Buttercream Blond Hair: The Warm Alternative To Platinum

If you're thinking of going lighter with your hair color, consider trying buttercream blond, the flattering shade that complements pretty much every skin tone. Buttercream blond is a pale golden hue consisting of a rich, creamy color with a hint of yellow without being brassy. Both warm and cool tones are incorporated into buttercream blond, making this shade flattering and wearable for everyone. Depending on your skin tone, your colorist may go cooler or warmer, but the end result should be the best blond for your skin tone — a dreamy blond color of about two or three varying shades.

You may think about going blond during the warmer months, but this buttercream color is wearable year round. Try adding paler highlights during spring and summer and going a step deeper during the cooler months. To make this color easier to maintain, ask your hairstylist to color your roots a tone slightly darker, such as a warm honey or amber.

Buttercream blond works best on light hair

If you already have a light base hair color, buttercream blond is easy to achieve. Ask your colorist for medium-to-light gold with warm champagne accents. To frame your face, create some money pieces in an almost-platinum shade, and have your stylist disperse some light pieces around your head as highlights. The warm and cool shades will balance each other out and create an overall soft glow.

Those with darker hair need more time to lift their base color

Buttercream hair can be achieved on dark hair, but be prepared to sit in the salon for at least a couple of hours. It's recommended to break down the process into several sessions to make it easier on your hair — this can take up to several months. Don't have the time? Make sure you go to a reputable colorist, and ask for a consultation first.

A buttery yellow hue works best for warm skin tones

If your skin is on the warmer side, a buttercream blond that leans more golden will be most flattering. To keep the color from getting brassy, use purple shampoo for color-treated hair once a week. However, don't use it as a replacement for your everyday shampoo.

Buttercream blond is less harsh than platinum

Sure, platinum blond is glamorous and striking, but it can be too harsh on your hair. Instead, opt for a softer buttercream blond, which is a great alternative to platinum. When your roots grow out, they won't look as obvious, so you can extend the time between salon visits. Easy on the eyes and your wallet? We think that's a win-win.

Go for buttercream blond with darker roots to match dark eyebrows

If you have dark eyebrows, rock your buttercream blond hair with some darker roots to match. Take Selena Gomez as an example. The star can pretty much rock any hairstyle, but we think this cool buttercream blond shade is perfect for her skin tone. Her slightly grown-out roots match her eyebrows, so the transition from dark to blond looks seamless. The lighter strands capture the light, while the darker shades add dimension, giving the singer a glow-from-within look.