30 Hairstyles And Cuts That Will Complement Your Super Curly Hair

Dear curly-haired babes: Your time has come. Gone are the days of straightening and blowing out your curls and coils — nowadays, we're seeing fashionistas everywhere embracing their natural curl in all its gorgeous glory. Whether you keep your curls long and loose, prefer a coily bob, or an afro is more your speed, there's a cut and style out there for every head of curly hair. 

Want to start wearing your natural curls but unsure where to start? We've got you. First, you'll want to make sure you're taking care of your curly hair when you wash it and as you go about your day-to-day. This means applying your hair products in the best order, giving it plenty of moisture, using shampoo and conditioner free of silicone and parabens, using an ample amount of leave-in conditioner and curl cream at the end of your shower routine, and sleeping on silk pillowcases.

Once you've got your curly girl routine down, you're ready to take advantage of all the stunning cuts and styles you can pull off with your curls. We'll walk you through 30 of our favorite curly cut and style looks to give you some inspo. 

Keep ringlets long and level

First up, one of the easiest ways to wear curly hair: keeping it long and level. Long, level curls look best with tight curls, as looser or poofier curls could create a triangular look without layers. If you're unsure about the long and level look, or you only want to wear it every once in a while, curly hair extensions are always an option. 

Opt for a short, layered bob

If your long, curly hair is too much maintenance, we totally get it. Why not opt for a short, layered bob instead of leaving it long? This look is great for tight, well-defined curls, as they'll hold the shape of your layers well. Looser curls have the tendency to be particularly unruly when short, which definitely isn't a deal-breaker. If you have looser curls and want a layered bob, just make sure you have some curl-defining products in your arsenal first. 

Or an ultra-voluminous layered bob

Of course, your bob doesn't have to stay tight to your head — let it run wild if you'd like. When you want your hair to be as big and bold as your personality, keep your curls voluminous by getting a layered bob and using very little product to tame your tresses. 

Don't ditch the side part

Somewhere along the timeline of the past couple of decades or so, side parts have gotten a bad rap. We're not sure why, especially since they look killer on a head of voluminous, curly hair. If you've been blessed with a bundle of curls and the standard middle part is just too blah for you, part it to the side! You'll end up with a hot hairstyle straight from the '80s, and we'd be surprised if you don't get compliments on it walking down the street. 

Clip back the bangs

When you leave your curls long, sometimes they just get in the way. It's an annoying problem but not an unsolvable one — just secure your bangs to the back of your head with a clip. For a more understated look, grab a small claw clip in the same color as your hair. If you want to be a bit showier, though, this is a great opportunity. Look for large, decorative clips or claw clips for a piece that's both functional and fashionable. 

Or let them frame your face

Don't want to clip back your bangs? Don't. Leave them down and let them frame your face in all their curly glory. Face-framing curly bangs look great on any head of hair, but we recommend shorter face-framing bangs on shorter to medium-length curly hair. Wear the rest of your hair down, or tie it back if you want to emphasize your bangs. 

Leave some front tendrils short

The next time you go to get your curly hair cut, ask your hairdresser to shorten some front tendrils. These will look especially cute when left out of a bun, ponytail, or another updo, but they're especially fun when you leave your hair down and just let them naturally frame your face. Note that you're not asking for bangs — just a couple of short front tendrils. 

Oval faces can pull off barely-there layers

Oval face shapes are the lucky ones that can pull off nearly every haircut and style out there — curly hair included. If you've been blessed with an oval face shape, you can pull off barely-there layers in your curls, giving you a voluminous mid-length bob that you can style any which way you'd like. Middle part? Check. Half up, half down? Check. Side-swept look? Check. What might look like an angled, triangular cut on some will look stunning on you, and we're a little bit jealous, TBH.

Sweep it all to one side

On days when you want to emphasize volume and a standard part just isn't doing it for you, sweep all your curls to one side for an edgy look that'll have everybody talking. Secure pins in shorter hair to keep it all swept to the side, while longer hair may stay all on its own. This probably isn't a look you'll find yourself reaching for every day, but you're sure to make a statement when you do.

Let it grow

The more curls, the merrier, right? If this is your philosophy, growing out your curls may be the way to go. If you've tried (unsuccessfully) to grow your curls out in the past, you may just need to take better care of them to avoid breakage and split ends. Make sure you're giving your curls plenty of moisture and not washing them too often (about two times a week), and just shampoo your roots. 

Go for short, tight ringlets

Gals with ringlets, go full Shirley Temple with your curls when you cut them short and close to your head. This look doesn't give as much volume as a layered bob, especially if your ringlets are particularly tight. We love adding some short bangs to this look — you could wear them loose or pin them back, depending on the day. 

Cut it down to a French bob

Of course, if you want to go super short, why stop at the shoulders? Cut your curls down to a chic French bob for an adorable, innocent look that all your friends will be jealous of. A rounder cut on your French bob will give you some layers and longer bangs and will keep your hair from looking triangular, but if you want to go true French bob, get a level cut for your curls. 

Get the golden lion's mane look

Want to embrace your inner lioness? If you have curly hair, you'll probably find it pretty easy. Ask your hairstylist for some sun-kissed golden highlights, and get a medium-length cut that makes good use of layers. Add in some bangs, and the end result is a big, bold head of hair that'll have you embracing your inner lioness in all her glory.

