Cloud Lips: How You Can Achieve The Dreamy Look

There's always a new lip trend in town, and this one, in particular, is definitely worth a try. Have you heard of the cloud lip trick? It's an easy-to-create, effortlessly flawless-looking way to wear your lip products, as per Marie Claire. In keeping with the trend of minimal and natural makeup, cloud lips are a way to achieve just that light touch of color on your lips. You can create the cloud lip with any lip product and a few brush (or finger) strokes to create a smudged, cloudy appearance, which is essentially what we're after with the cloud lip look.

The most important thing about getting the cloud lip or really any makeup trend right is to nail down the technique and product that's just right for you. Each person is unique, so different combinations work for different people. The cloud lip trick is, however, reliable and will suit almost any lip and face shape. The look isn't too precise or prim and proper, making the cloud lip achievable without having to compromise on the wow factor. A neater look is also possible with this technique. After all, it's versatile enough to tweak according to your needs.

Getting it right

Like with any lip trend, you'll need to go through certain steps to achieve the look. "Start by applying the lipstick to the center of the lips, directly from the tube. Once this is done, disperse the color by dabbing with your finger for an effortless, cloud-like effect," Jamie Coombes, UK Dior International Pro Make-up Artist, told Marie Claire. This mimics the natural way our lips are stained and is easy to achieve by using your fingers to smooth the product from the middle of your lips to the edges, just as Rana Elgendy did via TikTok. You almost want to recreate a pair of lips that have been smudged after a kiss.

It's quite a low-effort lip look that still makes a statement, depending on how bold you go, which makes it a great lip hack for the summer. On that note, you'll want to pick the right shade to create cloud lips. Luckily, there are guidelines to direct you to the right shade, but the one you choose should be one you feel most confident and comfortable in. This is why experimenting and trying out a variety of shades will work in your favor. 

The right shade

So how do you pick the perfect color? According to the experts at Masterclass, the first step to picking the right lip shade is to make sure you know what tone of skin you have. They note that different types of skin have different undertones, and it's these undertones that will guide us to finding the most flattering shade. For example, some have cool-toned skin and can be characterized by their cool pink and blue undertones. Some have warm-toned skin which typically has a golden-yellow look to it. Apart from these two variations, some might also have neutral skin, which carries a bit of both cool and warm undertones. 

Masterclass recommends that those with cool-toned skin should stick to shades of lipstick that also have cool undertones to compliment their skin. This means you can pick any shade you want, as long as it's a cool-toned version of the shade. Think cool reds and oranges or plum colors. The same logic applies to warm-toned skin. Pick shades that also have warm undertones if you have warm skin. This means picking shades with a yellow undertone, like rich reds or golden oranges. 

On the other hand, if you have cool-toned skin, you're in luck because both warm and cool-toned shades will likely work for you. Masterclass recommends those with darker skin that are neutral-toned try berry-like colors, whereas those with lighter skin should opt for pink and mauve shades.

The right product

For the perfect cloud lip, pick a lip product with the proper formula. The key is to find one that blends easily on your lips for that soft cloud look, as per Marie Claire. Fortunately, the makeup market has a lot to offer in terms of different lip product formulations, so there's a lot you can experiment with until you find one that you find easiest to create the cloud lip with.

Of course, the right product must be used with the right tool for the best results. "For a soft natural lip line that's still defined, use a lip brush instead of a lip liner. It's less harsh-looking," Diane Kendal, a celebrity makeup artist, told W Magazine.

As for some of the formulas available, you could try a sheer lipstick, sometimes called a satin finish. They are not too heavy and are soft on the lip. On the other hand, cream-based lip products are known for their incredible ability to stay matte with a hydrating finish, as per Maybelline. Or you can go completely matte, especially if you want your cloud lips to last a long time. As for lip stains, they tend to look very natural and sometimes make it hard to tell that there is a product on your lips, which makes it sort of perfect for the cloud lip. Glossy lipsticks, also known sometimes as lip gloss, are another great option. Last but certainly not least, tinted lip balms are also worth considering.