The Alternative To Dated Platinum Blond Hair Is A More Blended Look. Here's How To Get It

Fueled by celebrities like Megan Fox, classic platinum, the lightest and iciest of all the blonds, experienced a resurgence of popularity in 2022. Thankfully for wallets and hair health everywhere, the trend was short-lived, and the high maintenance, heavily bleached and toned look has now returned to its rightfully dated place in hair-color history. What has taken its place as the queen of blonds? None other than the minimal maintenance blended balayage circa 2018.

A balayage is a blended, hand-painted, multi-dimensional hair color experience that's highly customizable. The look features the lightest tone at the ends and gradually darkens into your hair's natural color as it approaches the roots. This allows for a personalized color that grows out seamlessly, whether you're looking to stretch out your time between appointments or move on to another look. Here are some inspiring variations of balayage techniques to check out before you book an appointment with your stylist. 

Classic and cool-toned

If you're a die-hard platinum blond fan who's just looking for a lower maintenance option, look no further. A platinum balayage offers the same dramatic icy light blond color with more dimension and subtle lowlights that gradually expand into your roots. This means new growth blends in effortlessly and looks more intentional. 

Warm and golden

If you're ready to break free of the ice-cold limitations of cool-toned platinum and embrace a warmer, more sun-kissed look this spring or summer, ask your stylist about the possibility of a medium golden blond balayage. You'll want to run to the nearest beach as soon as your new color is revealed. 

Mid-tone mushroom brond

Can't decide between a blond and a brunette balayage? No problem. Opt for the in-between shade aptly nicknamed "brond." Add some ashy highlights to make it a mushroom brond reminiscent of a beautiful salad of mixed mushrooms featuring a plethora of one-of-a-kind shades of gray, beige, and brown.

Blushing rose gold

Looking to add just a bit of edge to your new blended blond (or brunette) balayage? Ask your stylist for a subtle pop of rose gold highlights. This delicate pinkish hue will warm up icy blonde tones without looking brassy and add a unique feature that sets you apart from the crowd. 

Dark and moody

If you're looking to transition back to brunette or have never taken the plunge into blond but are still looking for more dimension, a balayage can work for you, too. A gradient of medium and light ash brown highlights on a dark brown base provides a gorgeous multi-tonal aesthetic without all the bleaching it takes to reach a light blond. 

Caramel latte

For those looking for a warmer version of brond, caramel highlights mixed with lowlights ranging from dark blond to medium brown can create the perfect blended and customized balayage. Easy to grow out and requiring minimal maintenance, this lifestyle-friendly method of hair lightening is hard to beat.