Tips For Finding The Bang Style That Will Suit Your Face Shape

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Bangs are taking over as a popular hairstyle trend in 2023, making it a great time to try them out. However, before rushing off to the hair salon and asking for a replica of your favorite celebrity's new fringe, it's essential to consider your face shape. When determining which bangs will look best, this aspect of your appearance is crucial. Believe it or not, certain bang styles beautifully enhance specific face shapes, while others clash or even change them for the worse.


"Many bone structures can be complemented by bangs ... You'll want to determine what types of fringe look best with your face shape and avoid those that won't," Aaron Grenia, the hairstylist who founded IGK Hair Care, told Allure. It's worth taking the time to study your forehead, jawline, and cheekbones to determine whether you have a triangle, diamond, rectangle, round, square, oval, or heart-shaped face before deciding on your new bangs style. Choosing the right fringe for your face shape can elevate your features and enhance your overall look.

Full blunt bangs for a round face

Nowadays, there are countless bang styles to choose from. However, when people mention "bangs," we tend to think of the traditional style where they are all the same length and cover the entire forehead. While this style may overwhelm thinner face shapes, blunt bangs are typically one of the best styles for round faces. "The straight bluntness will balance out the roundness of the face," Tina Outen, a professional hairstylist and colorist, shared with Real Simple.


Blunt bangs are a beautiful accent for round faces, but keep in mind that they require maintenance. Are you willing to keep up with trims and style them every day? Actor Nina Dobrev made millions of people laugh when she posted a relatable TikTok video of her thick bangs looking ultra-messy without styling. However, if you're willing to invest the time into keeping your blunt bangs clean and tidy, the effect of enhancing your lovely round face could be worth the extra effort.

Long fringe for a square face shape

When choosing bangs for a square-shaped face, consider the length more than any other factor. Square faces tend to appear compact, so longer bangs provide an even and harmonious look, rather than shorter options, which can seem unbalanced and distracting on already-short-looking faces. "Since the jawline tends to be more pronounced on square faces, fringe bangs soften this line while also highlighting your enviable features," eSalon client education lead Courtney Goebel explained to Dermstore.


One of the best things about long bangs is that they generally require less maintenance than shorter options. For example, ultra-short micro-bangs need frequent trims to maintain their cropped length, especially if your hair grows fast. With longer bangs, you can avoid cutting them until they become uncomfortable in your eyes, though certain varieties will require more upkeep than others. When selecting a longer style, those with square face shapes should also opt for a wispier look, as opposed to a thick, blunt cut.

Side bangs for oval face shapes

The sassy side fringe has risen from its early aughts grave, and we can't think of a better face shape for this sexy bang option than the classic oval facial structure. Longer side bangs are also typically easier to manage and require less upkeep compared to shorter ones. To achieve a breezy side-swept look, keep the bangs light and not too thick. "Longer, soft, side-swept bangs frame an oval-shaped face," Bryce Scarlett, a celebrity hairstylist, emphasized to Who What Wear.


Luxy Hair Extensions also shared a TikTok video explaining that side bangs, bobs, and shoulder-length haircuts look excellent on oval face shapes, while ultra-full bangs aren't so suitable. Though exaggerated images of the side fringe evoking Y2K "emo" or "mean girl" vibes might make this resurfacing trend seem daunting, it doesn't have to make you look like an early 2000s movie character. You can even opt for long, light bangs and push them to the side.

Wispy bangs for heart face shapes

There's something undeniably cute about a face shaped like a heart. To enhance this naturally romantic face shape, it's best to avoid overly thick bang styles that can detract from its charm. Instead, opt for daintier, lighter bangs that will complement the heart-like shape, rather than overwhelm it and potentially alter its appearance. Hence, gently wispy bangs are an ideal choice for individuals with heart face shapes. "Wispy fringe bangs are thin enough ... while playful enough to make a chic statement," Goebel explained to Dermstore.


The good news is that wispy bangs are significantly lower maintenance than fuller bang options, so you don't have to spend too much time and effort styling them. "They require little to no upkeep if the stylist cuts them right," Sierra Kener, a hairstylist at Nine Zero One Salon, advised InStyle. Therefore, whether you have light or dark hair or straight or curly locks, subtle wispy bangs will enhance your heart-shaped face, providing perfect harmony with delicate lines and curves without requiring too much work to keep the fringe in place.

Soft textured bangs for triangle face shapes

Triangle face shapes typically have sharp angles, so it's best to avoid classic blunt bangs that lie flat on your forehead. Instead, opt for a light fringe with texture to add more dimension to your face and create the illusion of a more dynamic look. "Bangs look great, but not a full bang ... You want bangs that are light and texturized, with movement that'll draw attention towards the top of your face," hairstylist Raven Hurtado from Maxine Salon suggested to Byrdie. People with triangle face shapes should choose dainty peekaboo or skinny bangs and focus on adding texture, even if they have naturally straight, thin hair that lacks texture.


If you're looking for a texture spray to bring your light bangs to life and complement your triangle-shaped face, consider Amika Un.done Volume & Matte Texture Spray, available for around $10 on Amazon. This Amazon Choice item had 4.2 out of five stars at the time of this writing, and you can use the product not only on your bangs but all your hair. Alternatively, if you prefer a product with a gooey texture, check out the Bed Head by TIGI Manipulator Texturizing Putty, which sells for less than $15 on Amazon with 4.6 stars.

Bottleneck bangs for diamond face shapes

If you have the unique diamond face shape, avoid overpowering it with harsh classic bangs and instead focus on adding subtle softness. "Diamond face shapes (like ovals), can rock a lot of looks ... But a diamond face has more edges, so some softening around the face is needed," Marco Pelusi, a celebrity hairstylist, advised Total Beauty. Therefore, aim for bangs that add a touch of softness to your distinct facial structure, such as bottleneck bangs. "Many people don't suit a classic fringe, but most can wear bottleneck bangs to add softness to the face," Tom Smith, the hairstylist and international creative color director for Evo Hair who came up with the "bottleneck" name, told InStyle.


Soft, face-framing, almost fluffy-looking bottleneck bangs are currently trendy, and you can find many examples on TikTok in 2023. These gentle, breezy bangs look like a combination of side bangs and curtain bangs, providing a delicate enhancement to your face and features. For instance, TikToker @grlwithkaleidoscopeeyes posted a video showing off her bottleneck bangs, which softened her facial outline and complemented her features. One impressed viewer commented, "I feel like it makes you look like a European model." While we cannot guarantee that these bangs will instantly turn anyone into a model, this lovely fringe option can enhance diamond face shapes beautifully.

Curtain bangs for rectangle face shapes

Stylish curtain bangs are a must for rectangle (aka oblong) face shapes. These faces typically look like longer versions of square faces, which, as previously mentioned, look best with a long fringe. For longer rectangular face shapes, an even longer fringe, such as curtain bangs, is recommended. "I can't get enough of curtain bangs on oblong face shapes ... They are not only in style, but they shorten the appearance of the forehead to make the face appear more oval," McKenzie Lehmann, a hairstylist, explained to Byrdie.


Curtain bangs will frame your long rectangular facial outline, much like curtains add beauty to long windows. These bangs beautifully highlight and showcase your facial features while also being one of the easiest-to-care-for options, as they don't lie across the forehead. "They can be grown out easy and they are low maintenance," David Cotteblanche, a hairstylist at Frederic Fekkai, told IPSY. You can simply push them out of the way if you decide you're over them and want to grow them out. You also won't have to worry about daily styling or experiencing the regret of being stuck with classic bangs that take forever to grow longer.