Navy Blue Deserves A Spot In Your Neutral Wardrobe - Here's Why

Pure neutrals are muted shades that lack an undertone. A core palette of neutrals tends to be used in the closets of those fond of minimalist dressing. These neutral hues can easily be combined with other shades, making them the most versatile style option. However, in the fashion industry, neutrals can have a broader interpretation that incorporates different tonal mixes. Navy blue is one such shade that deserves more recognition.

Navy blue is a unique color because it has a tint to it but is still versatile and muted enough to work with other shades. Unlike the typical black and white, navy blue gives your look a special twist without compromising your love for neutrals. Although pure neutrals are set in stone, navy blue can help redefine your wardrobe and refresh it. Like other darker hues, navy blue adds elegance, modernness, and sophistication, all of which are reasons why many opt for neutrals. Using navy blue smartly will elevate your neutral wardrobe without sacrificing its minimalism.

A chic outerwear color

Blazers and trench coats are popular fall and winter pieces, but they're also ideal for incorporating the navy blue trend. Navy blue coats are sophisticated and elegant, and they could easily become your go-to when it comes to selecting outwear. If you already have a neutral wardrobe, a navy blue outerwear piece can pull it all together for a cohesive ensemble. Navy blue is a rich tone that makes it easy to layer underneath.

Deep blue bottoms

Similar to black, navy blue can serve as the perfect base for building your outfits. As a neutral-adjacent shade, navy blue has a similar effect to black when incorporated into your bottoms. Wearing navy blue trousers, slacks, or jeans can add color to your outfit while maintaining the versatility of a neutral shade. Navy blue is an ideal hue if you want something more dynamic than your typical cream and black, yet still muted and minimalist.

Navy blue accessories

Accessories can make or break your outfit, no matter your preferred color palette. For those with neutral wardrobes, accessories are even more important as they can add another interesting component to your look. Navy blue accessories are an interesting add-on, as they can give your outfit a cohesive vibe while still incorporating another color. Handbags or hair accessories in navy blue offer the same style you would get from black, but with an extra flair like what you would get from a vibrant shade.

Works with prints

Neutral colors are popular because they complement any shade. No matter what neutral hue you choose, it will always match. In printed clothing, navy blue creates a neutral complement that enhances the designs. These items are chic, no matter the color combinations. Because navy blue has the same versatility as other neutrals, you can incorporate it seamlessly as a print or pattern for a fun yet stylish look.

Blouses in blues

Just like with your bottoms, tops are also great for incorporating navy blue. Since it's a darker shade, a navy blue blouse can pair well with blacks or browns, but still offer enough variety to keep your outfit from looking plain. Mixing in navy blue blouses with other neutral bottoms will give your look a refreshing twist, instead of having to wear monochrome all the time. Adding another hue to your tops gives you plenty of style options without compromising your neutral closet.

Denim in navy

Denim is a timeless fabric that never goes out of style. It's easy to incorporate into any wardrobe, especially if you already have a neutral color scheme. There's no need to adjust your styling because denim always fits in. Navy blue denim, or medium-dark wash denim, adds sophistication and depth to your outfits. Whether it's denim jeans or tops, going with navy blue gives you a richer look while maintaining the unique texture of denim.

Sophisticated shade

Navy blue is an interesting shade; it's muted but not void of color. When paired with high-end textures and materials, it can offer an elevated look. Fabrics like satin or cotton will look expensive and elegant in navy blue, making it an easy way to achieve a "quiet luxury" vibe. A navy blue garment made of these fabrics will give your outfit more shine and sophistication.