24 Apps To Help You Build & Track New Habits

Whether you want to set new goals and work on your healthy habits or you have bad habits you need to move away from, there's an app for that. We all tend to have some bad habits from time to time, from not taking good care of our skin or our bodies to spending too much time on social media or streaming channels and not enough time with our friends and family or alone with ourselves. These bad habits tend to get in the way of our goals and can sometimes directly affect what we want to accomplish in life. 


Maybe you make lists to get through all of the things you need to do, or perhaps you don't. Either way, we often put too much weight on our shoulders, which makes it even harder for us to successfully build healthy habits that work with our goals and plans. Rather than getting lost doom-scrolling as revenge procrastination or rewriting the same list of to-dos tomorrow that you had for today because you didn't have time to get them all done, let's look at some apps that can help you let go of bad habits and set healthy goals.


Momentum is an app that pushes you to stay on track by building a chain link for each day you successfully work on those habits. If you accomplish your daily goals, your chain keeps growing longer. However, if you don't, you end up with a broken chain — sounds defeating, right? Well, the idea is to keep you motivated and moving toward those new habits so you can avoid defeat. It's simple: You set your own weekly targets and have the app remind you what you're working toward so you don't miss a beat. You can use your Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch to keep track.


Reviewers on Product Hunt have nothing but good things to say about the app. Erika Steeves said, "Momentum is a must-have for freelancers! I use it to plan all my projects and consistently feel less overwhelmed and more in control of my time."


Chains.cc is another app that motivates you to build new habits or break old ones by helping you build a chain that can break if you miss your goals. Chains.cc is a free app that's compatible with the iPhone. The app allows you to see the streak you're on as you continue meeting your goals each day, which is very motivating for those who need some healthy competition with themselves. If, however, this kind of motivation is more stressful to you, there are other apps out there that push more gently toward meeting goals.


One user of Chains.cc took to Reddit to boast about the app and how it helped them. According to panda_nectar, "The iOS app called Chains.cc helps me stay on track with my goals/habits and not tell myself it's okay to skip 'just one day' because I'll break my streak of accomplishment if I do."


Done is another habit tracking app which uses chains and streaks as motivational tools, but that is just one aspect of this app which aims to help folks break their bad habits and create better ones. The ability to take a look at the trends in your goals and where you need more focus is especially beneficial with this app. Rather than simply seeing those broken chains when you miss a goal, you can find out if there is a certain time or day that you struggle with the most. With this knowledge, you can either push yourself to get through that tougher time, or you can adjust your goals accordingly. Done is available for the iPhone.


Product Hunt only has one detailed review for Done, but it's a good one. Customer Alex Hayworth said, "I'm glad to see this app here, because after trying many, many to-do/habit tracking apps, this is the only one that has stuck."


If you're the type of person who prides yourself on being an overachiever, GoalsOnTrack may be the right goal-setting app to help you with your habits. From short to long-term goals, this app wants to help you succeed. You can even break your goals down into personal and business goals. We like that this app is about more than just setting a goal; it enables you to set forth a plan of action to help you achieve the things you want. Plus, your habit-building is totally on you — you choose how many days you want to focus on building your new habits. GoalsOnTrack costs $68 a year.


GoalsOnTrack has a 93% user satisfaction rating. While this is a fairly decent rating, unfortunately, Done does not offer a free trial, so you have to take their word for it and spend some money to see for yourself how it works for you.


SnapHabit is more than just an app for breaking bad habits and setting goals for new ones — it's essentially a social media site where you can meet up with your friends and family and motivate one another. You don't have to do it alone or with only an app at your side. In fact, you can create habit groups where more than one of you can work on breaking or gaining the same habits. Plus, there's no limit to how many habits you can track with SnapHabit's free app. This app is available for both iPhone and Android.


SnapHabit has 4.7 out of 5 stars in the Apple App Store, with reviewers saying the app is "fun for habits with friends," "worth the download," and "amazing for accountability." However, some people think the app needs some work. They mostly complain about a lack of certain features and the ability to edit some information.


Changing your habits is all about building a routine, and Strides is an app that wants to help you build amazing routines. This app also claims to be customizable, so you can set goals and create a routine that works for you. You can set target dates for when you want to reach your goals, check how you're doing with reports and charts, and focus on daily goals that help you form those fantastic new habits. Your daily routine will never be the same once you get on Strides, and it will surely help you make strides toward a happier and more productive life. The app is available for iPhone.


