TikTok's Makeup Cocktail Hack Puts Light Summer Beauty In The Palm Of Your Hand

Beauty regimens have grown increasingly complex. As reported by Yahoo, a study performed in the U.K. found that women's daily skincare and makeup routines consist of an average of 27 steps and products. This number was documented in 2016 and compared to the 2006 average of only eight steps and products per daily beauty routine, indicating a startling increase in product usage attributed to the evolution of social media and marketing.

In today's world, there are even more suggestions for which products to use, advocacy for newfound ingredients as the secret to optimal skin, and collective confusion as to which products to use, in what order, and how to use them. Fortunately, TikTok has come to the rescue with a brief tutorial by content creator Lena Jenkins. Her handy guide demonstrates a makeup cocktail hack that takes less than five minutes and uses fewer than five products, promising a glamorous summer glow in no time!

Five minutes a day will help you slay

In her TikTok tutorial, Jenkins provides step-by-step instructions on how to replicate her self-proclaimed five-minute makeup cocktail hack for an easy, breezy sun-kissed vibe. Jenkins emphasizes the importance of wearing a face-specific product containing a sun protective factor (SPF) value on the face and neck to protect sensitive facial skin from sun damage and dangerous exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Though she doesn't mention this in the tutorial, you should also apply sunscreen to all exposed skin to help prevent early signs of aging and wrinkles and decrease the risk of developing life-threatening skin cancers (via the American Cancer Society). 

The takeaway from the first step of the five-minute routine is that sunscreen and products with SPF are the front line of skin protection and a critical step you should never skip over when applying skincare, makeup, or cosmetics. Following the SPF product, Jenkins applies a dab of cream bronzer to the palm of one hand. Using her free hand, she squirts a small quantity of liquid primer onto the bronzer, mixes the products together with her finger, and then rubs her palms together for an even spread of the bronzer-primer blend. 

Rub your hands together for makeup magic

Rather than rubbing a magic lamp, all you need to do is rub your palms together to create a magically luminous bronzer-primer fusion that gives your skin a brilliant summery glow. Jenkins focuses on applying the mixture along her contour lines, using her palms to tenderly pat it onto her cheeks. She then uses her fingers to smooth the solution along her cheekbones, jawline, and hairline across her forehead, solidifying the faintly tinted bronze hue onto her accentuated facial features. If you're tight on time or looking for an exceptionally simple makeup routine, you can stop there.

Continuing on, Jenkins uses only two more products in her short summer regimen. She adds a hint of rosy-hued tint to her upper cheekbones with a bit of blush. Blended with the burnished bronze delicately daubed onto the skin, the splash of medium pink blush soaks into her skin as easily as your feet can seep beneath summer sand at the beach.

The finale of the five-minute summer makeup cocktail hack is a stick-based product used to get rid of dark tints beneath the eyes, enhance contour definition, and remedy blemishes. Jenkins shows her preferred foundation-concealer fusion beauty stick, which doubles as a cover for acne and dark spots. You could also try an eye-brightening stick, which neutralizes darker discoloration beneath and around the eyes, providing a sumptuous summer shimmer.