Wear a larger-than-life bun

If you've been blessed with long, thick curls, this look is one you'll probably find yourself rocking to any event you have. Sweep your curls into a larger-than-life bun at the crown of your head for an easy, elegant, and put-together updo perfect for any occasion. For bonus points, leave out some front tendrils to really let your curl pattern shine. 

Get some ultra-short layers

If all your curly haircuts have left you less than happy with the shape of your hair, why not switch it up a bit? The next time you head to the salon, ask your stylist about getting some ultra-short layers. This will give your hair a rounder, softer shape and can often be a good solution if you feel like the top of your head frequently looks a bit flat. 

Embrace the low puff

Another crazy easy hairstyle that coiled hair can pull off is the low puff. This look works especially well if you're currently sporting an afro. To achieve it, slick the front of your hair back and to the side until you reach the point you want your puff to go. Then, secure your hair into place with a hair elastic. Decorate with barrettes or hair clips as you'd like. 

Wear them ultra long

When you want to bring all your childhood princess fantasies to life, grow out those curls until they can't grow anymore. A head of hip-length curly hair is a stunning, eye-catching look, no matter what curl pattern you have. Just remember that as you grow your hair out, your curls will weigh themselves down — if you get it cut again, you'll probably find your hair is curlier than you remember!

Rock a bold afro

If you've been blessed with ultra-tight coils, let them shine in all their glory when you rock a big, bold afro. We think an afro looks absolutely stunning on its own, but on days when you want to wear your hair out of your face, tie it back and embrace a low puff hairstyle. 

Medium-long curls can be stunning

Of course, there's a middle ground between long and short curly hairstyles; this is where you might find your favorite curly-cut option. Mid-length curls are the most stunning option for many curly-haired babes. Why? Well, medium-long curls give you enough hair to play with as you explore different styles, but they're not long enough to be weighted down, meaning you'll still get that curl definition when you leave your hair down. 

Embrace a middle part

Maybe you just want a simple, standard curly 'do that you can wear day in and day out without worrying about maintenance. If this sounds like you, embracing the middle part may be just the thing. A middle part is a stunning option for curly hair when done right. To keep the top of your head from looking flat when you part it down the middle, use a tiny bit of volumizing agent on the roots (preferably right after a shower, while your hair is still damp) to give it a bit of extra lift. 

Claw clip half of it back

The claw clip is having a major comeback — and curly-haired girls, we think you should be embracing this trend with everything in you. A big, bold claw clip looks stunning in a head of curly hair, partially because curls often have enough volume and visual interest to balance out even the boldest claw clip. Use a claw clip to secure all your curls to the back of your head, or just clip back the front half of your tresses. 

Pile it all on top of your head

This look is for those days when you wake up and cannot muster the energy to do a full 'do. An easy solution? Pile all your curls on top of your head, securing it with a hair tie, clips, or bobby pins. Let the ends hang loose for a wild updo, or secure them down for a neater look. However you do it, this look will have you out the door looking just as put-together as the mornings when you actually have time to do your hair.

Clip underneath a bun

Are your curls just not enough for you? Do you do your hair in stunning updos and still find something lacking? If this sounds like you, the next time you pull your curls into a bun or ponytail, secure a big, decorative clip underneath. It'll tell everyone that your personality is just as big and bold as your hair.

Put half of it in a top bun

If you just need to tie back half your hair and the standard half up, half down 'do isn't doing it for you, secure the front sections of your hair to the top of your head in a bun. We love the look of a scrunchie around your half-top bun, but you could also use a clip or a simple hair tie if you want your look to be more toned down. 

Bring back the barrette

Curly hair is a magnet for hair accessories, and we're not mad about it. The next time you need to add a little oomph to your 'do, try adding some old-school barrettes to your look. You could use them to secure the front sections of your hair to the sides of your head or just use them to pin back stubborn flyaways. 

Adorn them with flowers

Spring-loving babes, this one is for you. The next time you want to decorate your hair with nature-inspired accessories, why not pick some flowers? Use a few wildflowers to decorate hair you leave down, or make a flower wreath or flower crown to adorn a larger curly hairdo. 

Slick the front

Sometimes, curly hair makes it hard to do neat updos when it just refuses to be tamed. The next time you want to pull your hair back into a sleek updo, go ahead and slick back the front. Slicking the front of your 'do will help tame unruly flyaways so the rest of your look can take center stage, where it belongs. 

Do a couple of high pigtails

For a fun, flirty look perfect for every summer vacation, go ahead and tie your curls up into a couple of high pigtails. When you pull off this look, you'll probably want to use something decorative to secure your hair for maximum effect, like bright scrunchies. You could also tuck some flowers into hair elastics to give yourself an extra flirty vibe. 

Go glam with long, loose layers

If you want your hair to harken back to the decades of old, sport some long layers for an ultra-glam look. Get a few layers in your hair to go all out with this look, and part it to the side for a gorgeous, voluminous look that's easy to leave down. 

Put a headband in it

Sometimes you want to sweep some hair out of your face without securing it back. And sometimes, you just need to add a little touch of something special to your regular 'do. On days when your hair calls for a little something extra, go ahead and put a decorative chic headband in it. Headbands can add a lot to your look, whether you tie your hair back or leave it down.