Strides is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars in the Mac App Store. One reviewer, xray98, said, "I started using this app only 5 days ago, but it's already making huge differences in my life." While the app is free to use for tracking, you get more benefits by paying a small fee — which some reviewers weren't a fan of.


If your goal as each day passes is to be better than you were yesterday, consider picking Avocation as your good habit-building app for setting goals for both iPhone and Android. Building good habits means doing those good things every day, over and over again, and avoiding those bad habits you want to nix. You'll not only find yourself with an app that helps keep you motivated, but you'll also find yourself learning about what it means to successfully start a good habit and how to keep it up. Unlike the chain-building apps, Avocation includes a plant that grows — and if you miss a day, it doesn't grow, but it also doesn't die — no broken chains here! 


The Apple App Store has a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating listed for Avocation. While some users wish the app offered more, one said, "This app is not only cute but has everything [I] am looking for," while another said, "Grea app so far, keep developing it!"


Want to make some big changes in your life and develop better habits? Remente is an app that will help you do this, but it comes from a mental health standpoint. Work on your mental wellness while achieving your goals and empowering your life. You even get a coach who sends you videos to help you get through mental health challenges and push you toward the success you seek. We love that there is a mood journal because sometimes setting and sticking with a goal can feel like a rollercoaster for the mood. Remente is available for both the iPhone and Android.


Remente also has a 4.6-star rating in the Apple App Store. Caitlin80256 posted that she loves the app but wishes she could make changes to certain things. "For example, the time you receive the daily session prompts is set when you sign up, but there doesn't seem to be any way to change that, either within the app or the website."


Daylio is an excellent choice if your main goal is to increase your mood, while also helping you build healthy habits and get motivated. We like that it tracks your mood each day so you can see how the changes you make in your life affect your daily mood. Emotional intelligence is important, and Daylio will help you build and track your emotional growth as well as work with you to build better habits in the long run. The app is available for both iPhone and Android.


With 4.8 out of 5 stars in the Apple App Store, Daylio is worth looking into if you want a goal-setting app that can also boost your mental health. Reviewers said the app provides "great insight into yourself, simple, useful – love it!" Another reviewer wrote, "I have been using this app for at least a few years and it has been an invaluable tool with a major demonstrable effect on my overall health and wellbeing."


The concept of StickK's is to help you stick to your goals — get it? You can pick from basics such as losing weight or quitting smoking, or you can customize your own goals. Not only is StickK, which is available for both Android and iPhone, designed for individuals, but groups and businesses can use it as well to help build their teams. If you want to make a commitment to change, StickK is advertised as wanting to help you do just that. The app provides you with accountability and teaches behavioral techniques, making it more than just a place to list your goals.


While StickK has received 4.2 out of 5 stars on Product Hunt, most reviewers recommend the product. Andrew Brown said, "The Stickk platform lets the user bet against themselves in order to better help them to make their goal. Started using it and so far its working well."

Habit List

While some of these habit-building apps don't sound as habit-forming as others, Habit List has a name that inspires. If you're a list maker who wants an app that works with you to make big changes, this one may be right for you. Habit List is another app that uses streaks as motivation, but we like the color-coded badges that tell you when you've missed goals, succeeded at a goal, or need to build a new goal. Habit List for iPhone also helps you keep focused on the goals you need to meet now, so you're not missing goals while stuck thinking about the nine others you're striving for later.


Habit List has a full 5-star rating on Product Hunt. All five reviewers gave the app 5 stars and recommend it, even though none of them wrote anything specific as to why they love the app so much.

Habits with Henry

Habits with Henry is possibly one of the cutest motivational apps on this list. An adorable little fox makes his appearance in this one to help you stay motivated and find more time for productivity. There's a $3.99 fee tacked onto it for iPhone users, but paying may be a worthwhile added motivator for some of us. Reviewers on Product Hunt have called Henry "a real friend" who wants to help motivate people to succeed. Having friends and family to help you when you have habits to change is great, but when you don't, it's nice to know there's an app (or more) out there that can help.


