The Best Barbie Movie Collabs In The Beauty And Fashion World

The world has been painted pink as Barbiecore, and fever for the nostalgic toy takes over in anticipation of the release of the official live-action "Barbie" movie coming to theaters on July 21, 2023. From music releases like the namesake video recently dropped by Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice, where they recreate themselves in the scenes from the movie's official trailers, to luggage collaborations like the all-pink line recently revealed by Shay Mitchell's brand Beis, Barbie fever is everywhere! Wherever you turn, you'll see pink, pink, and more pink.

Knowing which collaborations are worth your money and time can be overwhelming, given the rose-colored glasses covering products in every sector and on every store shelf right now. To simplify your efforts in achieving a Barbie-approved pretty in pink look from head to toe, we've got your back with the best collabs you should seek out in fashion, hair, skincare, and cosmetics. You'll be Barbie-ready to watch the film upon its release, with enough time to practice your perfectly pink looks ahead of time. With these collaborations, you'll be ready to move into your own dream house or drive your pink convertible down to the beach for some rollerblading fun with friends. Whether your inner Barbie is an astronaut, gymnastics champion, veterinarian, President of the United States, big sister to Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea, or any of the other many versions of Barbie throughout the decades of her existence, there's a collab to help you fulfill your Barbie aspirations. 

Hair color changing magic

Barbiecore meets mermaidcore for a dream house under the sea in hair collaborations bringing the hair-changing magic of mermaid Barbie to life for your own locks. When this underwater Barbie came on the market, the dolls appeared in swimming pools and beneath faucets everywhere as the doll's hair transitioned shades between warm and cold water. For temporary hair-changing magic, hair styling brand Hally has collaborated with Barbie for three thematic choices of fun pops of hair, which washes out with shampoo, reports PureWow. There are three Barbie-inspired colors in the collection, which are appropriately named Signature Pink if you're looking to pinkify your strands, Malibu Blue to lean into the cool hues of Barbie's eternal summer lifestyle and Pump Up Purple to get you hyped for your next Barbie-inspired adventure. Apply all three shades for a trifecta of color-changing magic. 

Last year, the 30th anniversary of Barbie's Totally Hair doll and accessories sets brought the nostalgia back in full force in a throwback to the excitement experienced when the Totally Hair dolls appeared on shelves in 1992, reveals The Toy Book. Two brands, Chi and INH, have released Totally Hair lines of hair styling tools, colorful faux hair extensions, accessories, and even butterfly hair clips, to honor this iconic version of the doll, per Indy100. Combine colorful strands with Y2K-inspired hair accessories as your Totally Hair and mermaid Barbie color-changing dreams are realized.

Skincare collaborations align with Barbie's self-care philosophy

To be her best self, whether she's heading to the moon or winning an athletic competition, Barbie makes taking care of herself a foundational pillar of her philosophy. Just a few years ago, Mattel launched a line of wellness and self-care Barbie dolls, which help the owners of the dolls learn about meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and relaxation through bubble baths, and making yourself a top priority, per People. With the "Barbie" film quickly approaching, the iconic doll is giving all of us reminders to make self-care part of our daily routines, and pinkalicious Barbie skincare collaborations are here to help you care for skin and wellness alike. 

Skincare brand Truly has collaborated with Barbie to create the Barbie Dream Bundle, which comes in a namesake pink case that is practically your very own version of a dream house filled with high-quality skincare products, reports Truly Beauty. Unzipping the dream house pouch, the Barbie-themed collab bundle comes with four products to care for your skin's moisture barrier, exfoliation, and give you a sun-kissed glow. The vegan leather pink case contains neon magenta pre-shave sugar scrub for securing smooth skin, bubblegum pink brightening body serum for clearing the skin, vibrantly rose-hued bikini serum to prevent ingrown hairs so you'll look sleek and chic during pool parties at the dream house, and light pink whipped body butter for hydrating skin. This Barbie skincare collab is about caring for your skin to exude your natural glow.

Make the most of makeup collabs

For another dream house-inspired collaboration to fulfill your nostalgia and desire to embrace Barbie's lifestyle as an adult, NYX has produced a collaboration of makeup essentials designed to grant all your pink-filled wishes. According to Nylon, the collection titled Barbie Movie Collection Vault is worth full points on a scale of 10 out of 10, which puts NYX's Barbie collab at the top of the list. The makeup dream house contains nine items inspired by Barbie's always-fashionable style and bright, colorful palette. Curated with intentional layering in mind, NYX Cosmetics recommends starting with your eyes by applying your choice of eyeshadow pigment, followed by adding flair with the eyeliner and pink-stimulating lash product, both of which come in jumbo sizes in quintessential Y2K trends. From your eyes, the set is designed to add color to your cheeks and finish the look with hydrating lip butter. You'll look amazing in the palette of the collab, but what will really top off your Barbie-infused aesthetic is the inclusion of a hand mirror made to look like a flip phone, which just might be one of the best things to come out of Barbie collabs yet.

NYX is definitely championing Barbie makeup collaborations as even more products have been released outside of the hallmark set. TikTok user Kscreven shows numerous NYX Barbie collab products, including ombre-shaded false lashes, eyeliner kits, glittering pink eyeshadow, and even the flip phone mirror available for individual purchase. 

Pink fashion is for everyone

The season is seemingly divided between bright neon color choices and pastel palettes, but Barbie is here with the diplomatic answer to your fashion dilemmas. Yes, Barbie is practically synonymous with the color pink, but Color Meanings reveals there are actually 129 different shades of the color and Barbie embraces all of them. You don't have to be boldly bright to make a statement, and there are several current collaborations with Barbie proffering pink apparel in more subdued, lighter shades. Nylon shares that fashion brand Aqua has created an official collab line of separates available in seersucker-styled selections in the spirit of Barbie's preppy side, alongside dresses of shimmering sequins and vibrantly striking shades. For casual fashion, Gap's collection of collegiate-imbued apparel spotlights Barbie's educational ambitions. 

For footwear fashion, Aldo's Barbie collaboration presents perfectly pale pink platform heels for pairing with your striking makeup aesthetic as Barbie fever continues. In a collaboration ranked as one of the best, adventurous Barbie enthusiasts are in luck as Impala Roller Skates has created an official set of sunny yellow and vivaciously pink four-wheeled inline skates in honor of Barbie's boardwalk skating strolls. 

To be like Barbie, you can choose whichever shade, hue, fusion, or blend of pink you feel most comfortable wearing, or go completely pink-free in favor of your preferred color choice. There's no wrong way to channel Barbie. Being confident in yourself and comfortable in your clothing are the secrets to letting your inner Barbie sparkle.