Zara's Barbie Perfume May Just Be A Major Fragrance Dupe

With the release of the new "Barbie" movie, there's a multitude of Barbie-inspired products taking over everything from our home décor to our closets. Barbie collections have been everywhere recently thanks to the lead-up to the movie's release, to the point where you could turn your entire life into a pink Barbieland if you wish. Although not each Barbie collection is a winner, some breakout items have stolen the show. One of the most highlighted products to have been released comes in the form of a perfume.


Zara's recent Barbie collection has just about everything that you need, from accessories to clothing items. However, Zara's Barbie Eau de Parfum is the item that has social media ablaze. Even though it's pink and Barbie-ready, its popularity has nothing to do with the movie or doll. Many are flocking to Zara's website and stores hoping to catch the fragrance because of its striking similarity to a high-end fragrance: Kilian's Love, Don't Be Shy. This similarity has caused the perfume to be sold out in stores and online, leaving your only chance of grabbing it on resale sites like Poshmark and eBay.

Zara's high-end dupe

Besides its beautiful pink glass bottle, the fragrance's popularity has skyrocketed due to extreme similarities with the Kilian scent. To make the product even more enticing, Zara's Barbie fragrance comes at $29.90, at the time of writing, while Kilian's fragrance will set you back $290. With this much of a difference between the two, you might be wondering how similar to Love, Don't Be Shy the Barbie perfume could possibly be.


In terms of fragrance notes, Zara's product, as detailed on the official website, contains "bright touches of orange and neroli at the top. In the middle, powdered rose and orange blossom petals over a vanilla and tonka bean base." On the other hand, Kilian's contains notes of orange blossom, marshmallow, and neroli. Considering the similar notes, it's easy to see how the two could potentially give off the same scent. According to TikTok fragrance influencer @paulreactss, the Zara product could easily be Kilian's affordable dupe. With its citrus, sweet, and rose hints, there's no reason you can't easily save some money while getting the perfect substitute for a high-end brand like Kilian.

What to know about Zara's Barbie perfume

Unfortunately for those just finding out about Zara's Barbie perfume, it might be too late to pick up your product directly from Zara. As of now, the fragrance is out of stock on the site, and it is yet to be seen when it will be restocked. You will have better luck hoping for a few remaining products at your local Zara, although there's no guarantee. Because of the major success of the product and its similarity to a higher-priced fragrance, many are turning to resale sites as a last resort. On the resale site Poshmark, the same bottle is currently available for purchase from various sellers. Purchasing from these sellers can range anywhere from $75 to $185.


For those apprehensive about purchasing from a reseller online, it could simply be a waiting game to see if Zara chooses to restock the product, considering it's a special edition collection. Like with any perfume you purchase, you want to ensure the scent is up your alley. Considering the notes included, you'll best find pleasure in this scent if you enjoy light, citrus, and floral scents.