People love Henry, according to its 5-star review rating on Product Hunt. Kate Drozd said, "Henry seems to be a real friend who can support you to stay motivated while starting a new habit." However, she did question if there was a way to also help kick bad habits with the app.


The first thing you're likely to notice when you visit Habitica is the pixelated video game character graphics — which is exactly why this habit-changing app is on our list. It's time to make setting goals and changing your ways fun, instead of it feeling like a job or just another thing on your to-do list. If you're a gamer, this app will feel like home for you. The idea of Habitica is to turn your real-life goals into a game, with all the rewards and even the punishments that will push you to meet your set goals and change your habits.


While Habitica, which is available for Android and iPhone, doesn't have the star rating of some of the other apps, reviewers did like the concept of the app, according to Product Hunt. Joules Kowalski said, "I've been using Habitica (previously Habit RPG) for years now. If you haven't tried it, you should."


Like a bull, HabitBull wants you to push through and break those bad habits while building new ones. It acts as the matador with the red flag encouraging you to rush forward and not look back. From something as simple as wanting to quit nibbling at your fingernails when feeling stressed to something as major as quitting smoking to give yourself a longer life span, this app is there to get you to successfully let go of old habits and allow you to build new, healthy ones in their place. HabitBull is available on iPhone and Android.


HabitBull, compatible with iPhone and Android, has a 4.7 rating out of 5 stars in the Apple App Store. Most reviewers liked its "data driven results" and "great functionality." Users' biggest complaint seems to be the app's tendency to persuade you into signing up for a paid option, even though you can use the basic aspects of the app for free.


Coach.me is a free app you can use to track your habits, but it offers a bit more than that. For as little as $25 a week, you can get yourself a personal coach to help you change your life by motivating you to push through the tough points of habit changing. Whether you use the app on your iPhone, Android, or computer, the personal coach feature ensures that your coach is always within reach. The app leads you through a simple questionnaire that will help you pinpoint the goals you want to accomplish. Once those are set, it's time to start making positive life changes.


While Coach.me only has received a 3.4 rating on Google Play, satisfied users have called it a "great app with clean interface that makes it easy to use." Complaints seem to revolve mostly around glitches or changes to the app and the loss of well-liked features.


Forest is another motivational, habit-changing app disguised as a game, and we're here for it. The idea behind this one is that you grow a tree while you stay focused on the project at hand. Keep the app open as you work and watch your tree grow. If you lose focus on your task and close the app, your tree perishes. As you grow trees, you grow an entire forest that shows how many goals and habit changes you've accomplished. What we love most about this app is that it pushes you to focus on the things you want and helps keep you from becoming distracted.


Forest, available for iPhone and Android, has a 4.7 rating on Product Hunt. User Giacomo Lawrance raved, "I really love this app, been using it for years. Love the group sessions feature, really helps when using the app in revision sessions. Can't recommend it more if you need to get off your phone!"


When working on building healthy habits, we want to make sure we can keep them up in the long run. Productive is an app that wants to help you with just that. Available for iPhone, this app offers an easy-to-use interface that will get you going on meeting your goals each day. Unlike some of the apps on this list, Productive also includes challenges to push you forward. These challenges help you to change your habits, increase your productivity time and tackle those to-do lists, and help with your overall well-being. And the app's reminders will ensure you never miss a beat. Check your statistics to see where you're thriving and where you may need to work harder.


Productive has a 4.6 rating in the Apple App Store. While MystikQT said, "The entire app is set up to be some silly competition with yourself," other users love this about it. Katierae5 "love[s] how easy to customize this, and if you miss or skip a goal for whatever reason its not degrading. Rather it encourages you to keep going, and do what you can to succeed with whatever size goal/task/daily chore/project/new habit you recorded."


HabitShare, like SnapHabit, is another motivational app that gets your friends and family in on making changes to your life and theirs. Available on Android and iPhone, HabitShare offers you flexibility, so you can create habits that work for you and so you don't have to feel overwhelmed trying to make changes too quickly. While it's a social app, you are in control of who sees which habits you're working on, so you'll always feel like your privacy is secure. And, the best part? This app is completely free. Get motivation from the app and your friends — you'll surely find success with so many behind you.


HabitShare's 4.6 stars in the Apple App Store comes with many people loving the app — reviews include comments such as "great app, best one for habits" and "simple yet a lot of nice features!" One person, though, didn't like the way tasks are marked whether or not you complete them.


