Brown Balayage Trend Brings A Brilliant Glow To Basic Brunette

Sometimes we feel like our brown hair is blah when compared to brighter hair colors like blonde and red. While naturally dark hair is beautiful, it doesn't always feel as glamorous. But that doesn't mean your black or brown hair has to be dull! Often, dark hair only needs some enhancement to appear more exciting and unique. Moreover, warm and toasty brown tones are a summer 2023 hair trend, giving you even more reason to love your brunette locks. So, if you want to do something different with your brown hair rather than trying to completely change the shade, focus on embracing and enhancing it. One fun way to liven dark locks is to opt for a balayage.

Rather than the classic blonde balayage, consider complementing your dark hair with a brown balayage. "Brown balayage gives hair lots of dimension and pop ... This color gives a nice, subtle sun-kissed look and works for everyone," Jamila Powell, the owner of the Maggie Rose Salon in Miami, told Glamour. So, why not make your dark hair look more intriguing with one of the many brown balayage options?

Consider starting subtle

While a brown balayage isn't nearly as intense as committing to a whole new hair color or even a blonde balayage, don't underestimate the brown balayage's power to affect your look. It will primarily enhance and soften your dark locks, but it's still a change. So, if you've never gotten a balayage before, you might want to ease into it with a very subtle option that's not too many shades different from your natural brown hair color.

Embrace the warmth

A brown balayage shouldn't take the warmth away from your dark hair. One of the most beautiful qualities of brunette hair is the warmth it provides to your look. Thus, you should lean into that warmth rather than take it away. Opt for warm rather than cool tones in your brown balayage, such as bronze and chestnut, instead of icier options.

You'll look great during every season

Even the most ultra-subtle brown balayage will be the perfect finishing touch to your beachy summer and dainty spring ensembles, adding a lighter, sunnier flair to your brown or black hair. Furthermore, the soft brown details won't look too light or bright for darker winter outfits, which can sometimes happen with bolder blonde balayage looks.

Enhance your features with a flattering brown balayage

When done well, a brown balayage should complement your facial features. For instance, if you have brown eyes in a shade significantly lighter than your dark brown hair, a brown balayage that matches your eyes can make them pop. Meanwhile, the balayage's soft effect should brighten your smile.

Brown balayage works for light brown hair shades, too

Brown balayages aren't only for people with dark brown and black hair! If you have naturally light brown hair, consider opting for a balayage featuring an even lighter shade of brown. For example, light caramel shades will add a delicious dimension to your locks, and ultra-light brown hair colors that border dark blonde will look more exciting than just a natural light brown.

Every hair length and style will work with this look

As previously mentioned, the brown balayage is one of the few hair color options that can look good on anyone. If you have straight hair, the contrast will typically be more noticeable for a more striking look, while messy waves or curls with brown balayage will exude lovely free-spirited energy. Whether you have a chic chin-length bob, flowing waist-length tresses, or something in between, you can never go wrong with a flattering, versatile brown balayage.