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University Of Santo Tomas
Rom-coms, Dating And Relationship, Health And Wellness
  • Mariane Angela has been writing since 2015. Her passion for writing has helped her represent her country to events in Asia such as Hong Kong Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016 and Singapore Design Week in 2018.
  • As a longtime member of the media, she was invited to attend a local TikTok travel event in 2019. The event aimed to promote renewed interest and love for local destinations and cuisines. This event has helped her to embrace her roots as a Filipino.
  • Japanese culture has been so ingrained in her that she's been to Japan 24 times since 2013. And she does not plan to stop coming back. The generosity of the locals, Japan's rich culture, and the sumptuous Japanese delicacies made her want to stay for good.


Mariane Angela is a freelance writer who has almost ten years of professional experience. She began her career as an academic writer at the University of Santo Tomas during her senior years in college. She went on to continue exploring content writing after she graduated and landed writing jobs for prestigious magazines. She has written for different publications across Asia including Vogue, Crafty, Wonder Fashion, and POSH. Outside of beauty and lifestyle writing experience, she has spent years working as a technical writer.


Mariane Angela earned her undergraduate degree from University of Santo Tomas, where she specialized in Creative Writing and Literature. Through the years, she has enrolled in different short courses online to keep herself knowledgeable on various writing techniques. The most recent course she took was Creative Writing Specialization offered by Wesleyan University.

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