'Ghosted Hair': The Trendiest Platinum Gray Color For The Girls & The Ghouls

A few years before the 2020s began, the talented hair colorist Jason Hogan posted an intriguing picture of a grayish silverish — even super slightly blueish platinum blondish hair color on Instagram. The strikingly icy hue exuded enough mysterious energy to rival a ghost — like the most glamorous ghost in history. "I needed to give my straight-haired platinum and ice-blonde clients texture, interest, and dimension without a classic lowlight (a big no-no on those blondes) and also maintain the condition and integrity of their hair," Hogan told Allure. Thus, this groundbreaking hair color was perfect for people who wanted a more dynamic platinum look than only blond, gray, or silver. In other words, it gave people platinum with a little taste of everything.

While it's not new, we expect this supernaturally stunning hair color to sneak up on society — like an actual ghost — and make a comeback for hair enthusiasts in 2023, as we see the edgy ghoul girl trend everywhere. Intense aesthetics like grunge, punk, emo, and goth are back in fashion, and edgy details remain unavoidable for fall/winter 2023, so this sleek hair color is destined for revival. Although some people will probably not be able to hire Hogan to give their tresses a ghosty makeover seeing as he resides in London, you can still flaunt your unique modern spin on the look in 2023.

Wear the ghosted hair look year-round

Many hair colors are famously more popular in specific seasons, such as blond highlights for summer, dark brown locks for winter, and auburn or copper tresses for fall. However, the ghosted look is one of the few options that work for every season. The hauntingly mysterious essence makes the color perfect for Halloween and the fall. Moreover, the ultra-icy appearance is ideal for winter, and the lightness is excellent for spring and summer.

Sneak in subtle girly pastels

Do you like the ghosted hair trend but prefer girlier looks? Soften the hue by asking your hair stylist to add more hints of pastel pinks or purples. With the platinum grays and blonds still serving as the primary aspects of the hair color, you'll have the ghost-inspired vibe — but with a girlier, softer, and more colorful twist.

Try a ghosted pixie cut

Most of the ghosted hair examples we see involve ultra-long locks or trendy bobs, and they look beautiful, but we're a little bothered to see a lack of pixie cuts. After all, the ghosted hair color will bring so much charisma and mystery to these ultra-short cuts, making you look chic. In other words, no one will ever want to get in your way. You'll be the most enigmatic boss babe in any setting.

Buns will appear more fun

We enjoy wearing buns, but sometimes it can be challenging to determine if a bun will look good with some outfits. For instance, some classic buns may look a bit too uptight, while messy buns can appear kind of sloppy. However, with such an intriguing, dynamic hair color, your bun will always look fashionable.

Enhance your gray hair

Anyone with naturally gray hair may want to try the ghosted hair trend to add more excitement without getting a completely new look. By going lighter and adding some hints of platinum blond, blue, green, purple, yellow, or any other aspect you enjoy, your gray locks will look trendier than ever.

Your makeup will pop

While some hair colors clash with makeup, ghosted hair will always help your makeup stand out beautifully. The neutral grayish baseline will provide an excellent backdrop to draw more attention to bold eyeshadow and lip colors. Plus, any pastel details in the hair will complement the makeup even more.