How To Make A Neutral Color Palette More Interesting

Neutrals are a trend that will never end. Despite the growth of maximalist fashion, neutrals will always be a counterweight to it. The appeal of a neutral wardrobe primarily stems from the fact that the pieces work seamlessly with each other. Unlike bold colors, you never have to stress over styling neutrals. Neutrals are also timeless and work well no matter the season or environment you're in. As a result, many people are switching to a neutral wardrobe for the longevity of the items.

However, neutrals do have a downside. With no bright colors, neutral outfits can feel repetitive, flat, and uninteresting. Thankfully, having a neutral wardrobe doesn't mean sacrificing the element of surprise or style. With plenty of additions and styling tricks, neutral outfits can be just as fun as any colorful look. When considering a neutral color palette, it's important to know how you make these pieces seem brand-new, even years later.

Add texture

Styling muted tones can be challenging, as it can be difficult to create an appealing look. To add interest, use different textures to create variety. Since there are no bright colors to make an impact, the materials themselves help elevate the overall aesthetics. For example, you can pair chunky knits with silky satin for a stark contrast. By using heavier textures against softer materials, you can create the visual distinction needed for a chic neutral 'fit.

Use accessories to add a pop of color

Neutral wardrobes may lack color, but that doesn't mean your accessories have to be dull. Adding bright accessories is the perfect way to insert fun into a neutral outfit. Vibrant handbags or shoes are enough to tap into your creativity without sacrificing your neutral style. Since neutrals pair well with all colors, you don't need to worry about styling. These colorful accessories allow you to play into current trends without investing too much.

Stack your jewelry

Just because your outfit is neutral, doesn't mean you can't wear maximalist jewelry. Over-the-top jewelry pieces are trending because they add the perfect contrast to a muted look. Chunky gold necklaces or oversized silver bangles can add flair to any wardrobe. These statement pieces are not only eye-catching but also timeless, making them a must-have accessory that can be worn from season to season.

Incorporate prints

Another misconception about neutral color palettes is that they must consist only of solid colors. Although neutral outfits are typically simple, prints can refresh your wardrobe. Subtle prints, such as plaids or stripes, add a welcome twist that brings visual interest to your look. Strong prints in neutral hues are also great garments to pair against solid pieces for a contrasting combination.

Utilize denim

We all know that denim is a classic and belongs in any wardrobe as a base piece. However, in neutral closets, it also adds texture. Since neutral pieces tend to be simple and plain, denim can add roughness to a look that gives it an updated appeal. Nowadays, denim has even entered neutral palettes, despite typically being blue. Utilize denim to its fullest potential to stylishly break up your neutral 'fit.

Combine different styles

If you want a create a modern, neutral wardrobe, experiment with mixing up your fashion styles. Pair tailored trouser pants with an edgy graphic tee for enough contrast to make your neutrals shine. Despite the lack of color, mixing pieces from various styles will create a high-fashion look. Curate neutral pieces from various styles for a cohesive closet that still matches. Blend feminine with masculine designs for a complex outfit formula.

Find color variations

Although neutrals may seem limiting, they offer plenty of variation. Layering different tones of the same hue can create enough contrast to make your outfit visually appealing. If you're going for a monochrome look, pairing whites with off-whites or creams is an excellent way to create contrast and make your style look fresh. Contrast heightens the appeal, so it's essential to incorporate plenty of it into your outfit.