Best Dupes For The Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Drops (Your Wallet Will Thank You)

At this point, everyone who spends time looking at skincare products on TikTok has probably heard of the extremely popular Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops. These bronzing serum drops can blend into any of your skincare products to give you a magical bronze glow, all while nourishing your skin. It's sold out so frequently that some people have tried DIYing their own bronzing drops — and when the D-Bronzi drops are in stock, be prepared to shell out $38 for 1 fluid ounce. When a product is so often unavailable and too expensive, it's time to explore the dupes.


For a bronzing tint to truly be a worthwhile stand-in, you should consider the product formula, visual effect, and skincare benefits. D-Bronzi drops contain peptides and antioxidants, so the very best D-Bronzi dupes should have similar skincare properties in addition to providing a glowing bronze finish. You can also judge dupes based on how the formula consistency and pigmentation work on your skin as well as the product price. Thankfully, there's a wide range of fantastic Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi dupes available — and not only do they get the job done, but some of them might even outshine the original.

Versed Mood Lighting Luminizing Glow Drops

For a Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi dupe that's comparable to the original in terms of skincare benefits, the Versed Mood Lighting Luminizing Glow Drops are one of the best options on the market. Similar to the Drunk Elephant drops, the Versed Luminizing Glow Drops have the consistency of a serum and can be mixed with a moisturizer or foundation to give your face a bronzed glow. The Luminizing Glow Drops contain skin-strengthening peptides, much like the Drunk Elephant product; the Versed option also has blackberry extract, giving you the powerful antioxidant benefits of blackberries (via Cleveland Clinic).


At first glance, the Versed drops are practically identical to the Drunk Elephant drops: Both products are pigmented serums loaded with peptides and antioxidants. But Versed could ultimately be a superior choice in terms of versatility and affordability. Versed Luminizing Glow Drops are available in two shades that can be used individually or combined for a custom look, and at the time of publishing, Versed drops only cost $17.99. With those factors in mind, Versed Mood Lighting Luminizing Glow Drops earn our top spot for Drunk Elephant bronzing dupes.

Supergoop! Glowscreen SPF 40

Technically, Supergoop! Glowscreen SPF 40 is not a dupe for Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi drops — it's a sunscreen, not a serum, and it's usually sold at a similar price. However, Supergoop! Glowscreen earns a place on this dupes list for being a product that has a similar visual effect as D-Bronzi drops while also providing more skincare benefits. SPF should be a part of your skincare routine every day, all year long (yes, you still need to wear sunscreen on overcast days). Multi-purpose makeup products save you time and money, which is why Supergoop! Glowscreen's combination of SPF and a radiant tint is so appealing.


Supergoop! also covers its bases when it comes to antioxidants and peptides. Glowscreen features cocoa peptides to protect the skin, as well as hyaluronic acid, which helps skin retain moisture (per Healthline). This powerhouse sunscreen also features sea lavender, which, according to a study in Foods Journal, has significant antioxidizing properties. You'll need to buy sunscreen anyway, so why not ditch the D-Bronzi drops and get a product that works as a sunscreen, primer, and illuminator all in one?

L'Oréal True Match Lumi Glotion Natural Glow Enhancer

If you're looking for an inexpensive drugstore dupe for D-Bronzi drops, check out the L'Oréal True Match Lumi Glotion Natural Glow Enhancer. Rather than a serum, Lumi Glotion is a radiant moisturizer that you can use as a primer, bronzer, highlighter, or as a standalone skin tint. This product comes in four glowing shades designed to match a range of skin tones. It's lightweight enough that you can comfortably use it along with other makeup, but the tint is fairly concentrated, so you'll still get a noticeably bronzed finish.


The True Match Lumi Glotion doesn't boast as many nourishing skincare additives as the D-Bronzi drops or some of the other dupes included on this list, but it does contain moisturizing ingredients, such as shea butter. And because the Glotion is lightweight and absorbent, you shouldn't have an issue layering it with other skincare products.

