Latte Nails Are The Fall 2023 Manicure Trend Taking Neutral To A New Level

Like many other beauty fanatics, we're obsessed with 2023's coffee-inspired beauty trends. The bronzed goddess latte makeup trend is the perfect way to add warm, neutral tones to your look, and we love seeing people embrace the aesthetic. And this fall, latte-inspired beauty trends are expanding into manicures.

While everyone should go for the latte-inspired trend whenever they want, it seems most fitting for fall. During the fall season, the weather gets chillier, and many people of all ages get eager for fall activities and holidays, so it's fun to keep warm and caffeinated with delicious lattes. Why not use that as inspiration for our nails this fall?

We often look forward to swapping out our neon and pastel summer nail polishes for more fall-appropriate hues as summer comes to its end, and everyone should start stocking up on latte-like nail polish hues before fall 2023 even begins. The perfect latte-colored shade for this trend involves a warm nude polish; however, latte-influenced nail ideas are more versatile than you might initially think.

Go realistic with tan nail polish

The best way to get an accurate latte look is to opt for tan nail polish. Lattes are typically significantly lighter than traditional coffee because of all the extra milk. Thus, you should capture that lighter spin on classic brown coffee by opting for tan nails. Your tan manicure might even match your latte!

Look at swirly lattes

Thanks to all the milk and foam, lattes typically feature an intriguing swirly appearance. So, it would be very latte-like to include swirly designs on your latte-inspired manicure. Swirl designs are abstract, so don't worry about attempting to make them look perfect — just try to stay within the latte color range. Some fancier lattes also feature foam art, so if you're an advanced nail artist, consider incorporating those artistic aspects into your manicure.

Lean into the foam

Who doesn't love an ultra-foamy latte? That fun latte foam is typically milky white, so if you like your lattes super foamy and want to do something different, take more inspiration from the latte foam than the coffee aspect of the drink. If you plan on going this route with the manicure, look for milky white nail polishes.

Experiment with ombrés

An ombré nail design is a perfect way to showcase each aspect of the latte while creating a dynamic manicure. You'll need to get lighter or darker as you move from one nail to the next. So, consider having only one end nail be brown to represent the basic coffee, the next be tan to look like a latte, the fingernail next to that one be a lighter tan for a milkier latte, and so on.

We love pumpkin spice lattes

We can't think of anything more fitting for fall than the classic pumpkin spice latte. While some call these delicious drinks "basic," we'll always enjoy that yummy pumpkin flavor. Anyone who shares our love for pumpkin spice lattes should rock a warm, orangey nude nail polish for a pumpkin spice latte-inspired manicure.

Add coffee and latte-inspired art to a tan manicure

If you want to directly show that your nail art is inspired by lattes, make that clear with coffee and latte-influenced art and even words. Start with a light tan base and then add art inspired by cups of coffee, espresso beans, and maybe even incorporate the words "I love coffee" into the design. These advanced designs will be worth the trip to a nail salon.

Try latte French manicures

Do you want an outside-the-box French manicure idea to remix the classic look? Try latte-inspired French manicures. A warmer French manicure will appear sophisticated, trendy, and perfect for fall. You might want to use different latte-inspired nail polish colors for each French tip, such as brown, tan, beige, and milky white.