Behave Bras: What Happened To The Brand After Shark Tank?

It's an all-too-common issue faced by women of all ages: ill-fitting bras. Sizing across brands can be inconsistent, cup sizes can fluctuate with the weather, and straps can weaken over time. As a result, many of us have had our own wardrobe malfunction moments due to bras being too tight or loose. Finding the right fit is especially difficult for women with larger busts, as mainstream retailers often overlook uncommon cup sizes.

Athena Kasvikis knew the struggle of finding the correct fit all too well when she appeared on "Shark Tank" with her pitch for Behave Bras. After a lifetime of wearing poorly-fitted bras, the innovative designer took it upon herself to create a comfortable, beautiful solution for women with larger chests. The Boston-based businesswoman sought $150,000 for a 15% stake in her lingerie brand upon entering the tank. As Kasvikis explained to the sharks, 50 million women in the United States have fuller busts but can't find bras that accommodate their needs. At the time of her "Shark Tank" pitch, Kasvikis shared that Behave Bras offered sizes from 30-38 inch bands and DD-I cups — but it was the innovative design that set her company apart. Kasvikis' "Shark Tank" episode debuted to the public in March 2022, but how is Behave Bras getting by today? Let's take a closer look at the trajectory of Behave Bras since its "Shark Tank" appearance.

Behave Bras impressed one shark in particular

Those familiar with bras made for larger breasts have likely come across their share of lingerie sets promising to provide a better fit. But what makes Behave Bras different? As Athena Kasvikis told the sharks, it all comes down to her patented "Stayz" technology, a piece of adjustable fabric that secures each breast. The little panel creates a world of difference for wearers — minimizing chest wrinkles, discomfort, and, yes, wardrobe-related mishaps, too. After launching Behave Bras in 2020, Kasvikis went on to generate $110,000 in her first year and a half of business."We own the most valuable and fastest-growing segment of lingerie out there today," Kasvikis explained.

Almost instantly, the sharks expressed interest in Kasvikis' business model. "I love this deal, and I want to be part of keeping breasts behaved. I'll give you the $150,000 for 20%," Kevin O'Leary offered. Despite an amicable exchange between O'Leary and Kasvikis, the lingerie designer hesitated a moment before proposing a counteroffer. "Would you consider $150,000 for 17%?," Kasvikis asked.

Concerned by Kasvikis' counteroffer, Barbara Corcoran probed, "Athena, what is the largest obstacle facing you right now?" Without missing a beat, Kasvikis stated she'd been living off of her savings for two years and had to move back home with her mother to get her business off the ground. Although Kasvikis tried once more to counter O'Leary's offer, the two ultimately agreed upon $150,000 at 20%. "I would've never thought I'd invest in this — never!" exclaimed O'Leary.

After striking a deal on Shark Tank, Behave Bras blossomed

The unlikely partnership between "Mr. Wonderful" and the lingerie entrepreneur proved to boost business for Behave Bras. Yet even Athena Kasvikis was surprised by the shark who closed the deal. "Mr. Wonderful had been kind of looking around for a couple of minutes checking everybody out, and I think we had a lot of interest. We'll just put it that they cut some things out, but we had a lot of interest," Kasvikis told Puget Sound Business Journal

Per Behave Bras' website, "Behave was the fastest deal the producers have ever seen!" Although she snagged a lucrative opportunity with "Mr. Wonderful," the specifics of their agreement have been largely under wraps. According to reports, Kasvikis was still in talks to negotiate a deal with O'Leary as of March 2022, but it's clear that appearing on "Shark Tank" significantly increased sales for the young startup company. However, the Behave Bras founder also credits her unique perspective as part of the reason for the startup company's success. "I bring consumer perspective, and I'd argue it's the single most important aspect to starting a successful consumer business, outside of the product itself," Kasvikis told Swaay

Where Behave Bras is today

At the time of writing, it appears that Behave Bras enjoyed a fair amount of success following Athena Kasvikis' "Shark Tank" segment. Shortly after the episode aired, it was announced that the company received a massive increase in sales — undoubtedly the result of the "Shark Tank effect." "When I said we were buried in orders, I wasn't kidding," wrote Kasvikis in a Facebook post in March 2022. "So proud of my team for their exceptional work. And thankful to my customers for their orders, support, kindness, and love."

Indeed, customers who have purchased Behave Bras are raving about their innovative design, and have submitted hundreds of five-star reviews to reflect this. "Thank you for making a bra solution that works for us larger-breasted ladies. No more underwires for me, and I think this bra supports well enough that it has become my everyday bra!" writes one customer.

Naturally, Kasvikis continued to spread the message about Behave Bras to the public, offering insight on how to choose the right bra for those who experienced difficulties in finding their correct size. "To measure your overbust, which determines your cup size with your underbust, run the measuring tape around your back to the largest part of your breast, usually right over the nipple," she told Yahoo! Finance. "Overall, if something doesn't fit you, know this — it's not your boobs that are the problem. It's the bra."

The future of Behave Bras

So what's next for Behave Bras and Athena Kasvikis? Although the company originated with a direct-to-consumer model, allowing customers to shop for their bras online, it seems they've expanded into other directions following "Shark Tank." As of 2023, Behave Bras has partnered up with QVC to bring its lingerie line to an entirely new audience.

Beyond this exciting development, Behave Bras has also released a number of new wire-free bras for lingerie fans to enjoy. In addition to the original shades Kasvikis debuted on "Shark Tank," the company has also issued limited edition offerings like Vixen, a cranberry hue, and Scaled Green. Each limited edition bra also features its own new "Stayz" print, as well — for Vixen, it's an art-deco-inspired retro print, and for Scaled Green, a playful dragon scale design.

When Kasvikis first pitched Behave Bras to "Shark Tank," the company produced bras in a range of sizes from 30-38-inch bands and DD-I cups. Today, the lingerie brand still carries similar sizing, but there's another welcome addition around the corner. Per Behave Bras' website, the line will offer extended sizing soon, accommodating 40-48-inch bands and DD-I cups. Only time will tell what lies ahead for Behave Bras, but we have a feeling this woman-led company will continue to reshape lingerie for years to come.