The Butterfly Shag Cut Is The Layered Style Perfect For Curly Hair

From the wolf cut to the shullet, we've seen a lot of shag styles shine in the spotlight, and the butterfly is no exception. The butterfly shag is ideal for just about any hair type — but for curly hair, in particular, this flattering layered style gives great movement and bounce. If you're a big fan of the iconic '90s cut, 'the Rachel,' but have curly hair, you can definitely make this look work for you. We simply can't get enough of it. The carefree cut is also easy to style and frames the face just the right way.

So, what's the main difference between a trendy butterfly shag and classic long layers when it comes to a curly 'do? The layers that surround the face are cut in such a way that they flow toward the back –- a bit like curtain bangs do -– to form a shape reminiscent of butterfly wings. This gives a desirable windswept quality to this style that's totally swoon-worthy. And best of all, there are many variations of this fluttering butterfly shag out there.

Picture perfect

If you have thick, curly hair, then this cut just couldn't be more suitable for your hair type. The voluminous layers are a beautiful avenue to showcase your locks. This look is right on trend and frames the face in a stunning light. We simply couldn't be more excited about the butterfly shag. 

Blended bangs

A variation of the butterfly shag we are simply loving is this look with shorter bangs. They blend perfectly into the longer layers that make this cut what it is. Easy to style and maintain, this shag is fun, flirty, and effortlessly whimsical. Give it a try if you're craving a subtle change that'll pay off in a big way.

Vital volume

This one totally captures the essence of the shag and we just can't get over the perfection of this shape. Bouncy, feminine, and ready to wow, this iteration of the butterfly shag has the swooping layers totally nailed. If you're craving a cut with tons of volume, look no further than the butterfly shag.

Wild and free

We are totally swept away by the butterfly shag's ability to spotlight cascading layers that tumble beautifully from one to another. The curly curtain bangs are also a major hit every time. Whether you style this look to perfection or let it flow naturally, this shag is definitely one for the books.

Short and sweet

As we all know, the butterfly shag is quite beautiful on curly hair and will blend perfectly into these ringlets. The style gives us some '70s vibes are we're loving it. Similar to a wolf cut in many regards, these butterfly-wing layers can be beautifully sculpted — and you'll likely find this cut super easy to style, too.