Edgy Detailing Remains Unavoidable For Fall/Winter 2023

If there was ever any question of whether or not the '90s and early 2000s are still very much back in style, it was silenced by the edgy exposed zipper trend on full display in the 2023 fall and winter collections displayed at New York Fashion Week. As tends to be the case with most revisited trends from the past, this new iteration of zipper exposure is a little less punk rock and a little more edgy high fashion.

If you're feeling a little apprehensive about trying the bold, metallic fashion trend, take a deep breath. Take a look at these inspiring ways to add exposed zippers to your wardrobe without looking like you're trying too hard to replicate a runway model. Here are the best ways to tone down the edgy exposed zipper trend and make it wearable for those of us looking for outfits that work for everyday life. 

Sassy multi-zipper leather miniskirt

Arguably, nothing pairs better with an exposed zipper (or three) than leather. If edgy is your goal, reach for a classic leather miniskirt that features at least one exposed zipper. Bonus points if you can find one with a center zipper plus zippered pockets. 

Zippered jacket pockets

Sometimes, you find yourself looking for an aesthetic similar to leather but with just a bit of a softer edge. Enter suede. Made with the soft underside of the hide rather than tough outer portion that makes up leather, suede is the best of both worlds. Add some exposed zipper pockets and you're right on trend. 

Oversized boot zippers

The exposed zipper trend isn't just for articles of clothing. Bags and shoes are excellent candidates for this type of edgy detailing as well. Try a black or brown leather boot with oversized double zippers next time you head out for your version of a hot girl walk. 

Zippered sleeves

Exposed zippers don't have to be big, front-and-center showstoppers. It's possible to used this trend to add a delicate bit of flair rather than a hard edge. Try donning a late '90s-inspired crushed velvet dress with long sleeves featuring dainty exposed zippers to nail the controlled edge aesthetic. 

Gold zippered jeans

Looking for the easiest way to add some sophistication to the exposed zipper trend? Just make it gold! An exposed yellow gold zipper on a pair of dark blue or black jeans creates a classy pop of contrast that translates to a tiny taste of edgy high fashion. 

Front-to-back zipper

Ready to get a little funky? If a run-of-the-mill exposed zipper on the front of a pair of jeans isn't enough for your unique fashion sense, might as well turn it up a notch. Find yourself a pair that features an exposed zipper that zips from the back all the way around to the front. 

Side-zip denim jacket

If you're the type who likes to play it a little safer when trying out new trends, there are still exposed zipper options for you. A sweatshirt or denim jacket with side zippers is a fun, comfortable, and low-risk way to get in on an edgy fashion trend and make it work for your lifestyle.