Warm & Toasty Brown Tones Are Set To Be A Major Summer 2023 Hair Trend

Blond is typically considered the unofficial hair color of summer, likely because of its reminiscence of the sun-bleached locks and natural sun-kissed highlights often associated with spending long days on warm sandy beaches. This year, however, is shaping up to be a bit of a disruptor when it comes to summer hair color trends. Time to rejoice, natural brunettes. Warm brown tones are the official it girl of summer 2023.

If you've been rocking blond and considering going dark this year, now is most definitely the time to take the plunge. Not sure which shade of brunette is right for you? Here are a few of the best toasty warm brown hair colors that are just begging to see the light of the summer sun. We're not saying to ignore important factors like your skin tone, your natural hair color, or your budget, but we are suggesting that you choose your favorite and go have a chat with your favorite hairstylist. 

Golden mushroom

Mushroom browns are typically associated with ashy silvery and taupe shades that best accentuate cool skin tones. If you're a cool-toned babe, consider having a few golden highlights mixed in with these icy brown hues to jump on this warm brown hair color trend and honor the sunny season of summer while still complementing your skin.

Rich chocolate

Is there anything more delicious than rich, decadent milk chocolate? You can capture that joyous hue and sport it as your hair color all summer long. Go for a warm toned medium brown to really cultivate that classic Hershey bar realness. Good luck letting go of this one come fall. 

Cherry cola

Have you ever ordered a fountain cherry cola at a restaurant and marveled at its deep chocolatey red tone? Bring it to life this summer with a dark, ultra-warm red-brown allover hair color. It's a great way to show your personality while still standing firmly within the summer brunette trend.

Luscious caramel

Afraid you'll miss your signature blond if you go brown for the summer? Try a shade of caramel. Warm and buttery, caramel is a color that can go as light as dark blond and as dark as dark brown- just like real caramel. Every shade is warm enough to complement a bronzy summer glow. 

Coppery chestnut

If you've considered going full red in the past but feared the high level of maintenance that it requires, it's time for you to take a look at chestnut brown. This shimmering shade combines warm copper with rich medium brown. The result is sun-kissed, summery, inviting, and stunning.