Brooches Are Getting A Modern Makeover (& We're Raiding Grandma's Jewelry Box)

While the latest accessory trends seemingly only revolve around jewelry pieces, hats, and bags, there are plenty more accessories that can spice up a look. One such accessory piece is the brooch. These little items are placed on top of your blazer, top, or dress and give them an extra flair with ease. Simply pin on your brooch and you can get an elevated appearance or a pop of color. No matter how you decide to wear the brooch, it's a small piece that can make a huge difference in your look.

Far from new, brooches have been around for many years. Recently, we've grown accustomed to seeing them on royal family members or others who use them as a symbolic piece. However, this accessory is coming back in high fashion to dazzle all of our styles. The best part of a brooch? You can easily remove and pin it onto any or all of your ensembles, making it ultra-versatile. And a brooch can easily fit in with your favorite outfit. By just picking out your favorite brooch, even perhaps borrowing one from your grandma, you can achieve a boost of sophistication and elegance.

Logo brooches

Logomania trended a few seasons back, but there's no getting rid of our love for a good logo piece. Logo brooches have long been a low-key way of representing your favorite clothing brands and designers. Typically, these pieces tend to be some of the most accessible in designer stores, making them an easy way of getting your hands on a designer item. A logo brooch of your favorite designer or brand can lend your outfit a simple grace and chicness, without needing to splurge on a designer clothing piece.

Chain brooches

Chains are an interesting detail that can add a serious edge to any look. A chain-linked double brooch will not only deliver an edgy feel, but it will give you two brooches in one. A chained brooch is a fun addition that makes it much more than just your grandma's brooch. Although the brooch is a vintage and older accessory, adding a chain detail will instantly modernize it. 

Logistical brooch

Not all brooches are made solely for decor; they can also serve a purpose in your outfit. Many brooches are incorporated into your look as a way to secure a piece together. Like a button or hook, a brooch can make a piece of your outfit even more fashionable. You can also take a brooch to join together excess front on a blazer or top, allowing you the ability to fasten it close. Not only will these brooches elevate your look, but they'll give you more use out of them and are easy to remove when you no longer need them.

Petite brooches

Yes, oversized accessories can be a fashionable nod to haute couture, but smaller brooches add an equal amount of style. These micro brooches are cute and add a big impact, despite their petite size. And you don't need an over-the-top brooch, especially if it doesn't go with your style. If you're a lover of a minimalist look, a small brooch can add a unique flair to your ensemble, without compromising on your fashion.

Feather brooches

Sometimes you just need a feather brooch to complete your look. Although a feather brooch might seem too much for some, it's a fun and textured accessory that can enhance your outfit. A feathered brooch may feel gimmicky, but it will make your ensemble even more haute couture. There's nothing wrong with adding a little bit of an organic fashion touch to your outfit to nudge it even more out-of-the-box.

Unique brooches

While you may think feather brooches are as unique as they come, some bold and wild brooches will completely dazzle your accessory collection. Unique brooches can be oversized, textured, colorful, and plenty more, and will help you top off your looks. A unique brooch will bring flair to any minimalist outfit or fit in with your maximalist wardrobe. Whether you want it to drop in a pop of color to a neutral look or add another piece to a colorful ensemble, you can't go wrong with adding a brooch.

Floral brooches

Rosettes have also recently had their moment, and they're ready to evolve into brooches. A flower brooch will make your outfit even sweeter and more feminine than before. Floral brooches are iconic, small accessories that will likely stand the test of time. A classic flower brooch is a simple touch to add to any look that needs a bit of a floral touch.