How To Incorporate Astrology Into An Ethereal Wedding Day

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We love astrology, and it can bring so much excitement and comfort to use what we know about our zodiac signs to help us through our daily lives. For instance, we check our daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes to help us prepare for what each upcoming day will bring and how to succeed; we enjoy hearing insights from experts like Astrology Zone's Susan Miller. We might even use our signs to help us determine our ideal summer beach reads or the outcome of other low-pressure decisions. And if you enjoy astrology as much as we do and love involving it in your life, you may want to consider an astrology-themed wedding — or at least add some astrological touches to the big day.


It might sound like an outrageous idea at first, by why not try it if astrology is a big part of your life? It's your wedding, and you should feel free to add as many celestial-inspired details as you want. On TikTok, @wantlist.weddings posted a video of beautiful ethereal wedding theme ideas with astrological inspiration, featuring looks for everything from the banquet tables to the wedding party's wardrobe. There are more ways to incorporate astrology into your wedding day than you may initially expect — all you need is creativity.

Flaunt an astrology-inspired dress or accessory

A cute, fashion-related way to add some ethereal flair to your wedding is to include the theme in your outfit. One way to do this is to wear a celestial-inspired dress, such as a gown with star and moon embroidery or sequin designs. If you're comfortable wearing a non-traditional wedding dress, you might even consider a zodiac sign-themed garment, such as the Insanity Clothing Astrology Zodiac Horoscope Star Sign Print Skater Dress, currently available for under $40 on Amazon. While it likely won't be an ideal option for brides who want a more traditional wedding look, anyone who adores astrology and wants to wear something unconventional on their special day should check out the options for an outfit with zodiac sign symbols and star designs.


If a traditional white bridal gown is more your style and you'd like to find another way to add an astrological touch to your ensemble, consider wearing astrology-themed accessories, such as jewelry. For example, Amazon sells the PAVOI 14K Gold Plated CZ Astrology Necklace, and shoppers can opt for these sparkly necklaces in their zodiac signs. Consider wearing one in your zodiac sign and one in your partner's sign to celebrate your life together — or find an option like a brooch, bracelet, or cufflinks to add your signs to your overall look.

Incorporate zodiac sign-inspired details into the cocktail hour

One of the most delicious ways to add astrological flair to your wedding day is to add zodiac sign-inspired touches to your cocktail hour. The cocktail hour is already one of the most fun parts of a wedding, so why not make it even more exciting with astrological elements? A creative way to incorporate a celestial touch is to serve a cocktail inspired by your zodiac sign and another inspired by your partner's sign instead of the more expected signature cocktails.


Not sure which signs match with which drinks? You can find plenty of astrology-inspired cocktail ideas on Pinterest and TikTok. For instance, let's say you're a Pisces marrying an Aries. Pisces are water signs represented by fish, and mixologist @drinkwithrob posted a TikTok video of the perfect cocktail for this aquatic sign — it's blue with delicious fruit flavors and a touch of sparkle that you can safely consume. Moreover, TikToker @ruthhiann shared a video recommending the Paloma for Aries. The Aries sign is famously bold and dauntless, so they can handle the not-so-sweet grapefruit and tequila in this cocktail that may intimidate other zodiac signs. If you're not planning on having alcohol at your wedding, feature mocktail versions of these drinks instead!


You can also add astrological touches to the cocktail hour food — opt for snacks decorated with stars or toothpick flags featuring your and your partner's signs, such as the Cancer Constellation Sign Zodiac Toothpick Flags for finger foods.

Let the stars guide your seating chart

We don't expect everyone to be on board with this idea, as it isn't subtle, but if you're making astrology a bigger part of your wedding theme, consider seating guests based on their signs. There's no need to agonize about seating charts if you have everyone sit at tables dedicated to their zodiac signs — maybe your guests will even make friends with people belonging to the same zodiac sign. If that idea won't work because you have many more guests in some zodiac signs than others and don't want anyone to feel lonely — you don't want your one Capricorn guest to sit all by themselves, do you? — you could try seating guests by whether they're earth, water, air, or fire signs instead.


Don't forget to include astrological decorations at the tables, too! If you seat people by earth, water, air, and fire, consider buying or making centerpieces and decorations inspired by those elements for the tables. Beachy details could be lovely for the water sign tables, while nature-inspired touches like crystals and plants will be appropriate and charming for the earth signs. If you decide to seat guests by the 12 zodiac signs, have fun with DIY centerpieces; you can try starry lights with zodiac sign labels like the one TikToker @nocturnallifedesigns made in a video featuring a beautiful Sagittarius centerpiece.

Have ethereal, astrology-themed activities

One way to make your big day stand out and be even more memorable is if you include fun, non-traditional activities. Have you thought of hiring an astrologer or tarot reader for your event? They can add a unique touch while helping guests learn more about themselves and their futures. If you have any friends who do tarot readings, consider asking them if they'd be interested in performing at your wedding. Or, if your town has a local tarot reader and you've seen them before, consider reaching out. You can also find readers on websites like Entertainers Worldwide.


You might additionally consider having astrology-themed games for entertainment at your wedding. One idea is to have guests give clues that can help everyone try to guess each of their zodiac signs (of course, you can't play this game if people are seated by zodiac signs). You may even want to include some astrological board or card games to amuse guests during your cocktail hour or reception. For instance, the Sun Moon Rising Game, Astrology-Themed Party Card Game for Adults and Teens, Adult Card Game for 3-6 Players sells for less than $25 on Amazon and could be a fun addition to tables to keep guests entertained while staying with the astrology theme.

Give out astrology-inspired party favors

If there's an aspect of a wedding almost every guest gets excited about, it's what they can take home. What each couple gives typically depends on their budget, how many guests attend the event, and the wedding's theme — so give your guests astrology-themed party favors as a reminder of your ethereal wedding! When you get creative, the idea options are endless. For example, zodiac sign shot glasses are super fun; if you want a customized vibe and know everyone's birthdays, give each guest a shot glass with their zodiac sign's name or symbol.


Depending on your guests, maybe you'd even want to give them a deck of tarot cards. If astrology is a big part of your life and you think your guests would be interested in learning more about it, you could consider giving out books on the subject, such as "The Astrology Dictionary: Cosmic Knowledge from A to Z." For a more affordable option, zodiac sign coloring pages are a fun takeaway, especially if you have many artistic or creative guests at your wedding. Another good parting gift would be to give everyone astrology-themed candy, because who doesn't love a sweet treat? Your favors are an opportunity to remind everyone of the fun they had celebrating your love, so if you've already got celestial touches woven throughout your big day, send them home with a similarly astrological-themed gift.