S-Cut: The Trend Promising Dynamic Movement For Your Hair

Anyone who wants a cute hairstyle should have the C-shape haircut on their radar. However, that long, layered look isn't the only stylish haircut named after a letter — consider the S-cut, a playful haircut inspired by waves resembling the letter "S." "People are always looking for movement with their hair, and the 'S curve' just refers to that wavy phenomenon as seen around the face," Aaron King, a celebrity hairstylist who co-owns the Crâne salon, told PopSugar. "The key to how you wear this cut is movement, and embracing your natural texture. The haircut is meant to be the style."

If you want to embrace your hair's movement, there are various ways to rock the S-cut look. While this cut may not be as highly-discussed as the beloved C-shape cut, there are still around 4,000 posts dedicated to #swaves on Instagram at the time of writing. It seems that many women enjoy rocking dynamic S-inspired hairstyles. 

Start with a medium-length S-clavicut

The word "haircut" might be intimidating for people with long hair. However, the S-cut doesn't have to result in a drastic loss of length. A clavicut and other medium lengths can still provide movement without being too short. The clavicut, a mid-length hair trend that works for everyone, features tresses that are neither too long nor too short, but instead a convenient medium length. This haircut, which falls at the clavicle or slightly below, won't weigh down your S-waves like long locks often do. This allows you to maintain a decent amount of length.

Go a bit shorter with an S-cut long bob

Anyone who feels comfortable enough to dip into the bob category but isn't comfortable enough to go for traditional short bobs can compromise with a long bob, which we love calling the "lob." Famous for its shoulder-length and cool-girl appearance, a low-maintenance lob with S-waves will provide light movement to your hair, making you look like the trendiest person in any setting.

S-cut bobs are fun

S-cut-inspired bobs are about as joyful-looking as any haircut can get. Bobs are already super chic and light, whether the bob is chin-length, jaw-length, or anywhere between the chin and the shoulders. S-waves make these playful haircuts appear even bouncier and bolder with effortlessly youthful flair, whether the waves are intense or super subtle.

Let it get messy-chic

The goal of an S-cut is to provide movement — not perfection. If you have some flyaways or the waves aren't all in sync, there's nothing wrong with that! S-waves can look sexy, light, and sometimes even beachy with a bit of messiness. Don't be afraid to embrace that effortless look for this trendy haircut.

Incorporate light bangs in the cut

Do you want even more movement for your S-cut? Ask your hair stylist to add bangs to the haircut. A dainty, playful fringe can add a livelier touch to most hair lengths and styles — including the S-cut. Wavy, curtain, or wispy bangs will look on theme with the haircut, providing exciting movement without appearing as heavy as traditional straight, thick, full bangs.

Highlights make the S-cut look even more dynamic

There's no problem with rocking an S-cut when you have a monochromatic, solid hair color, but people with all hair colors look beautiful with the haircut. If you want to continue to lean further into the movement theme, though, highlights can add more exciting dimension, drawing attention to even the most barely-there waves. Highlights prevent hair from looking flat, so incorporating them into the haircut will dial up the dynamic movement.