The Necklace Stacking Trend Of The Moment Is All About Chunky Maximalism

Dainty, minimalist jewelry epitomizes the soft girl and cottagecore era; it elevates an outfit but doesn't take attention away from the fit. While you have more room to style and stack thin pieces, sometimes you want something loud and noticeable. Well, like most things, there's always an opposite look. Instead of dressing with dainty jewelry, opt for stacking chunky maximalist necklaces. In other words, mix chain lengths and widths to create your perfect stacked style. In addition, add a few beaded necklaces or mixed metals for a stylish look. After all, more is always the way to go, so style your necklaces with chunky earrings and rings for the ultimate maximalist look.

The beauty of maximalism is there are no rules. You get to decide what to put together instead of going by the book, where you should only stack jewelry pieces that complement each other. Chunky maximalist jewelry showcases your personality, where you choose whether you want your entire outfit to be loud or only your jewelry. Nonetheless, always go for the boldest move you can make when it comes to the chunky trend.

Layer different necklace styles

Styling necklaces of the same size is tricky, but ensuring each is in a different style makes the process easier. For example, this three-layered stack consists of a gold shell necklace at the top, a thick chain with ballpoint accents in the middle, and a twisted gold necklace at the bottom. While they're about the same length and width, they're different in style and shape, which allows them to fit together flawlessly. They would've tangled up easily if they were all chain styles, losing their appeal.

Add a pendant to the mix

Your chunky necklaces don't all have to be simple. In other words, incorporate statement pieces, such as a chunky pendant. For instance, the woman above styled two different-length chain necklaces with a pendant, ensuring it was placed in the middle of the trio. The chunkiest chain was placed at the top, creating a uniform look as the pieces got slightly thinner. It's luxe and elevates the simple pink long-sleeve top.

Stick to the classic pieces

If you've always been a minimalist girly but want to try out chunky maximalist, slowly make your way up the ladder. After all, there are various ways to rock a classic gold chain. So, try a necklace that's slightly chunkier than your thinnest chain. You don't have to stack multiple chunky necklaces. Instead, create contrast with medium-thick and thin chains and style it with chunky hoops to add another maximalist piece to the mix. On the other hand, you can also a couple of charm necklaces with different colored beads.

Be bold with chunky silver jewelry

Although gold jewelry is the most popular, there's still room for the silver jewelry girlies to make their own jewelry combinations. For example, this stunning stacked look might make you rethink your gold pieces. The heart-styled choker paired with the heart charm chain complements each other perfectly, along with the long silver chain. It feels edgy, almost rockstar, but the hearts soften the edge and give a flirty and girly look, especially when paired with pastel clothing.

Mix metal chunky necklaces

Mix the metals for a contrasting look when deciding which jewelry to wear for the day. Wearing gold and silver jewelry is the new norm, so show them off with your chunky pieces. For example, this Instagram user wears heaps of necklaces varying in length, width, and metal finish, but it all works together. The longest chain has dangling charms that give extra details to her stack. On the other hand, your necklaces don't have to sit perfectly in place; instead, let them clash and tangle.