TikTok Has The Easiest Trick For Getting The Perfect Hair Braid

Nailing a traditional braid behind your head without assistance from any helping hands is easier said than done. The results are typically less than ideal. Read: lopsided, uneven, and too loose. While there are certainly some pros out there who could quickly carry out a more complicated braid on themselves with little thought, the rest of us need all the hacks we can get. And TikTok, once again, has saved the day. We're endlessly grateful for these genius tips that we didn't even know we needed. And all that's required for this trick is an additional hair tie.


Braids can be a saving grace on mornings when your hair just won't cooperate, when you're desperately in need of a wash day, or when you're holding out for an appointment with your stylist and need to contain your unruly locks for the time being. Not only are braids super cute, but they also keep hair secure and can be a great defense against wind damage on stormy days. If you're looking for a way to make your braid last all day, look no further. 

Perfecting the method

To achieve the perfect cascading braid, begin by prepping your hair. "When braiding hair, I always start by spraying both roots and the length of the hair with dry shampoo," celebrity hairstylist Brian Magallones of Exclusive Artists Management told Women's Health. "Clean hair can be too sleek and slippery to braid, so the dry shampoo gives hair the perfect texture to work with."


Once your hair is ready to go, part your locks into three sections as you normally would. Next, take the middle section and secure it with a hair tie in a ponytail at the base of your neck, leaving the other two sections out, as TikTok user @audreyvictoria_ shows us in her video. Then begin braiding as usual. You'll notice that the braid is far more secure thanks to the middle section being tied down. Depending on the length of your hair, you may still want to move your braid to the side over your shoulder to complete it.

Choose an intentionally disheveled look or go sleek and smooth

Once your perfectly secure braid is complete, you can pull on your strands where you'd like to see some loose pieces for an effortless vibe. "You want to start with the braid more secure and clean, and once done, you can pull and stretch the braid as desired, pulling out random hairs, loosening and roughing up the texture a bit," Magallones told Women's Health.


You may also opt to go for the sleek and pristine look, leaving all pieces of your braid perfectly in place. Either way, this chic braided hairstyle isn't likely to move much throughout the day, whether you've got an active schedule lined up or are mostly hanging at home. The more you use this braid hack without a mirror, the more naturally it'll come to you and you'll be able to quickly put together a beautiful, casual look anywhere you go — just carry a few extra hair ties and you'll be set.