Glass Extension Nails Are The Clean-Girl Manicure Trend For Fall 2023

The glass nail trend is all about sleek, glossy perfection and an understated elegance that just can't be topped. This minimalist nail trend elongates your nails with extensions and leaves them looking clean and extra strong. Whether you choose to leave them shining solo or embellish them with dainty gems or gold leaf, glass nails are shimmering, eye-catching, and won't clash with anything in your closet.

If you've had fun with bright, decadent manicures over the summer and are ready for something versatile and simplistic, then glass extension nails may be your new best friend. "It's a chic design that goes with everything," Nails of LA founder and celebrity nail artist Brittney Boyce told Who What Wear. "This is slightly harder to DIY, but if you are getting nail extensions, this is such a clean look." So, if you've been loving the clean, minimalist nail aesthetic, try this nail set at your next appointment.

Chic elegance

The glassy French manicure is all about smooth elegance and grace. This one is sure to turn heads with its unique take on the classic style. However, it may require a trip to the nail salon. "It does require a lot of practice to sculpt the tip. There are a lot of YouTube videos that show you step-by-step how to apply them, but a lot of it comes with practice," nail artist Sonya Belakhlef told Byrdie

Gilded gold

It doesn't get much more idyllic than this. A gentle gold leaf design on crystal clear glass extensions? We couldn't dream up something more ethereal if we tried. It's the ultimate angelic, soft, and simple — try it out for your more elegant and precious outings this coming fall.

Midnight royalty

A fun and moody twist on the glass extension nail trend, this deep navy nail is ideal for the cooler weather and will have minimalist lovers totally over the moon. We can see this paired with your cozy and comfy 'fits this fall as well as your more dressy options for a night out and about.

Embellished beauty

These dainty pearls are the perfect addition to this nail design. The vibe is just what our hearts are after this fall, and the versatility of this glass extension manicure just tops all others. If you aren't sure which direction to go at your next nail appointment, remember this one and hold it close to your heart — and don't be afraid to go for some embellishments. 

Short and squared shape

If you're unsure about the length of some of the glass extension nails, opt for a shorter version and still enjoy the versatile, minimalist, clean-girl look. And if you aren't sold on the almond shape, the square totally soars with this trend too. Regardless of the shape though, do your research before going into the salon. "The best way to get the exact look you want is to show [your nail artist] pictures," Sonya Belakhlef told Byrdie. "Just like with hair color, sometimes you and the nail artist may have different things in mind."