How To Match Your Aura Nails To Your Zodiac Sign

Some folks believe that we all have a colorful energy field around us that isn't typically seen by the naked eye. This energy is called our aura, and it changes sometimes, depending on our moods. We can have multiple colors in our aura and different layers to this invisible space around us. When it comes to aura nails, the new trend is to create the look of an aura using at least two colors on your nail with polish and other products. Picking your aura colors can come from what you feel your aura looks like, or you can choose the colors that represent your astrological sign — or even combine these two concepts. It's a great way to express your mood and vibes through your mani.

While you can create this look with nail polish alone, using a color for the center area from one of your eyeshadow palettes offers the easiest answer to figuring out this creative look at home. You'll want one color in the center of your nail in a roundish shape (trust us, not all auras look round or are perfectly positioned in the center, so don't worry about perfection here). Of course, the first step, aside from a base coat, is to paint your nails your main color. It's the top coat over the eyeshadow in the middle that will give you that dimensional aura look.

Fiery Aries

Red is a fiery and passionate color, two words that fully describe Aries people. We love the addition of blue on these, a color that pops up when temperatures get really hot. Red is Aries' main color and is the perfect accent to this ram's aura — it shows how powerful they are. The blue shows that in the right situation, though, this sign can be calm too.

Earthy Taurus

This earth sign's color is green, but we know Taurus loves all colors they can find outside, so we are sure they'd love the yellow in these fashionable nails. When it comes to your aura, yellow tends to show up when you're feeling cheerful, and this bull-headed zodiac sign is always happy when they're getting their way. Green is the color of money, something all earth signs are a fan of.

Bright Gemini

Yellow is the twins' main color — one of happiness and joy. It's hard not to be cheerful when you're an outgoing person like Gemini. We opted for some aura nails filled with many colors for Gemini's multiple personalities; we know these twins can be moody and go from happy to sad in the blink of an eye. Pink is for loving themselves, green is for their happiness in nature, and blue is for the sky being their limit.

Shiny Cancer

Sliver calls to mind the color of the moon, and these nails are perfect for moon-ruled Cancer. Silver makes us think positive thoughts, and it is a color that also relates to money, much like gold. It may not be worth as much as gold, but it's still lucky, and we think any Cancer would be fortunate to walk around with aura nails like these. The decal accents on this mani just add to the Cancer vibes.

Creative Leo

Orange is a creative color and one of the colors of the sun, the celestial body that rules Leo. Knowing this, you now know exactly why orange is the lion's perfect color — they're one of the most creative signs of the zodiac, and they are fiery and powerful like the sun. We picked these orange and peach aura nails to show how this creative lion can sometimes be tame. Plus, when you think of peachy things, it makes you smile, right? Leos do have a tendency to brighten up a room!

Big-hearted Libra

Honestly, these nails make us think of cotton candy, but when it comes to Libra, blue and pink have a whole different meaning. Pink is Libra's main color, and it shows off how much they love themselves, for one thing. Blue is a calming color, and if you have a Libra in your life, you know they can often be a calming presence. We love how sweet and innocent that aura of pink is in the middle of this design, and it makes us love Libra even more.

Grounded Virgo

Brown is the color of the ground, and Virgo is a grounded earth sign. While brown may not be your number one choice when it comes to nail colors, with agricultural goddess Demeter as one of the possible representations of Virgo, it makes sense that brown is one of your luckiest colors. White is a color of purity and peace, and Virgo is often called the virgin, because of their pure spirit and peaceful nature.

Mysterious Scorpio

Scorpio is mysterious, and black is one of their colors because it is a protective shade. The darkest sign of the zodiac, according to some, they also do well with deep shades of red, and these nails scream Scorpio energy. To add to the luck of this mani, there are accents of both gold and silver. What we love most about this look, however, is that one hand is black on red and the other is red on black. Clever, just like a Scorpio.

Energetic Sagittarius

Lavender gives out total energetic vibes, and purple is one of those colors that really captures the outgoing spirit of Sagittarius. Sagittarius also know how to love themselves and take care of their own souls, and that is why we chose a set of aura nails with pink for them. The only thing that could make these better would be if the lavender nail polish actually smelled like fresh, invigorating lavender flowers!

Hard-working Capricorn

Gray may seem dismal, but it's a great shade for someone who is always focused on the serious side of life, much like Capricorn. Of course, these hard workers may struggle with nails this long, but we bet you can pull off the look if you put your mind to it. Gray is a balanced color, and we know that Capricorn longs to balance their work life and their personal life, so we feel like these multi-gray aura nails will inspire them to slow down a little.

Airy Aquarius

The water bearer is actually an air sign, and these blues make us feel like we're flying high. Blue is a tranquil color, one that calms us like the babbling of a river — which is why this is one of Aquarius' best color choices. Blue also has a way of opening up the lines of communication when it comes to chakras, and we think these nails will surely be conversation starters.

Easy-going Pisces

Represented by the pair of fish, Pisces is the most watery of the water signs, and they definitely require a wet-look manicure. Green shades represent luck and prosperity, and seafoam, one of Pisces' luckiest colors, is no exception. You'll find the watery calm you're looking for in that turbulent Pisces mind of yours with aura nails this beautiful.