'Clavicut': The Mid-Length Hair Trend That Works On Everyone

Rare is the hairstyle that can work on virtually every hair type, face shape, or other defining characteristic. The "clavicut," as it's known, is one of those unicorn styles that pretty much anyone can pull off.

Those of you with a basic understanding of human anatomy probably recognize the play on words involved in the hairdo's name. The clavicles are those two horizontal bones that join the shoulder blades with the breastbone (they're also known as the collarbones). Anyway, the standard clavicut's length hits right at — you guessed it — the clavicles. Think of it as the Baby Bear of hairstyles, because it's not too long, not too short, but just right.

This is hardly the first time that the clavicut has turned into a full-scale trend, but this time, it's peaking just in time for those steamy summer months when so many people want to shed the burden of long, heavy locks in favor of something lighter but still ultra-feminine.

The clavicut is big on lift

For people with heavy hair, the clavicut is a wonderful compromise because it allows for a lot of length still, but also gives one's mane some much-needed lift. Obviously, for people with lighter, curlier hair, this will add even more oomph, which is the main reason it works so well on all hair types.

Clavicuts often have this feature

One common, but not totally required, hallmark of the clavicut is a slight inversion from back to front. So, the cut lands on the nape of the neck, but is angled a little longer toward the front. This step adds even more depth to an already super fun style situation. Be sure to specify whether or not you want inversion when you request a clavicut as many stylists don't include it in their versions.

Stick-straight hair equals sleek clavicut

A lot of clavicut examples involve waves and layers and lots of texture, but even straight-haired sisters can get in on the action. In fact, the lack of extras helps the cut to really focus on what makes it special — sleek, healthy hair. And boy, does it ever bring out those cheekbones!

A softer take on the classic bob

A lot of people want short hair because it's easier to maintain than long locks, but hesitate to commit to a standard chin-length French bob. The clavicut is the ideal way to split the difference because it requires a lot less product and time compared to long hair, but can still be pulled up in a ponytail when the situation calls for it. Plus, it can even be successfully paired with bangs to really add dimension and draw the eye, and that can't be said for every style!

It's oh-so-versatile

Perhaps the best thing about a clavicut is that it can pivot easily from casual workday-appropriate hair to a sexy, tousled evening style. All it takes is a little bit of product and a styling tool or two to dial it up or down a notch. Really, the choice is yours.