with your hair — but prefer a sleek style — go ahead and pair some curtain bangs with a straight pixie cut. Pixies are a stunning look on those who can pull them off, but sometimes they leave us wanting just a little more hair to play with — and curtain bangs are the perfect remedy. They look stunning left hanging down with a pixie, or you can style them swept back or to the side with a bit of gel.

Give them beachy waves

Beachy waves are all the rage, so the next time you wave your short hair, don't forget about your curtain bangs! Waving them along with the rest of your hair will help them blend in seamlessly, but it'll also give you some fun tendrils to leave out if you decide to pull your hair back later on in the day.

Have them peek out of a hat

Are you a hat girl? Us, too. The next time you put on your favorite bucket, sun, or baseball hat, go ahead and let your curtain bangs hang free. They'll add a sophisticated edge to what could otherwise be a casual ensemble and make for a great style if you decide to take your hat off throughout the day.