The Perfect Power Color For You, According To Your Astrological Sign

Maybe you're familiar with the complex concept of color analysis and know certain colors can make you glow based on your hair color and skin tone. But have you heard of power colors? Your power color is tied to your astrological sign, and it can do more than make you look good. In fact, colors have energetic frequencies and can impact how we think, feel, and act.

Those who meditate or use crystals are likely to understand the potential of color to be transformative. Wearing or using your power color — whether it's a piece of clothing, jewelry, a handbag, or lipstick — can highlight and enhance your zodiac sign's naturally occurring good traits. Power colors can help you feel more secure in yourself and, well, powerful. You might already wear your power color often because you're subconsciously attracted to it.

When it comes to power colors, each sign has a specific shade that's associated with it. Water signs are usually connected to cool tones, while fire signs are typically tied to warm ones. Air signs usually vibe with light and bright colors, while earth signs will feel most at home with earth tones. Although each sign may have one specific color that is considered its ultimate power color, other colors or color families can also be considered lucky. Playing with color, in general, can be a lot of fun and can bring new life to your wardrobe, makeup, and decor.

Aries is ready to take life on in red

Red totally makes sense as fire sign Aries' power color because it's fiery, obviously, but it is also the color of Aries' ruling planet, Mars. Red is a bold color, and Aries is a bold sign that's ready to take action and make moves.

Another reason why red totally makes sense as an Aries color: It's the first color that humans are able to see as babies, and Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. Wearing red can help Aries feel more energized, motivated, and ready to take life on. It may also give them a confidence boost and help them focus harder on going after their goals.

For an on-the-go and active Aries, a red pair of running shoes can be an energizing addition to their wardrobe. A red pen can help inspire on-top-of-it Aries at work as they jot down to-do lists and make notes about future plans. A structured red jumpsuit can ensure they look both elegant and ready to move on nights out. When it comes to makeup, a bright red lip can be a classic way to draw attention as they take the lead in conversations.

Gemini radiates charm in yellow

It should be no surprise that chatty and charming Gemini has canary yellow as a power color. As an excitable air sign, yellow helps bring out Gemini's most sparkly qualities, which makes sense because yellow is the brightest visible color on the color spectrum. Yellow is an inviting and upbeat color, which means it can help Gemini feel more outgoing, confident, and ready to connect with others.

There are so many great ways for Geminis to rock some yellow, whether it's a bright yellow going-out top, yellow ballet flats, or some yellow enamel earrings. Social Gemini is also not one to miss going out on the weekend, so stepping into a cute yellow bodycon dress to hit the club can help them feel even more in their element. Yellow can be an inspiring color to decorate with, too.

Using yellow around the entrance of your home (where Gemini's many friends will likely be coming and going) can help it look more inviting. A yellow doormat could be a simple way to add a pop of yellow to your entrance or a decorative wreath with yellow flowers. As a major mode of communication, adding yellow to this sign's phone makes sense, too. A yellow phone case can help them feel ready to strike up a conversation anytime.

Leo lights up in gold and orange

Bold and attention-getting, a Leo shines their brightest in orange and gold. Orange is a fiery color that highlights Leo's warm and occasionally dramatic (in a good way) nature. Most Leos have a natural propensity to stand out, and a regal color like gold allows them to do just that. Leo tends to be attracted to the finer things in life and finds that looking their best is important, so it makes sense that a metallic hue like gold, which is connected to wealth and royalty, would be one of their power colors.

There are so many ways that a Leo can have fun with either orange or gold. A bright orange sundress can be a flirty way for Leo to turn heads during the summer. Attention-grabbing gold highlighter can look fabulous on a Leo, as can trying orange streaks or blond highlights in Leo's pride and joy — their hair. Around the house, orange or gold decor in the dining or living room, like pillows, a vase, or a table runner, can help Leo feel more in their element while entertaining.

Taurus taps into inner strength in green

As an earth sign, Taurus draws the most strength from colors that represent the earth, green in particular. Like a growing tree, Taurus is patient, calm, and always slowly developing and improving themselves. Taurus has an appreciation for the finer things as well as the things that money can buy, so it shouldn't be a surprise that their power color is also the color of money. By surrounding themselves with green, a Taurus can draw on their natural strength more deeply and feel supported while they work towards goals and cultivate a lifestyle they're truly proud of. 

