The Triple-French Manicure Is The Maximalist Spin On The Classic Nail Trend

French manicures will always and forever be the it-girl choice. And no, we're not accepting counterarguments at this moment. Because if we're being honest, French manicures are what you think of when you think of elegance, style, and the clean-girl aesthetic. They're the chic minimalist nail design you go for when you have an event coming up or friends and dates to impress. They're the nails you can count on at any job interview to give off a good first impression. French manicures can seemingly do it all.

They're everything, but that's not all. They're also as versatile as nail trends come and can be spiced up or toned down depending on the wearer's whim. For instance, have you heard of triple-French manicures? If you haven't yet, we can guarantee you'll be seeing them everywhere. Here's the gist of triple-French manicures: They stack three colors instead of your usual all-white tips. That way, you get the classic, French-inspired manicure trend with the pop of color you crave and more. And because the color wheel is endless, so are your options.

If you want to get ahead of the curve and be the trendsetter among your friends, you'll want to layer the rainbow on your nail tips and watch as you receive the most compliments you've gotten on your nails.


Are you going on a European vacation? Choose the colors of the flags of each country you plan to visit. Still like the idea of classic white tips? Accentuate them with a bit of black and a bright pop of color. This manicure might take longer than your usual, but it's so worth it.

Wear the rainbow

There's no right way to do this trend, and that's exactly the beauty of it. You could combine every color you can get your hands on, one perfectly placed streak over the other, and it would still look amazing. No need to carefully curate which colors would look good together or how best to stack them. This trend is for our inner children and their unabashed (and messy) love of color. We do it for them. So, pick as many colors as you like and start stacking them up on your nail tips. Wear the rainbow, all day.

Diagonal lines

Have you ever messed around with the placement of French tip lines? Because you need to. Putting an abstract twist on your classic French mani is game-changing, and we're ready to play. Here's how you get the look. First, do your regular French manicure with a sheer neutral base and a stark white line for the tips. Once this is done, you can start getting creative. Pick two (or more) of your favorite colors and start tracing diagonal streaks across your crisp white lines. You can be as precise or messy as you want —it's the fun that counts!

Barbie Land flag

This has, without a doubt, been the year of Barbie. And who can complain? We've been getting nothing but hot (pink) trends out of it. And just like we can play around with real-world countries and their flags with this conveniently three-tiered nail trend, so can we go along with Barbie Land patriotism. It'll be just one more way to identify your fellow Barbiecore girls. All you need to show your pink pride are three shades of pink (plus some white if you're feeling risky or blue if you're feeling the Kenergy). Go, Barbie! See you on the Malibu beach.

Abstract French

No, this trend doesn't need to follow a rainbow arch format. You can definitely play around with line shape and placement. In fact, we encourage it. Who doesn't love abstract nail design? It can be just as chic as your typical French manicure but so much more interesting. For this one, you'll want to start out with one line (or blob) where you'd typically place a French tip and then get to playing around with the placement and color of your other lines. Tip: Try overlapping your lines on the ends so it looks clean and seamless.