20 Ways To Rock Curtain Bangs With Curly Hair

Curtain bangs have been trending off the charts for the past couple of years. These bangs are an easy-to-cut, gentle style of center-parted, face-framing tapered long bangs that are easy to pull back or to blend into existing layers. TikTok videos posted by users like Ashlynn Rudzinski that feature the subjects cutting their own curtain bangs have been viewed millions of times. If you have naturally curly hair, you might find yourself feeling a little envious of those partaking in this particular trend, since everyone knows bangs don't work for curly hair.

Spoiler alert: Curtain bangs do, in fact, work for curly hair. It is certainly recommended that you go to a salon and have them cut by a professional. However, if you give in to the impulse to cut them yourself, be sure to cut your hair when it's dry and styled the way you normally wear it. Try to cut it curl by curl and err on the side of caution. You can always cut more but you can't put length back. Also, you can get curtain bangs without actually cutting your hair by faking it with a curling iron.

Whether you visit a salon or do the job yourself, here are some suggestions for rocking your new curly curtain bangs. 

Incorporate into long layers

If your hair is long, curly, and all one length, adding layers to hair with curtain bangs can make for a dramatic before and after difference. Layers take some of the weight off your long hair, allowing it to curl tighter to create more natural movement, per Terrific Tresses. You'll never want to go back to your old look. 

Bring on the volume

Curtain bangs are long enough that they won't stand on end like shorter bangs can on curly hair. They're also short enough that removing the weight of your longer hair will allow for a surge of volume that wasn't there before. If your hair is more wavy than curly, consider using a diffuser at the roots to create a big and sultry wavy style without putting your curls in jeopardy, per Cloud Nine

Go full pixie shag

Not all bangs have to be attached to long or even medium-length hair. If you're feeling called to something just a little more edgy, go for a modern combination of a pixie cut and a 1970s shag, originally created for actress Jane Fonda, that features curtain bangs front and center, per Hershesons. Bright colors, of course, are optional. 

Rock a messy updo

Curly curtain bangs were basically made for a messy bun or updo. Dry and style your hair as usual. Then, maneuver your hair into a loose twist, bun, or other updo (via Terrific Tresses). Let your bangs fall where they may or strategically place each curl where you think it looks best. Either way, it will look effortless. 

Try half-up, half-down

Now is your chance to embody a look that is super fun and easy to pull off. Simply pull your top layer of hair into a little ponytail or bun at the top of your head and let your new bangs spring out into fun little ringlets around your forehead. To stop the ponytail from falling flat, Luxy Hair recommends fastening it to the very top of your head.

Add girly butterfly clips

If you want to add something to your hair, but in a very low-effort way, cute butterfly clips are the answer. They'll add a pop of color and playful girliness, and only take a few seconds to put in. When styling curly curtain bangs with clips, clip back the section of hair right behind your bangs. This placement keeps your bangs center stage, but it pulls back the back section of your hair. This adds some separation between the bangs and the rest of your hair, a delineation that can be lost sometimes with curly curtain bangs.

A headband adds color

Just like butterfly clips, a headband is a low-effort option for styling curly hair and curtain bangs. Place it right behind your curtain bangs to give your hairstyle more interest (and color!), but without covering your bangs. It's good to have a cute hairband on hand in general. You can also pull your curtain bangs back completely on those bad hair days.

Rock wispy face-framing pieces

If your curtain bangs aren't sitting how you like them (it happens to the best of us), it's time to pull them back. But if you've had bangs for a while, you know it can feel very weird to suddenly have a bare forehead. In that case, slick most of your curtain bangs back in a ponytail or bun, but leave a few wispy pieces out. They will still frame your face nicely, but there's no pressure for them to sit just-right like with full bangs.