Because Taurus is highly connected to the physical world, including nature, simply spending more time outside looking at greenery can be really regenerating, as could buying a bonsai tree or a new houseplant. For a routine-loving Taurus, buying a green planner to organize their schedule could feel reassuring. As Taurus can sometimes be a homebody, a pair of green house slippers can be nice for hanging out at home while doing chores or recharging. For a night out, a green satin slip dress can be a comfortable, sensuous, and elegant outfit choice.

Pisces is effervescent in aquamarine

Sensitive and perceptive, Pisces is recharged by the laid-back beachy hue aquamarine. Of course, it adds up that the zodiac sign featuring a fish would be recharged by the color of the ocean. Aquamarine can help Pisces not only feel more in touch with their emotions and spirituality, but it can also gently stimulate feelings of creativity, too. The inner peace that this hue can generate is often much desired by Pisces, who are always looking for ways to get in better touch with their intuition and creative powers.

Aquamarine can be a fun color to wear, especially in the summer. An aqua bathing suit can be a fantastic fit for this water sign. A silky aqua nightgown can be a romantic and relaxing piece for Pisces to have in their wardrobe. An aquamarine gemstone locket could also be a nice jewelry piece for this sometimes sentimental sign. There are a lot of ways to use this color around the house, from an aqua-colored keepsake box to aqua-colored throw blankets for cozying up and relaxing on the couch.

Libra looks radiant in pink and blue

Both pink and blue are power colors for vibrant air-sign Libra. As the sign of justice and balance, it makes complete sense that two seemingly opposite colors, pink and blue, would be their power colors. Whether it's bubble gum pink, or a deep shade of blue, these hues help Libra truly glow.

Pink represents love and sensitivity, which clicks with Libra since it is ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Blue represents peace and depth, which is compatible with Libra's need for balance and justice. Wearing either one of these colors on its own can be powerful, but for added benefit, finding a way to combine them could increase their impact.

Libras have unlimited options when it comes to using these two colors, whether they use them together or alone. As lovers of beauty, using these colors together for makeup looks can be impactful. Light blue eyeshadow with pink blush or lipstick can be ultra-feminine and subtle. A mismatched mani using different shades of pink and blue can be an on-trend way to have fun with these two colors, too. Some fresh flowers are another great option for Libra to introduce beauty and color into their space, as could buying a pink or blue candle.

Scorpio stands out in bold black

Black is anything but basic for Scorpio. A color connected to both power and mystery, it suits them completely. Black is also associated with transformation, which is significant for Scorpio. They aren't afraid to take things all the way, and a little change or challenge doesn't scare them away from their goals or going after what's most important to them. Even though black can seem like a heavy or brooding color to some, it is a major confidence booster for a Scorpio and can help give them the edge they need to make the changes and master the task at hand.

Classic and sophisticated, black can be brought into the wardrobe in many ways. A basic black tank, blazer, or pair of jeans are all staples that can go a long way for Scorpio, especially since this sign prefers to keep a low profile and likely appreciates dependable and versatile wardrobe pieces that allow them to do that. Experimenting with black nail polish can be trendy and help Scorpio feel tuned in to their inner power at all times.

Black can also make for a great decorating color and doesn't have to be overbearing. A black desk in a home office could feel empowering for focused Scorpios, and a black yoga mat can be helpful when they need to take time to unwind through movement and release some pent-up emotional energy.

Sagittarius is illuminated by purple

While you might be expecting a warm hue to be fire sign of Sagittarius' power color, purple is actually the hue that makes them stand out the most. Super energetic and bent on seeking out the truth, Sagittarius is the most vibrant in purple, which represents wisdom, royalty, spirituality, and higher powers.

Purple is a color associated with abundance, and it's no coincidence that Sagittarius' ruling planet Jupiter is the planet of abundance, too. Wearing purple can encourage Sagittarius to be the natural leader that they already are and can empower them on their mission to seek the truth as they experience new things.

Whether you don a dark eggplant or a pale lavender shade, purple can help make a Sagittarius glow from deep within. A purple crop top or workout leggings can be a nice addition to active Sagittarus' workout wardrobe, especially when exploring new places on a hot girl walk or run. Purple hair ties or headbands can be practical for keeping a Saggitarius' hair out of the way while they're busy digging into new projects. Around the house, art that features the color purple can be an intellectually stimulating addition for sometimes philosophical Sagittarius. 

