The '60s Stacked Haircut Is Officially Back (& Bringing Major Volume)

The stacked bob is back. Known as the mod haircut in the 1960s and the "Karen" cut in the early 2000s, this layered and incredibly volumizing haircut is enjoying another day in the sun. Don't let the questionable pop culture references scare you away; this is a versatile cut that can accommodate a wide range of lengths and shapes. The only requirement is a plethora of stacked layers in the back.

If you have thin or fine hair that tends to lay flat on your head, a stacked bob is an excellent haircut for you. The shorter layers from the crown down provide a major volume boost by reducing the weight of the hair. If you've never experienced voluminous hair before, a stacked bob combined with some volumizing spray will blow your mind. Still not convinced? Take a look at these inspiring stacked bob varieties to modernize the classic '60s hairdo. You'll be bringing one in to show your hairdresser before you know it. 

Sharp A-line

The most well-known iteration of the stacked bob — thanks to "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star Kate Gosselin — is the sharply angled A-line version. Never fear: It's possible to rock this cut without experiencing an uncontrollable urge to ask to speak to the manager. Just avoid extremely short, spiked layers in the back and opt for soft, bouncy, cascading, blended layers instead.

Natural waves

While there are plenty of tips for styling your naturally wavy hair, if it always tends to fall flat at the roots, a stacked bob could be the godsend you've been searching for. Stacking layers in the back is the best way to build up volume at the crown. You'll be amazed at how your waves seem to wake up and stand at attention.

Rounded and sensible

If you typically wear your hair straight and prefer to keep each strand in place, consider a rounded stacked bob. This style provides an injection of volume and falls into a classic and sophisticated rounded silhouette. If you're looking for a little extra movement, ask your stylist for the addition of some long face-framing layers in the front.

Subtle highlights

The ultra-layered choppiness of a stacked bob can provide the perfect showcase for some subtle sun-kissed blond highlights. Go for a long bob — also known as a lob — to capture the feel of a longer look without the weighed-down flat roots or the complicated and exhausting upkeep. It truly is the perfect haircut for that in-between length.

Short bangs

If you're looking for a modern, artsy statement piece of a haircut, ask your stylist to swap out the option of long face-framing layers with short, choppy bangs. This one change to the stacked bob creates a whole new interpretation of its flattering angles and volume-boosting layers. 

Brightly colored

The way a stacked bob hugs and frames the face makes it the perfect haircut to pair with a vibrant, skin tone-flattering hair color. Your skin's undertone plays a role when choosing a hair color, so if you have a cool undertone, try shades of bright true red, blue, or purple. If you're a warm-toned babe, go for a neon orange-based red, coral, or yellow hue.

Short and edgy

If you don't think a stacked bob can be an edgy look, you have another thing coming. You can turn up the edge factor by going short and asymmetrical and adding a shaved undercut to your bob. The shaggier and choppier the many layers appear, the better.

Vintage highlights

The '90s are back, and so are the decade's signature warm-toned chunky highlights and lowlights. The strong level of movement a stacked bob allows makes it a great choice of cut to showcase these streaked highlights. Plus, the vintage trend is still in the limelight, no matter how short or long you go.

Long and tousled

A stacked bob is often envisioned as a short haircut, but the method of providing volume by stacking layers in the back can be applied to long hair too. Pair the style with some tousled, beachy waves, and you'll have the perfect bouncy summertime look all year round.