Amazon Prime Day 2023: The Beauty Deals You Don't Want To Miss

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Amazon Prime Day 2023 is nearly upon us and will officially launch on Tuesday, July 11. This is the retail giant's ninth annual two-day Prime Day sale event, and by this point, shoppers have a pretty good idea of what they can expect. However, the details of which specific products will be included in the sale are mostly still under wraps. A few previews are currently available across all categories, which can make hunting down the beauty deals you're after a little time consuming.


As always, Glam has your back. We've done the digging for you and compiled this list of the beauty-related products currently set to go on Prime Day sale on July 11. You can keep an eye out on Amazon for more information to be released as the big day approaches or to sign up to "watch" the deals you're looking to snag before they sell out. In the meantime, check out some of the beauty-adjacent deals ready to launch, like Dr. Tobias Omega-3 fish oil supplements for your skin and hair health. Just remember: prices won't reflect the sale until it officially begins. 

Mighty Patch XL blemish patches

Blemish patches — also known as pimple patches or hydrocolloidal bandages — took the beauty world by storm in the 2010s, offering a way to heal open acne wounds faster. The best part? You can apply makeup over the patches, preventing your products from causing an infection or reawakening inflammation in a fresh pimple. Blemish patches typically come in the form of small, round bandages big enough to cover one acne spot.


Mighty XL blemish patches are the first blemish patch product available in an extra-large size and rectangular shape. This makes them ideal for acne clusters on your face or body acne that strikes your back or chest. The brand claims that its products are vegan, safe for all skin types, and produce results in as little as six hours. Reviewers agree. One verified purchaser raves, "I have these on a monthly subscription because I hate when I run out of them. They are so versatile. I've used them not only for my facial acne but for blisters; they are also the best toe Bandaids (ingrown nail, stubbed, etc)." 

Beetles 36-color gel nail polish set

Once upon a time, the long-lasting magic of a gel polish manicure could only be obtained by visiting a professional nail technician and paying salon prices. Today, it's not considered uncommon to own your very own LED curing lamp and collection of gel polishes for creating DIY ultra-durable salon-quality manicures. High-quality gel polishes, however, are often rather pricey, especially when you're looking to nail a mani that requires multiple colors.


Luckily, Prime Day has your back with a 36-color gel nail polish set from Beetles. The set comes in three different varieties of finishes, all of which offer a mixture of solid and glitter shades. Each variation in the set also includes a base coat and two top coats: one for a glossy finish and one for a matte effect. The formula is no-wipe and soak-off, making it perfect for at-home manicures that don't require specialty equipment beyond a curing lamp. 

Lumineux non-toxic teeth whitening strips

It's difficult to appreciate your own beautiful makeup or flawless hair when you feel like your teeth aren't white enough. If the color of your chompers is all you see in photos and steals your joy when you smile into the mirror, it's time to invest in a whitening product. However, there's no need to worry if the idea of exposing your teeth to harsh chemicals that can lead to sensitivity and pain makes you cringe.


Lumineux teeth whitening strips are certified non-toxic and dentist-formulated to prevent the tooth sensitivity caused by other whitening products. The brand encourages consumers to check their ingredient labels and pledges that their products do not and will not contain any artificial preservatives, dyes, flavorings, or other additives. The product's four and a half-star rating suggests that its more natural ingredients don't affect its effectiveness. If you've been putting off whitening your teeth because you're not comfortable with the ingredients in most whitening products, these are the strips for you. 

NuFace microcurrent facial toning device

Ready to bring out the big guns when it comes to the appearance of your skin? Now's your chance. When Prime Day commences on July 11, you can snag a discounted NuFace microcurrent facial toning device for reversing the signs of aging, all from the comfort of your own home. Microcurrent toning works by sending a weak electrical signal into the muscle and skin of your face. This signal causes the muscle to contract, increasing the tone of the muscle over time. More toned facial muscles result in a tighter appearance of the skin, reducing the prominence of wrinkles and sagging.


Electrical current stimulation can also increase blood flow to the skin — promoting a plumper, more youthful appearance — and relieve inflammation. According one reviewer: "If you're contemplating getting this ... go for it. It's worth the money." If you've got your eye on any of this year's previewed Prime Day beauty sales, don't forget to hit the watch button or add the item to your cart to see the sales price as soon as the event begins.