Piecey, defined curly curtain bangs are a classic

Few things beat a good bangs day, so when your curls are sitting pretty, let them be. Curtain bangs on curly hair won't have the characteristic middle-part and side-swoop of straight curtain bangs. Instead, they'll sit more central on the forehead and (just like any other good curl day) have a defined curl pattern. If you're cutting curtain bangs for the first time, let your hairdresser know that you plan to style them curly — curly curtain bangs are cut longer so that they'll sit in the right place when your hair is its natural texture.

A high ponytail boosts volume

A high ponytail is a classic style for when you want your hair to look extra bouncy, voluminous, and tall. Best of all, it keeps your hair up on hot days. Curtain bangs bring some volume and a bit of oomph to the front of your hair, framing your face nicely when you're showing off your head of curls.

Small braids and accessories add personality

If you're a maximalist, even having bangs can feel too "plain." In that case, decorate your hair. Small braids add texture, and if you have some curls that aren't looking their best, you can turn them into little braids instead. Finish the braids with small ribbons to bring a romantic and softcore vibe. Still not enough? A few whimsical hair clips are the next accessories to add to make your look even more distinctive.

Bubble braids are fashionable and convenient

If you never perfected doing your own regular braids, don't fret — bubble braids are a stylish alternative. Even if you're great at braiding, bubble braids have their own unique look, with a more Y2K feel than regular braids. Bubble braid pigtails are chic and easy to do, too. Use small elastics to section each piece of hair and tug on each section gently to give it some volume and that rounded "bubble" look.

Pull your hair into a low bun

A tried and true classic, a low bun is the go-to hairstyle for when you need to pull your hair back. Curtain bangs make the front of your hairstyle look just as pretty as the back. Style your curly curtain bangs piecey and with lots of volume to get a glamorous look.

Dress up pigtails with a couple of bows

Pigtails keep your hair back but still forward, which is perfect if you don't like the pulled-back look of a ponytail or bun. Curtain bangs add even more framing around your face. If pigtails feel too girly rather than fashionable, you can make them more chic by throwing on some accessories. Even oversized hair bows can be edgy when they're black or feature metal details.

A bandana can keep hair back without crushing curls

A bandana is a useful summer hair accessory, keeping your hair back on hot days, absorbing sweat on really hot days, and adding so much to an outfit as well — if you choose a stylish pick. A tip for people with curly hair: Tie your bandana loosely so that it doesn't crush your curls. And pull your curtain bangs out at the front for an elegant look.

A pulled-back bun keeps the curtain bangs in the spotlight

If you want a professional-looking hairdo for work (or just your personal life), one easy option is to pull your hair back into a neat bun. But if you don't love how you look with all your hair slicked back, then curtain bangs are a great option, including if you have curly hair. They'll add some interest to the front of your look, and if you keep them longer, they'll be relatively easy to slick back as well.

Space buns are playful and fun

Another option for keeping your hair back but leaving some curls cascading down, half-up half-down space buns are both adorable and practical. This hairstyle is a festival-goer's favorite since it can help to keep your hair neater without tying it all back. It looks great with curtain bangs, and if you want to add even more flair, some hair charms can complete your look.

Volume looks stunning

Lots of curls means lots of volume. Sky-high curls already take center stage, but if you want even more attention on your look, curtain bangs are a welcome addition. They'll add to the face-framing effect of a big head of curls, creating a halo effect. Just make sure to get them cut while your hair is curly so that your hairdresser can get the right length.

Keep curly curtain bangs parted

With curly hair, curtain bangs tend to fall across the middle of your forehead. While this looks gorgeous, if you want your hair more out of your face, keep them middle-parted and styled to each side instead. This is easier with longer curtain bangs, which you can also blend into the rest of your curls if you feel like tucking them away.

Curtain bangs look lovely with short curly hair as well

If you thought a French bob was only for straight hair, think again. You can get a similar look with short curly hair as well! Curly curtain bangs are suitable for the front of this style, giving it a romantic peek-a-boo vibe. Then, chop the rest of your hair into a bob or lob length to get a similar silhouette while keeping your natural texture.