The Moon Phase You Were Born Under Can Tell You The Theme Of Your Life

The mystical world of astrology is fascinating. Those who study it deeply can help us understand our personalities better and why we do the things we do each day. Our reactions, preferences, and tendencies can be connected to many parts of the astrological world. You probably know your zodiac sign, your sun sign, and your moon sign, but few people know which moon phase they were born under. However, knowing the moon phase of your birthday is a powerful tool, as this information affects our personalities in many ways. The moon is a powerful force, so it should come as no surprise that something which controls the sea and sky would have a profound effect on us.


If you've ever been interested in your birth moon phase, you can calculate yours easily by reading and understanding your astrological birth chart. You can use one of the many free birth charts available over the internet. When you've found yours, you can then begin to understand why you respond the way you do to others, and your personality tendencies should make more sense.

New moon

If you were born under a new moon, you came to this earth at a magical time. A new moon is where the sun and the moon sign are the same. Those born during this time are adventurous, fun-loving people. It may be hard for them to trust others, though, because they have such a strong intuition themselves. Because they are so self-reliant, people born during this phase are incredibly lively and creative. Although the sky is very dark during this phase, making the moon seem invisible and weak, it's just getting started. 


Wherever those born during this lunar phase are, there is adventure and excitement brewing. Because they prefer instant gratification and fun, they are wonderful to have around to get the party started. Those born under a new moon love the beginnings of things, but they may need help seeing out their extravagant plans. Long-term plans are hard for them to commit to, so they may need individual bits of excitement to carry out activities that require more time and perseverance.

Waxing crescent moon

If you were born under the waxing crescent lunar phase, you may have been told a time or two that you are a bright light in a dark room. This is because the light of the waxing crescent was present at the time of your birth. Much like the sliver of light, you may find your personality to be one of great perseverance and tenacity. You are often the person many rely on to remain steady during uncertain times. Although these are incredible traits to have, you often have to make sure you're not taking on too many responsibilities for too many people. 


Those born under a waxing crescent moon can be stubborn and hard to get through to in difficult times, but it is this resilience and strength many have come to appreciate. Since this is a transitional time, with the moon moving to its first quarter, those born during this lunar phase handle change well and are usually productive in their endeavors.

First-quarter moon

Being born under the first-quarter moon phase is a huge gift. Anyone who took their first breath during this critical stage of the moon is full of excitement and is no stranger to amazement. While it's a gift to live life in such a dramatic way, it can be equally challenging because being born under the quarter-moon phase can make a person anxious if nothing exciting is going on. According to LiveAbout, "It's considered a critical point of no return, and sometimes there's a sacrifice of what's not working." 


Because this is a half-way point for the moon, those born under this phase can feel as if they have much to prove. They seem to constantly deal with some extreme emotion, and most people born in this phase feel the desire to live life on the edge. The positive part of having these tendencies is that these individuals push others to meet challenges head on and accomplish their goals.

Waxing gibbous lunar phase

If you were born under the waxing gibbous moon phase, you may have been told you have a sixth sense. Since the moon was almost in a place of complete fullness, being on the edge of things is in your nature, but you are only there to gather intuitive information. You also may be able to sense how others are feeling and predict events that happen easily. 


Although you've likely been through ups and downs in life with some major setbacks, the fact you're always on the verge of something exciting keeps you looking forward instead of behind. The waxing gibbous moon phase is intensely full of promise — something that fuels you each day. You analyze every situation, and you encapsulate the hard work it takes to master almost any challenge that enters your path. In addition, those born during this time are wildly passionate and tenacious individuals.

Full moon

Being born under a full moon is powerful. During this phase, everything seems more electric and alive due to the moon's gravitational pull on the earth. You may even feel, at times, that you're a walking contradiction. You find joy in almost anything, people are drawn to you because you are electric, and you often feel responsible for others. This responsibility to different groups of people often makes you feel you need time alone to recharge, as living your life out loud in this way can be taxing. 


Because you are able to see potential success in every situation, making fundamental decisions can be difficult. Positive Prints explains, "Decisions are not easy, sometimes to the point where you decide not to decide at all!" You are equal parts energy and weakness, with your heart and your mind often in conflict. However, knowing this information early on can help you to prioritize decisions and give yourself the peace you need to recharge.

Waning gibbous moon

After the excitement of the full moon comes the waning gibbous lunar phase. Much quieter than the phase before it, those whose birthday falls under a waning gibbous are quiet and reserved, but this does not mean their minds are calm. If this is your birth phase, chances are you've been caught staring off into space and daydreaming, your internal thoughts abounding as you make sense of your surroundings. 


If born under a waning gibbous moon, you are also known to be as creative as you are wise, and people count on you for your philosophical insights and big-picture thinking. The outside world is often a loud and overwhelming place, and those with a waning gibbous moon phase birthday need alone time to hone in on their creative endeavors and analysis of life. They are passionate and intense human beings, but they can be put off by the overstimulation that life sometimes provides.

Last-quarter moon

Those with last-quarter moon birthdays are wildly complicated and mysterious people. Like the waning gibbous phase, last-quarter moon births are typically introspective and have great respect for the past. While they don't live in the past, they keep it in their minds, reflect on it, and learn from it as they move forward. They are wildly loyal friends, family members, and lovers. They heal from a healthy cry and try to move on to new endeavors, never forgetting the past. Places and people are sacred to them.


Because these individuals covet the past, they can bear a grudge or hold onto a regret longer than most. Last-quarter lunar phase birthdays operate best when they can take what they've learned from the past and apply it to the future without regretting or obsessing about what they could have done in a given situation. Those who fall into this moon phase appreciate the journey that has brought them where they are today. This kind of gratitude is authentic and genuine.