Cancer is confident and comfortable in white and silver

With the moon as this water sign's ruling planet, it's fitting that Cancer's power colors are reminiscent of its glow. Ethereal shades like white and silver can be comforting for Cancer and can help them feel more in touch with their deepest self. Representing purity and safety, white can be a rejuvenating color that helps Cancer tap into a deep well of peace, and glowing silver can help them glow, too. These purifying and healing colors can aid Cancer in feeling more at home within themselves and, therefore, able to nurture themselves and others around them..

There are so many ways that Cancers can incorporate more white and silver in their day-to-day. Wearing a crisp white tee can be a simple way to feel secure and confident for a low-key Cancer that just wants to feel comfortable. Because Cancers prize comfort, buying some white PJs is also a great idea.

Wearing silver jewelry can create a laid-back but classic look that will appeal to tasteful Cancers, especially smaller pieces, like mini hoop earrings, studs, or thin rings. Buying some fluffy white spa towels for the bathroom can help this water sign pamper themselves as they take time to rejuvenate and tap into their inner strength. For a night out, a soft white button-up cardigan can be a great addition to any outfit and might help homebody cancer feel more secure while out and about.

Virgo glows in earthy browns

Like Taurus, Virgo is an earth sign that will feel the most at home around tones that represent the earth. Because of that, shades of brown are Virgo's power colors. While it may not be a color that grabs attention, it's one that is deeply nourishing to Virgos, just as the earth nourishes life in general.

Brown exudes grounded sophistication, which totally describes practical and put-together Virgos. It can also help them feel more centered and supported, which is essential for a sign that can sometimes be a little hard on themselves. Brown can bring out their natural tendency to be patient and calm and to take the time to understand the world around them at a deep level.

Like Virgo, brown is so versatile. A comfortable brown cardigan can be a great addition to the wardrobe because its ability to be paired with so many different outfits mirrors Virgo's own versatility. Some low-heeled brown boots or sandals can help a Virgo feel grounded and in control regardless of the season. Soft nude and brown eyeshadow can exude a polished charm that really works for sophisticated Virgos. Brown-toned lipstick could have a similar effect (and also have the added benefit of being a great '90s throwback look). For this introspective sign, a brown leather journal can be great to have on hand when you truly want to dig deep and analyze some things.

Aquarius is strong and bold in electric blue

As one of the most artistic of the zodiac signs, Aquarius has a deep need to be creative and to seek out authenticity. This air sign loves to throw around new ideas and learn about others and the world around them. Because of this, a bold shade of blue makes complete sense as their power color. Blue represents honesty, and it also helps boost feelings of calm and creativity. When wearing blue, Aquarius will feel more inspired to learn about things that excite them or truly let themselves go creatively.

The color blue can have a lot of different uses for Aquarius. A blue shirt dress can be a laid-back and cute option that they can dress up or down depending on their mood that day. Blue can also be a fun color for Aquarius to play with when it comes to makeup looks. A bold blue eyeliner is on-trend, and applying it in new and experimental ways can allow Aquarius to express some creativity through their makeup.

Focusing on blue during a meditation session could be beneficial for open-minded Aquarius. At home, a bedroom or office painted blue can be profoundly inspiring, as can a blue sketchbook for scrawling out some of their new and innovative ideas.

Capricorn is grounded in gray

Nobody knows how to get down to business like an earthy Capricorn, so it's fitting that an unfrivolous hue like gray would be their power color. While gray may not seem like a thrilling color, the truth is that it inspires Capricorn to focus on what matters most. This no-nonsense shade helps them feel grounded and at ease because it is on the low-key side and it tends to fly under the radar. Bright or bold colors, on the other hand, could draw attention that Capricorn simply isn't interested in. Gray is an exceptionally versatile color, which also means that it is reliable, just like Capricorns.

For Capricorns, a new gray blazer or pencil skirt can make sophisticated work attire, as could a pair of gray leather flats. Gray can be an interesting color to incorporate into makeup looks, for put-together Capricorns, especially as an eyeshadow shade. A gray planner can be perfect for recording their ambitions and keeping meticulous notes of their to-dos, and some soft gray bed sheets can be very relaxing for when a burnt-out Cap finally falls into bed.