Espresso Makeup Is Taking Coffee-Inspired Looks Up A Notch

For many, there's nothing more satisfying in the morning than sipping on a cup of coffee to wake up and enjoy that unique taste. Coffee lovers may vary the types of coffee they drink each morning, sometimes opting for refreshing iced coffee, and other days enjoying hot, milky lattes. Lattes have even inspired makeup enthusiasts to create the latte makeup trend, becoming bronzed goddesses with soft, creamy products that reflect the warm tones of a latte. The look has gained a lot of popularity, with over 8,000 Instagram posts devoted to #lattemakeup at the time of this writing.

But some mornings call for something more intense than a latte, and that's where espresso shots come in. Just like our coffee choices, there are days when we need something more powerful for our makeup application. Hence, the rise of the espresso makeup trend. Although #espressomakeup doesn't have nearly as many posts as #lattemakeup yet, browsing through these images shows that espresso-inspired makeup has the same warm, coffee-themed concept as latte looks, but with significantly darker, more intense, and dramatic details.

Rock dark brown lipstick

Espresso makeup is characterized by warm yet bold looks. To achieve this style, consider applying some dark brown lipstick. Dark brown lipstick creates a dramatic effect and adds a powerful warmth to your makeup, making it perfect for the espresso aesthetic. While nude or light brown shades are better for the latte look, dark brown is ideal for the espresso theme.

Flaunt dark eyeliner

To master the espresso makeup trend, your eyeliner should not be barely there. Flaunt striking black liner to add a touch of intense darkness to your makeup, or rock a dark brown shade, as deep brown liners scream espresso. Either way, if you plan to wear eyeliner, it should appear powerful, not invisible.

Explore the smokey eye look

The smokey eye has been around much longer than the espresso makeup trend, but it is perfect for achieving a powerful coffee-themed aesthetic. By blending dark brown and black eyeshadows, you can create a super sultry look. You can do a classic smokey eye, keep it within your eyelid crease, or add some shimmer for variety. Although some may think the smokey eye's darkness would be too overpowering for the latte makeup trend, its intensity is actually ideal for espresso makeup.

Opt for dark brows

For the espresso makeup look, we recommend going against the bleached brow trend and opting for darker eyebrows. This tip applies to people with all hair colors! Even if you have light hair, dark eyebrows will add just the right amount of darkness to your face, making you appear enchanting and mysterious. Therefore, consider buying your usual type of eyebrow filler in a slightly darker, warmer color to achieve the espresso aesthetic.

Don't go for subtle

For the latte makeup trend, it's a good idea to go for subtle warmth. However, the espresso makeup aesthetic is all about drama. While warmth should still be a goal, don't be afraid to take risks and have fun with your look. Espresso makeup allows you to go bold, so embrace the opportunity! Feel free to apply multiple coats of mascara or false lashes and add glittery details. And, of course, don't forget your bronzer!