The Tassel Cut Bob Is An Undeniably Chic Hair Upgrade - Here's How To Get It

Do you love the 2023 short hair trend and enjoy embracing on-trend fringe fashion? If you're ready to try a new bob style with a tassel-inspired flair, the tassel bob is the perfect haircut for you.

"The tassel cut is essentially a long-length bob with no layers to create a chunky blunt baseline in the hair. Think clean, healthy ends that look like the end of a tassel. The optimum length for this cut is just below chin length as it allows your stylist to cut a good amount off to get it look healthy and blunt. The shorter you take the style the chunkier and heavier the ends of the hair will look," Jo Dyer, co-founder of hair salon YOKE, told Stylist.


So, if you've been debating whether you should get a chin-length bob or a long bob and are ready to ditch any layers that might be in your locks at the moment, you'll likely love the tassel cut. It's short but not too short and appears sleek rather than presenting too much dimension. And like many other cool-girl haircuts, we have Korean inspiration to thank for this style. The haircut is ideal for a fun yet straightforward look with no nonsense.

Blunt ends are crucial

The defining feature of the tassel cut bob is its blunt ends. Unlike many other 2023 bob trends, which feature layers, whether subtle or drastic, the tassel bob stands out because it presents a more polished appearance without any layers. On TikTok, Yoke Plymouth posted a video of a client getting a tassel bob cut. The hairstylist focused on cutting the hair with super-blunt ends, reaching just below the client's chin for an ultra-sleek bob. The client seemed to love the haircut, smiling as she spun her head around to show it off.


In addition, @m.sora39 shared a video of a light blond tassel cut in contrast with a black turtleneck top. The ends of the haircut appeared so blunt that they looked like a sharp line above the black fabric. This bold style is all about ends so defined that you can practically trace them to draw a line when you see them in a picture or video. Getting the tassel bob is a power move!

It's usually better to trust an expert, but you can DIY it

Like most haircuts, it's better to go to a salon and have a professional hairstylist cut your tassel bob. Unless you have experience cutting hair, hairstylists will likely be more precise when cutting the blunt ends, leaving less room for error — especially if you plan to make a drastic change from long locks.


However, if you trust yourself and are patient and careful, it's possible to cut your own tassel bob. You don't need to worry about layers or creating a dynamic look, so this haircut is doable for people who want to DIY. For example, TikTok user Lara Quaranta posted a video chopping her bob, and the results were beautiful. At the beginning of the video, Quaranta's dark hair was in a clavicut style. She divided her hair into four sections, putting two hair ties in each part below her chin as guidelines for where to cut. Quaranta then chopped her tresses following those guidelines and ended up with a gorgeous tassel bob hitting right below her chin.

TikToker @shaiannj shared a video in which she cut her tassel bob differently. The TikToker sectioned back some hair and appeared to straighten her locks. She then used her fingers to create a blunt guideline of where to trim and cut her hair based on that guideline technique, and the results were a sleek tassel bob.


Styling your tassel cut bob

The tassel bob is a versatile haircut that looks great on people of all ages, genders, and hair colors. However, when it comes to style, most tassel cut bobs are straight or slightly wavy to achieve a sleek appearance. Just look at all the straight tassel haircuts on Instagram. If you dislike straightening your hair or struggle with uneven ends, this might not be the best haircut for you.


"The tassel cut is perfect for poker straight hair or someone that loves to wear their hair sleek and is a dab hand with their straighteners ... With more textured hair, maybe keep the length a little on the longer side so the balance of the weight at the bottom avoids looking more triangular, or ask your hairdresser for some lessons in how to blow dry your hair straight and smooth," Dyer advised Stylist. Since the tassel bob is short and blunt, it should be easier and less time-consuming to style than long or layered hair, making it a more practical option for those who enjoy sleek hairstyles.

The haircut looks excellent with bangs

Our favorite variation of the tassel bob includes adding bangs to the look. Straight bangs enhance the cut's ultra-sleek, don't-mess-with-me look, so don't think that you can't pull off the tassel bob because you have bangs. And if you don't have bangs yet, consider asking for them when you get the haircut.


For proof of how stunning bangs look with the tassel bob, check out the video TikToker @takashi0503 posted of her styling session. She straightened her tassel bob and see-through bangs, with the latter adding more personality to the haircut, making it appear even bolder.

Furthermore, TikToker @keisuke__1026 shared a video showing the dramatic transformation from a more traditional long bob with subtle bangs to a tassel cut with bangs, and the results made the woman in the video appear even more striking and unique. Therefore, if you want to stand out and look trendier than ever, you should try a tassel bob with bangs. But with or without bangs, the haircut is super chic!