Broderie Anglaise: What To Know About The Fashion Fabric

More than ever before, fashion consumers are involved in the fabric and materials behind their favorite garments. Whether it's those looking to shop only sustainable materials or simply know what they're wearing, shoppers are becoming smarter and savvier about materials. Fabrics like poplin, satin, and cotton are some of the well-known common materials in the fashion industry. However, there is a plethora of fabrics that are beautiful and delicate in their own right. One of these is the case of broderie anglaise. Despite the name, this fabric is more common than you may think.


A summer staple, broderie anglaise has grown in popularity due to the intricate detail that goes into the fabric. Anytime you add detail work to your clothing, you elevate your look and give it a luxurious vibe. A popular fabric in the spring and summertime, wearing broderie anglaise is an easy way to add romantic detail to your fit. There's plenty to know about broderie anglaise and why it's as iconic and classic as it is today.

What is broderie anglaise?

Broderie anglaise — which translates to 'English embroidery' in French — is a type of lightweight fabric that contains cutouts in various designs, mostly round and oval. These cutouts give us a beautiful, soft embroidered fabric that's comfortable to wear in the summertime. The origin of this fabric is believed to be the Czech Republic. However, its popularity rose during the Victorian era, known for all the frills and ruffles we love. Broderie Anglaise adds a touch of Victorian-inspired feel to your look that is both romantic and regal.


Giving a feminine touch, this detail is perfect for those looking to add some contrast to their fit. Broderie anglaise also gives the appearance of lace, even though it's a thicker fabric. Nowadays, the term broderie "anglaise" may not be as common as it was in the 19th century in England, but it's now known under the term "embroidery." This expansion of the fabric is partially due to how well it looks under various colors and designs, giving it the flexibility to work in any season. Even if your style isn't as feminine as the fabric itself, it can work for anyone. Broderie anglaise is a timeless fabric with intricate detail that deserves all of the credit and praise.

How can I wear broderie anglaise?

Like many classic and timeless fabrics, broderie anglaise has lasted this long because of its ability to work with any style and season. Although it's mainly known for being a summer staple, it can perfectly work for all of your fall and winter fits. Paired with more masculine silhouettes like blazers and suit vests, the contrast between the feminine broderie anglaise fabric and masculine garments can create an eye-catching dynamic. If you're looking to add a feminine touch to your winter fits, broderie anglaise is an easy and seamless way of doing so. Simply use it as a layering fabric to give your looks extra visual interest.


Broderie anglaise is made for the summer and springtime because it's a lightweight fabric that doesn't need much to look chic. A simple broderie anglaise dress or top is more than enough to create a dreamy romantic feel. However, this fabric has recently been seen in more colorful hues. If you search for embroidered fabrics, it's likely you'll run into typical white garments with this intricate detailing. Combining pops of color with broderie anglaise is a fun way of mixing something modern with classic detail. Not only will you still get the timeless design, but you'll easily incorporate it into your wardrobe.