Habitify will help you get through the routines you want to form on a daily basis, while also helping you strive to meet those big goals. Whether you're wanting to limit and quit something or start new and healthy habits, this app allows you to set goals and track them to completion, and it's meant to motivate you so you don't give up. Built-in challenges will push you harder; plus, if you have friends that use the app, too, you can help motivate each other. This app can also sync to your health trackers and is available for Android and iPhone.


Product Hunt shows Habitify with a 4.6 rating, though only one person seems to have given it fewer than 5 stars. Sebastian Crossa gushed, "Since I started using the app the way I track my habits has changed completely. Before Habitify I had already tried using a couple of other habit tracking applications, but none of them really stuck."


Streaks is an award-winning app that uses daily streaks to show you how you're working toward habit changes and to help motivate you to keep going. You can have 24 tasks at a time, so you don't have to feel limited in the things you're trying to accomplish. If you miss a day you just start over again. It can take almost 60 days to form a new habit, so each time you break the chain on your app, you're stuck starting again from the beginning. But, don't worry, as the app will remind you to keep at it. Streaks is available for all of your Apple products.


Streaks gets a nice 4.8 rating from the Mac App Store. While most complaints revolve around the app not allowing users enough tasks, those converting to the app from elsewhere seem to love it. Alegna Backwards noted, "If you recently converted from a Fitbit to an Apple Watch and aren't impressed with the fitness features – this app is for you!!"


Goalify wants to help you stay on top of your goals so you can achieve success. The app's developers claim there is no limit to the goals and tasks you can set in the app. They also encourage sharing your info with friends and family — even your doctor or therapist — to help with motivation and challenges and to better your overall health. Social goal apps seem to be getting more and more popular as we work to help motivate and inspire ourselves and our friends to live our lives better. This app is available for both iPhone and Android.


While Goalify only has one review on Product Hunt for 5 stars, it has a 4.4 rating on Google Play. Paul Goldenstern wrote, "The app has continued to keep consistent track of my goal but stopped sending me daily reminders. I did a push notification test and it failed." Though it appears the app's developers have some glitches to work through, users still seem to stick it out.


Grow wants you to start making habit changes in your life by first building strong foundations. There may be more to making changes in your habits than just making a daily conscious effort to change, and Grow may be just what you need. This app takes the time to understand why you do the things you do with regular questions about your motivations toward certain habits. You also get worthwhile feedback from the app that helps you better understand your habits and motivations. You'll learn where you need improvement, too. This app is free on your iPhone.


Grow has a 4.5 rating on GetApp. While some reviewers have pointed out errors, Christian W. reported, "I have been using Grow for a few months now and have been very pleased with the results. The platform is easy to use and provides comprehensive data insights that help me make well-informed decisions."

Way of Life

We love the name of this motivational app: Way of Life. You want to make your new habits a way of life, and this app wants to help you by pushing you to make healthy changes and stay motivated. Develop new routines, keep a diary to track your success and your failures (because failure is also a motivator), and keep an eye on your stats to see where you're doing great and which areas of your life you still need to work harder on changing. Available for both the iPhone and Android, Way of Life is a push toward the positive, and you get to try it for free.


This app has a 4.8 rating on the Apple App Store. While some users wish the app received more updates, ThatOneTumblerGirl wrote that this is her favorite app. SmithyWerbermanjainson wrote, "I've been using this app on and off for years now but have been using it very consistently for a couple years straight now and it has had a tremendous positive impact on my life."


And, finally, we want you to feel Fabulous with an app that helps you build new healthy routines in a way that you'll want to keep them up even when you're not in the mood to log into the app. What stands out from the other apps on this list is the app's list of motivational videos you can watch to help coach you through making new healthy life habits. You can join other users and find motivation that way, or you can sign up for a talk with a coach to help you get on the right path. This app is available for both iPhone and Android.


Reviews on Product Hunt give Fabulous a 4.7 out of 5 stars. Kate Chernyaeva wrote, "What an awesome little app! I've been using it on Android for a week now and I'm loving it so far! My morning routine has definitely become much better, the morning reminders help me keep on track and I love the scientific approach and insights from behavioral science. Great job!"