The '3 Block' Method Aims To Make Wellness More Accessible - Here's How

No matter who you are and what you do daily, it's hard to deny that wellness is at the forefront. A 2023 research showed that the wellness industry made $5.2 billion in 2022, and it's steadily increasing with no signs of slowing down. This is because we know we need to take care of ourselves from the inside out. We are told daily that it is important to meditate, journal, exercise, practice gratitude, and read. With all of these rules for wellness, it can be hard to fit it all in, and it can definitely seem overwhelming. After all, if you're stressed about getting your wellness routine in, it works against the healthiness you are trying to provide yourself.


However, a movement to simplify the process is making wellness routines seem more accessible to us despite our busy schedules. If you've been too stressed to get in all your self-care for wellness routines, try the three-block wellness approach. Chunking our wellness focus into three parts — nourishment, focus, and movement — gives you more freedom in the areas you tackle each day.

Nourish your mind and body

One of the first areas to focus on in terms of getting healthier is how you nourish your mind and body. When nourishment is discussed, it can bring shame and diet culture to your attention. However, if you look at sustaining your body from the lens of the three-block approach, you'll have a healthier way to focus on what you spend your time doing. Nourishment can encompass anything that healthily fills your bucket. Maybe you have a goal to become a reader, to get more spiritual, or to block out a bit of time for your friends each week. No matter what you consider nourishment, blocking time for what makes you feel healthier and more alive is a must. In the nourishment block, feel free to make a list of things that fill your mind, body, and soul. 


Whole food nutrition and a girls' night can have the same effect on how healthy you feel. Get creative with this block of wellness, and don't be afraid to change it each day. Let your body and mind tell you what they need.

Choose where to place your focus

Where we place our attention day in and day out isn't always the best for us. Doom scrolling and comparison culture are so damaging. Suppose you've ever been lost scrolling, in the grips of a Netflix binge session, or daydreaming about doing something without going through with it. In that case, you know how important it is to find something worthy of your focus. By allowing yourself a block of time each day for focus, you will take back control of your attention, enabling you to apply it to things that matter to you. The focus block can look different depending on your goals for the day. Your weekday focus block may have quite a bit to do with work. However, your weekend focus block can include things you'd like to accomplish at home and involve planning activities you'd like to do with your friends or family.


Consistently having a block of time you dedicate to something you'd like to tackle will give you peace of mind and a sense of control. You will feel accomplished by achieving the many goals that have gone by the wayside from scrolling sessions. The focus block makes your mind clearer and your days more productive.

Get moving

The movement wellness block goes to the core of what all humans need. Our bodies crave movement of all kinds. Moving our bodies provides us with an outlet for stress, self-expression, and connections. We release endorphins and emotions, helping us to stay more balanced and calm. Our bodies can gain strength and release tension from movement no matter what activity we choose and the length of time.


Some people misunderstand the need for movement as a strenuous class at the gym or a punishing bodybuilding session. Still, you don't need intensity for an activity to count in your block. Simply moving so that your body feels good is enough. Maybe you love how yoga feels, how peaceful morning walks can be, or how strong you feel after swimming. No matter what you choose, finding a way to move in a way that feels good every day is essential to your health.

Keep coming back to the blocks

While it is important to take time to care for yourself, it does not need to take over your entire life. You will indeed find wellness trends popping up that you'll want to try, and as long as it isn't stressful for you, you should attempt them. However, if you are getting overwhelmed by all the new ways we have found to care for ourselves, take a step back and remember this three-block approach.


Find something that nourishes your mind and body. Find a way to move your body to celebrate all that it can do. When it comes to what earns your focus, get creative with it. Sure, you can focus on household responsibilities and tasks, but you can also concentrate on people. Maybe this means you'll work to show your significant other you care for them, or you'll be more purposeful with how you care for your friends. No matter how you split up your blocks, you should feel rejuvenated and replenished after each one.

How to set up your blocks

The three-block method is so effective because it gives you permission to take back your life from the wellness machine. As you think of movement, nourishment, and focus, make a plan for yourself each day based on how you're feeling. For focus, write down some daily goals regarding your work, family, and personal pursuits. When it comes to movement, think of how you can have fun moving your body. Maybe that's a date night dancing, a walk in the forest, or sprucing up your garden. If it brings you and your body joy, it counts. 


Finally, nourishing yourself is the kindest block to get right. Read books that make you happy, take time to make a meal of whole foods, and go out to eat with your girlfriends. No matter how you choose to break up your blocks, they are yours. Start enjoying how wellness feels.