Milk Makeup Bionic Glow Illuminating Liquid Highlighter with Hyaluronic Acid

Milk Makeup Bionic Glow Illuminating Liquid Highlighter with Hyaluronic Acid is a creamier alternative to Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi drops, and it works well if you're looking for something high quality that you can use on its own without mixing in other moisturizers or serums. Available in two warm, radiant tints, this liquid highlighter functions more like a dewy, creamy bronzer. You can apply it in concentrated points as you would with any bronzer, or you can wear it all over your face as an illuminating tint.


As the product name advertises, the Bionic Glow Illuminating Liquid Highlighter contains hyaluronic acid for moisturizing your skin. The liquid highlighter also joins in on the mushroom skincare trend and features reishi mushrooms and snow mushrooms, which have various anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties (via Cosmetics Journal). Moreover, the Bionic Glow Liquid Highlighter has plant-based collagen — according to a study in Dermatology Practical and Conceptual, topical collagen does have an anti-aging effect. This bronzer alternative usually sells at about the same price as the D-Bronzi drops, but it's packed with so many skincare ingredients that it's a worthwhile dupe for folks who prefer a dewier, extra-hydrated bronze finish.


Saie Glowy Super Gel Lightweight Dewy Highlighter

The Saie Glowy Super Gel Lightweight Dewy Highlighter is a popular favorite as a highlighter and as an all-over hydrating glow tint. Just like Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi drops, you can use Saie Glowy Super Gel in combination with moisturizers and serums to get a customized glowy base for your makeup. It's also perfect for elevating your natural skin tone on no-makeup days. Wear the shade Starglow for a lighter effect, or try the shade Sunglow for a more traditional bronze color.


This water-based gel formula has an ultra-hydrating effect, primarily from the key ingredient glycerin, which draws moisture from the air and from within your skin to maintain that perfect dewy finish (via Healthline). And like many of the other dupes listed here, Saie Glowy Super Gel includes antioxidants that can protect your skin. This means the gel highlighter has both plenty of skincare benefits and that same mixable quality that D-Bronzi drops are known for — while it also comes in at a lower price than the Drunk Elephant product.

Pacifica Mineral Bronzing Face Shade Coconut Glow

Pacifica's Mineral Bronzing Face Shade Coconut Glow is another SPF hero that deserves a shoutout as a potential dupe for Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi drops, and it currently costs about half the price. This radiant SPF moisturizer is the perfect summer tint to stand in for D-Bronzi drops during those long days at the beach. An SPF 30 hydrating mineral sunscreen, Mineral Bronzing Face Shade has a subtle glowing tint, giving you a natural tan look without any of the sun damage. 


Mineral Bronzing Face Shade has moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera, as well as caffeine, which, per Cleveland Clinic, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities and can help reduce the appearance of under-eye circles. This SPF moisturizer admittedly has a sheerer bronze tint than what you get with Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi drops, but it gives you a nice glow and is an efficient multi-purpose moisturizer for those hot, sweaty days when you don't want to be layering a bunch of skincare products.

Clinique Sun-Kissed Face Gelee Complexion Multitasker Bronzer

The Sun-Kissed Face Gelee Complexion Multitasker Bronzer from Clinique is a radiant gel alternative to Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi drops. As the name implies, this bronzer is a true multitasker product. You can add it to liquid foundations or moisturizers to give your skin a bronze tone. You could also try applying the Sun-Kissed Face Gelee on its own, but the pigment is fairly dark, and the formula might blend out better when combined with another product.


In comparison to D-Bronzi drops, the gel bronzer from Clinique has a natural, hydrated finish rather than a shiny, pearlescent quality. The Clinique bronzer also doesn't have as many prominent skincare ingredients as the Drunk Elephant drops, but it is oil-free, which is helpful for some skin types. Overall, the Gelee is a great option if you prefer a gel texture over a serum and if you're looking for a bronzing product that's pigmented without being too glowy.

There's no reason to feel tied to one trendy brand — the Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Drops are a good product, but if it doesn't suit your budget or your skincare needs, you'll find there are dozens of high-quality bronze skin tints out there, and one of them could be the perfect product for you.