Moisturize Your Underarms To Keep Them Smooth And Supple

Caring for our hair, face, and nails is usually top priority, but many miss out on caring for one important area of the body: the underarms. Understanding the needs and proper care for our underarms can help us take better care of them. One of the primary reasons why the skin of the underarms is easily irritated is because of its constant exposure to friction. The repeated rubbing of the skin against other skin or clothing can lead to irritation, called armpit chafing.


Some people detox their armpits, but moisturizing can actually help prevent this irritation. It's important to nourish the skin, and while people tend to nurture their faces with top-of-the-line moisturizers, underarms are often neglected. This might not be a good idea since, according to experts, our underarms need a lot of care, and are, in fact, an important place to moisturize that you're probably missing. Moisturizing will not just soften your underarms, but it will also heal and regenerate healthy skin cells and prevent further cracking and chafing.

The reason your beauty routine for underarm must always include moisturizer

According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Papri Sarkar, the skin of our underarms is very thin and has limited access to fresh air, which makes it more sensitive than the rest of our body. She told Kiehl's, "The thing that's interesting about this area is that the skin is thinner than it is in other parts of your body. You can feel that it's slightly more silky, and that's because it's generally thinner, and that makes it more sensitive." Moisturizing the area can help to improve its moisture barrier and keep your underarms in tip-top shape. 


In an interview with Vogue, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Alicia Zalka recommends applying a pH-balanced lotion one to two times a week to moisturize the underarms. Zalka says underarms don't need frequent moisturizer application than that, since they get wet with sweat more often than other parts of our bodies, and further added that it's best to stop shaving and using deodorant if your underarms show signs of irritation. These tips will surely help your underarms achieve a soothe and supple texture.

A different approach if you have dry, irritated skin

If you have dry armpits, you can apply moisturizer more frequently, even on a daily basis. Dry skin is mostly brought about by damage to the skin's moisture barrier, which can be further aggravated by sweat. Adding underarm moisturizer to your daily skincare routine would greatly benefit the delicate skin of your pits.


In addition to applying moisturizer, it's best to use a gentle body wash since harsh cleansers can harm the moisture barrier of the armpits. Look for a body wash that contains a mild formula. It's also imperative to find the deodorant that will work best for you. Using a mild deodorant will also help your dry armpits heal and avoid irritation. If you have dry skin, you should avoid applying products that contain baking soda or tea tree oil to your underarms, as these ingredients can worsen your pits' dryness and irritation. Now that you understand these rules of armpit care, you can help them feel better than ever.