Sophisticated Comfort: The Scandi Fashion Style You Don't Have To Compromise For

You don't have to be extra to be a fashion icon. Nordic influencers such as Matilda Djerf that even the simplest outfits can turn you into a street-style star. You are likely following these effortlessly cool influencers for style inspo, and you don't even know it. Yet, this seemingly effortless style can take effort to achieve.

"[Scandinavian fashion] is "laid back without looking messy, it's classic without being boring, and above all, it's easy to wear," New York City-based stylist Audree Kate López tells Byrdie. Some keys to getting the Scandi fashion look are layering, investing in quality, and prioritizing comfort. However, perhaps the biggest thing of all is buying the right pieces for your wardrobe when starting. After all, the Scandi style requires a wardrobe of specific items to truly work. You can't simply wear comfy clothes and expect to look effortlessly cool. Nonetheless, buying Scandi fashion essentials will leave you looking classy and comfortable.

The oversized button-down

The oversized button-down shirt is essential in the Scandi wardrobe. The piece is both timeless and seasonless, meaning it truly never goes out of style. After all, versatility is necessary in the Scandinavian closet, making the oversized button-down perfect. Plus, it's also comfortable enough to be styled open over a band tee but sophisticated enough to be worn alone tucked into your favorite denim.


The Scandinavian wardrobe is never complete without a pair of trousers. Rather than styling every outfit with denim or leggings, mix it up with a pair of trousers. While many people would not consider trousers a comfortable clothing item, Nordic women know it can be. They opt for loose trousers styled with casual items such as a t-shirt and oversized coat, as seen above.

Staple denim

Denim has a place in every aesthetic, but especially in Scandi fashion. Denim jeans come in a variety of cuts and colors, but Scandinavian women know that so many pairs are unnecessary. Instead, opt for one staple piece of denim in your wardrobe that will pair well with all the other pieces in your closet.

A statement piece

Nordic fashion is not above making a statement. There are keys to getting the perfect Scandi look, which includes individuality. After all, your ensemble doesn't have to be the same as everyone else's. Try out a unique quilted coat, as seen above, or a colorful knit to add your taste to the equation.

Everyday sneakers

As far as footwear goes in Scandi fashion, a pair of classic sneakers are a must. Sneakers are comfortable yet fashionable shoes, depending on the type. Some cool-girl chic brands for sneakers include Adidas, Veja, and New Balance. The queen of Scandi style herself, Instagram star Matilda Djerf often shares photos of herself wearing Adidas sneakers.

A loose-fitting maxi skirt

Loose-fitting maxi skirts are both comfy and chic. They can be paired with a cozy sweater, a blazer, or a t-shirt. Maxi skirts are another seasonless piece that is always a great addition to the Scandi wardrobe. So ditch the daily pants and try out a loose maxi skirt instead.

Elastic waist pants

Who said elastic waist pants can't be chic? Nordic girls love the baggy pants and tiny top trend just as much as Gen-Z, and for great reason. Elastic waist pants are famously comfortable as they allow free movement and come in a variety of fabrications that can be as chic as they are comfy. We recommend cinched-waist cargo pants with a bodysuit.

The longline coat

Temperatures are known to be mild (even in summer) in Nordic countries, so it only makes sense that the Scandi style involves lots of layers. One common layer is the longline coat. A longline coat is essential in Scandi fashion, not only because it adds warmth but also because it adds a whole new level of chic to your look.