Rose Gold Hair Is The Trend Bringing A Barbiecore Touch To Your Blond

Fantasy hair color has been all the rage for years now and you can't walk down the street without seeing people sporting shades of blues, purples, slivers, and pinks. This year, however, with the "Barbie" movie exploding into the scene, many took to wearing pink in celebration of the iconic doll and the hue made its way to people's hair.

Rather than bright neon pink, these days, it's all about rose gold reigns. A blend of baby pink and glistening blond, the shade is soft and easy to wear. With both cool and warm tones, rose gold suits can suit several complexions. Plus, you can adjust the color as needed. For a more subtle take, lean towards brown or choose a playful blush pink for a fairy-like look. If your skin tone is cool, the experts at Matrix suggest asking for a pinker shade. On the other hand, those with warmer tones should opt for a peachier hue. Anywho, just be sure to stay away from true reds, as this look is all about Barbiecore and not our other favorite character, Ariel.

An all-over rose gold hair color gives major Barbie Dreamtopia vibes

What better way to go all-in on the rose gold hair trend than to go full pink? A mix of warm and cool shades balances out this look and will compliment warm skin tones. On the other hand, dark roots give this an edgy twist and allow for a longer time between salon visits. You'll want to maintain the color by not washing your hair every day and using sulfate-free or low-poo shampoo.

Brighten up your hair with metallic rose gold

Bring on the shine with a shimmery rose gold hair color with touches of coral. If you're a natural brunette, you'll have to lift your base color in order for the bright shades to really stand out. Unfortunately, fantasy colors tend to fade easily but a color this strong will gradually ease into a pretty, soft golden pink.

Go subtle with rose gold mixed into your blond hair

If you already have blond hair, incorporating rose gold is a breeze, especially if you want a subtle look. For this, make sure the pink color is the same undertone as the rest of your hair. A few face-framing rose gold pieces are perfect touches for a seamless blend. To get the look, ask for a rose gold balayage or a beachy ombré to give it that natural painted-on appearance.

Rose gold mixed with copper is edgy

Don't want to sport bubblegum pink all over? Add some copper to your rose gold hair for a gradient look. The warm orange colors should blend nicely with a coppery hot pink shade and add a punk rock feel. Since reddish colors fade easily, try to extend the days between shampoos as long as possible and use cool water to rinse.

Strawberry rose gold hair is a fun summery shade

You can rock rose gold hair all year long, but during warmer months, a cool strawberry shade is on point. To keep your color looking fresh, use a rose pink shampoo and conditioner about once or twice a week. You'll want to get touch-ups every four to six weeks, but we think that's a fair price to pay for this fun, Barbiecore trend.