The Zodiac Signs That Love A Grand Gesture In A Relationship

From an elaborate surprise proposal and yelling "I love you" under the night sky to writing in rose petals, romantic gestures are fun to watch in movies. And when done well, they can be even more beautiful and exciting to experience, plan, or watch in real life. If you're a hopeless romantic and want to plan a loving gesture for that special someone, you may want to consider that not everyone has the same feelings regarding romantic gestures.


While you and many movie characters may adore the idea of a bold gesture, these over-the-top ways of showing your care and love for your partner can make some people feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable. If you're on the fence regarding whether your partner would want something so intense and romantic, their zodiac sign can help you determine the answer. Pisces, for example, are big on romance and just feeling loved. So, of course, they'll appreciate a grand gesture. However, Pisces is only one of the romantic zodiac signs that enjoy such daring gestures. Other romance-loving signs fantasize about grand gestures more than you might initially assume.

Drama-loving Leos

If any zodiac sign could live in a movie and enjoy all the drama, it would be Leo. When planning a romantic gesture for a Leo, there's typically no such thing as too bold, as they'll always enjoy the excitement — and attention. "Leos love to be in the spotlight. Take their favorite picture and blow it up and put it in a beautiful frame ... Let them know you think they're special," astrologer and life coach Linda Joyce told Elite Daily.


While such an intense display of affection might make some other signs intimidated or overwhelmed, Leos will typically enjoy the romantic spin. Those belonging to this lively fire sign appreciate theatrics and intensity, so doing something bold and public will make them happy rather than uncomfortable. Thus, don't be afraid to take inspiration from your favorite romantic and campy movies. Whether you propose in the middle of a crowded fancy restaurant, take them out to dance in the rain, or sing a song you wrote about them in front of an audience, your Leo partner will likely love it.

Dreamy fairytale-like Pisces

Pisces also tend to crave the romance they watch on the big screen. "It can feel like a full-on fairy tale. They give you the feeling that love can be like the movies. Pisces doesn't care so much about everything going according to plan, they only seek intimacy and a feeling of unity with their love interests," Ryan Marquardt, an astrologer and tarot reader, told Best Life. Chances are, the Pisces you're with has already planned romantic gestures for you, so it's only fair if you reciprocate that love and effort for them. Plus, they won't likely get frustrated if some of what you plan doesn't execute how you anticipated, as they'll still appreciate the time and effort you put into the surprise.


For instance, if you paint your Pisces partner a work of art and some mistakes happen to be in the design, they'll likely love it anyway. They'll admire the thought rather than calling out any spots where the paint looks uneven. That said, when planning something special for your Pisces significant other, focus more on the message you want to exude rather than the little details. In other words, if what you plan shows them that you love them or are ready to take your relationship to a deeper level, they'll care more about that than how your singing voice sounds or how much sugar you put in the cookies you bake for them.

Sweet and loving Cancers

How could a zodiac sign as caring as Cancer not be the type to appreciate a romantic gesture? Like Pisces, Cancers love to be loved and experience sweet gestures, but unlike Leos, the love a Cancer will typically crave isn't about attention or drama. Cancers usually want a grand gesture that only makes them feel seen and appreciated by the person who planned the surprise — not anyone else. Thus, planning a surprise at-home spa experience for your Cancer sweetheart is the perfect way to show them you care about them and want them to feel good.


"Give them a spa evening filled with beautiful scents and a long deep-tissue massage. They'll be impressed by how nurturing you are and feel seen and heard for who they really are," Emily Ridout, MA, a professional yoga and astrology teacher, told Bustle. Since Cancers are typically introverts, their ideas of grand gestures tend to be private rather than public. So, remember to plan the most romantic surprise you can think of for your Cancer partner, but keep it at home rather than in front of others. And don't bother posting any aspect of the romantic gesture on social media — just let the Cancer enjoy the romance with you.

Romance-loving Libras

Every time Libras watch movies, we expect those films to be as romantic as "The Notebook." "Libra is ruled by the planet Venus of pleasure, luxury, and beauty, meaning that they can often have a very 'all or nothing' attitude. They want the best of the best and carry themselves like they are among the brightest of stars," astrologer Nautica Flowers told Bustle. Therefore, not only do Libras enjoy grand gestures, they might even expect them. That said, they may even grow frustrated and feel unappreciated in a relationship without such bold gestures.


Unlike quiet Cancers, Libras are typically very outgoing, so remember to pull out all the stops and plan an elaborate romantic gesture for your Libra partner. And they'll probably like the romantic gesture even more if it's public. So, go ahead and surprise them at work with a dozen roses or spell your names together in seashells on the beach. Maybe even choreograph an elaborate dance routine and get their friends in on it for their birthday. The Libra will likely love it and post it on Instagram.