Color Magic: Your Go-To Guide For The Stylish Manifestation Technique

It's no secret that colors are associated with particular moods and emotions. In fact, the relationship between color and psychological impact has been officially studied since 1810 when Goethe's "Theory of Colors" was published (via Frontiers in Psychology). Many theories have been proposed as to why color exerts such a powerful force on the human psyche and whether it has to do with its presence in nature. 


There is another aspect to the story of color and its influences, however. Colors have long been considered spiritual tools and are frequently associated with the chakra system. Those who engage in spellwork often carefully choose components like candles and crystals based on the spiritual meaning of their colors. 

This color magic can be applied to your everyday life as well — from the colors you wear to the ones painted on your walls. Having a strong grasp of the traditional spiritual meanings behind them will help you select the best shades to use in any situation.

Black and white

The color black is strongly associated with spiritual and energetic protection. Black crystals, like onyx, are frequently worn to protect against spiritual attack due to the belief that black absorbs negative energy. The color is also associated with mystery, sorrow, intrigue, and power, which is why it's perfect for a little black dress, funeral attire, and a power suit fit for a CEO. If you're feeling weak or vulnerable, try adding more black to your life and wardrobe.


On the other end of the color spectrum, white is associated with purity, innocence, and cleanliness. That is why it is considered the color of brides, who were once valued primarily for their sexual "purity." Due to its connection to purity and cleanliness, white can infuse a space with a similar feeling. You can see the effect at work when you stay in a hotel room that is decked out in crisp, white bedding and linens. 

Gray and brown

In nature, the sky often appears gray before a storm passes through. Similarly, a person's life may exhibit a period of gray peacefulness before a spiritual awakening occurs. Spiritually, gray represents the calm, neutral, and harmonious energy associated with transitioning into a new era. If you've been feeling stuck on the verge of an epiphany lately, try wearing more gray or spending time near a gray gemstone such as a labradorite to encourage mental and energetic growth.


Brown is largely considered the color of nature, representing the earth beneath our feet and the trunks of trees that remind us of our roots. Shades of brown are strongly associated with grounding, making it helpful to surround oneself with brown during grounding exercises like at-home yoga or meditation. This can be achieved by choosing a room that features natural wood or by incorporating a small brown item like a rug, tiger's eye gem, or yoga mat. 

Red and orange

The color red is associated with the root chakra and represents physical power, health, stamina, energy, aggression, and even rage. It is a powerful color that should be used intentionally. The primal effect of red is demonstrated by its use in conveying danger, such as on stop signs, fire alarms, and ambulances. Red is an excellent color for those participating in force-based sports like boxing or powerlifting. However, for those seeking to reduce aggression, it's best to avoid prolonged exposure.


Orange, associated with the sacral chakra, offers the same energetic exuberance as red, but without the danger and aggression. This color conveys excitement, activeness, creativity, and joy. It is often found in daycare centers, preschools, and places that foster fun, active, and cheerful connections. If you're looking to bring some of that playful, lighthearted energy into your life, using orange in your home or wardrobe can be a great way to signal that you are open to play and connection.

Blue and green

Blue represents the throat chakra and symbolizes a calmness of the mind that enables clear and effective communication. If you struggle to express your creative ideas to others or tend to trip over your words due to racing thoughts, you need more blue in your life. Try adding blue décor or crystals and gemstones such as aquamarine or turquoise to areas where communication occurs most often, like your work desk.


The color green is linked to the heart chakra and an enhanced capacity for empathy and gratitude. Like a  bountiful green harvest from the earth can make you feel warm, abundant, and appreciative, green can help you take notice of what you have to be grateful for. Consider placing green in the areas of your home where you reflect the most on your life or wear the color on days you anticipate struggling with frustration or ingratitude. 

Pink and purple

Pink is the color associated with the third eye chakra, representing spiritual insight and higher understanding. If you are developing your psychic gifts, you may find yourself drawn to the color, even if you traditionally do not like it. Incorporate pink accents in the area of your home where you do the most spiritual work. This may look like placing a rose quartz crystal near your journaling corner or painting an accent wall in your study.


The color purple is associated with the crown chakra and represents gut instinct and intuition. If you struggle to listen to or even hear your inner voice, try incorporating purple into your life. You can wear an amethyst crystal or experiment with purple-based hair color to keep the power of purple's wisdom near your head and heart.

Just like fashion, color magic works best when it's tailored to you as an individual. If you have a personal preference or experience that affects the way you experience a color, trust your own intuition over this or any guide.