Being Attracted To Dog Owners May Be Rooted In Science - Why This Happens

Picture this: A woman sits on a park bench, reading a book. In the distance, she sees a small, fluffy dog trotting along the walking trail as its owner holds the leash. She loves dogs, so she holds her gaze in adoration. As they get closer, she locks eyes with the owner, a man, and suddenly feels drawn to him as his dog walks ahead of him.


Perhaps you've been in this woman's shoes, attracted to a man in public with his canine companion. Or maybe you became smitten over a photo on a dating site of a man holding his maltipoo. But why? What is it about a man and his dog that so many dog-loving people find alluring?

According to a Petsies survey, it all boils down to perception. People tend to perceive people with dogs in a more positive way than those without dogs. Anivive makes a similar claim, while an abstract from an Anthrozoös journal article adds that dogs are a good indicator of a man's ability to care for someone else, heightening his attractiveness.

People tend to be the most attracted to people with puppies, specifically

For the Petsies survey, 1,000 Americans were shown photos of people with and without dogs. They were then asked to provide their feedback, focusing on specific characteristics. Men pictured with puppies were considered 13.4% more attractive and 23.8% sexier than those without puppies. Men pictured with small and medium dogs ranked about 4% more attractive, and 3.4% sexier than the men without small or medium dogs. The survey respondents were also asked to rank their perception of the men's trustworthiness and intelligence. And once again, the men with puppies ranked the highest.


Anivive claims that folks with dogs are also seen as more approachable. Think about it. If you're a dog lover, and you see a man with a cute dog, you naturally want to pet the dog. So, what do you do? You ask the owner for permission. Dog owners are also thought to be ready for a commitment, physically active, and better partners than those without dogs.

When a man is seen with a dog, it's easy to assume that he's taking good care of the dog, especially if he walks the dog regularly. This leads people to also assume that those who own dogs are also good at taking care of others, including humans, as the Anthrozoös journal article abstract revealed. And since caring ranks as a desirable attribute, being seen in this light can make a man more attractive.


Reddit confirms that some women tend to be attracted to dog owners

With so many studies and articles on the topic of the attractiveness of dog owners, questions have surfaced on social media to address the issue. "Do men really become more attractive if they have a dog," a Reddit post title reads. A female respondent said that for her, dogs don't make a man more attractive, but she added that the dog could be a good conversation starter. Another respondent said they had an overweight, short friend with "crooked teeth, big glasses, and scars on his cheeks," but he attracted "women like moths to a flame" when he was with his Pomeranian mix.


Another Reddit user, who had a service dog, posted a similar question. One commenter said, "Guys with dogs are hot to me. It means they can care for something." Another person said the man would have to be playing with his dog — as opposed to just walking — to be deemed attractive since it gives a glimpse of his personality.

The argument could also be made that a man with a dog will also love your dog if you have one, especially if the dogs are of a similar size or breed. This may be another reason that people find dog owners so attractive. So, if you know a man who's having trouble finding love, maybe all he needs is a puppy.