What Eye Contact Can Tell You About Your Budding Relationship

Using your words might be considered the most sophisticated form of communication, but it isn't always the most telling. When dealing with primal matters like whether or not there is romantic chemistry between you and a potential love interest, body language can reveal more than words could ever have to offer. This is especially the case when it comes to eye contact, as can be seen by the behavior of animals such as dogs, as per Wagging Tails Pet Resort.


Humans may consider themselves evolved, but we'll never really escape our wild roots. You might as well put those animalistic instincts to work for you and learn how to assess eye contact in order to decipher whether or not your next Tinder date or situationship is ready to be upgraded to the next level. It's not necessarily the quantity of eye contact that matters, but whether the contact is fleeting or sustained and the feelings that are evoked by it. 

When eye contact feels natural and comfortable

Sustaining eye contact with someone can be a profoundly intimate experience. This would suggest that feeling at ease and comfortable during lingering moments of eye contact with a person you consider a potential love interest can serve as a sign that intimacy feels safe and natural. Assuming that your potential partner is experiencing the same reaction, this can be an indicator that romantic chemistry exists between the two of you.


The more time you spend together and the more comfortable eye contact you share, the deeper your connection will grow. Each time two people sustain eye contact for more than a minute, your brains will be triggered to release oxytocin, also known as the love hormone (via Wholebeing Institute). Increased oxytocin levels, according to Psycom, can leave you feeling more trusting and empathetic, and less stressed or anxious. Experiencing these positive effects every time you see your potential partner and gaze into their eyes creates a positive association with their presence, leading to a perfect opportunity for starting a relationship. 

Sustained eye contact feels awkward and forced

When you experience sustained eye contact that feels unnatural and forced, it can be tempting to chalk it up to nerves or even to classify yourself as socially awkward. In reality, if you feel the need to frequently break eye contact with a potential romantic partner, it can be a sign that you aren't comfortable with the idea of having intimate contact with them. Consider this situation an opportunity to connect with your own intuition and trust your gut.


Not every budding romance will blossom into a full-fledged relationship, and that is okay. Eye contact is just one tool you can use to help determine which ones might move in that direction and which are more suitable for friendship. Always check in with your body and focus on becoming as attuned to its messages as possible; it is not affected by societal programming the same way your brain is. Trust yourself, always, and you'll find your way to where you're meant to be.