A New Bob Style Just Dropped: Meet The 'Job' Haircut

Bobs are everywhere in 2023, as the world can't get enough of these cute, short haircuts. Plus, the bob has come a long way — since its name was initially more of a blanket term for any haircut shorter than shoulder-length haircuts. Now, there are more than two million posts under #bobhaircut on Instagram, as bobs seem to be growing in popularity every day. The terminology for different bob lengths and styles is getting more specific and detailed, too, as the Italian bob is a chic take on the short hair revolution, and the bullet bob is the trick to androgynous, low-maintenance hair. And now, we have the short, stylish "job" variation of the classic bob.

"The job is very blunt and is great for clients with finer hair texture ... This cut can give your hair the look of being very styled. When the shape is so strong, you don't need much else," Jennifer Nash, a hairstylist, told Byrdie. Do you want to try the 'job' before it becomes the next hottest hair trend?

Wear it wavy

What do wavy locks and bobs have in common? They both exude cool-girl energy. So, show off some waves once you get a "job" haircut for fun, playful energy. Whether the waves are styled and glamorous or messy and chic, they'll look ultra-cool with jaw-length haircuts, especially if you're going for a carefree spring or summer look.

Try a chic straight 'job'

On the other hand, you can never go wrong with a straight bob, and the same applies to "jobs." Short, straight hair is super-striking and sleek, helping you appear powerful and stunning in any setting. Moreover, since jaw-length bobs are one of the shortest bob options, straightening your hair should be fast and easy.

Consider a French 'job'

French bobs are effortlessly chic, as something about bangs with short or medium-length hair appears sophisticated and elegant every time. Plus, bangs are the one look that's just as trendy as the bob in 2023, so by rocking a jaw-length French bob, you'll have the trendiest haircut in any room at any place.

Curly 'jobs' are so cute and playful

While "jobs" are helpful for people with fine hair, these haircuts also look excellent with thick curls. Jaw-length curly bobs will present an ultra-bold look, full of volume, for a runway-worthy hairstyle. Curly "jobs" are about as exciting, fun, and lively as a haircut can be!