Side Fringe Is Back From Its Early Aughts Grave And Better Than Ever

What are the two most prominent trends of 2023? Y2K-inspired looks and bangs. Between edgy emo details and unapologetically sassy vibes, many early '00s trends are making 2023 comebacks. Meanwhile, now is a better time than ever to try bangs because they're so trendy. Therefore, it's not surprising that side bangs are having a revival in 2023, as this side-swept bang variation was arguably one of the most popular hairstyles in the early aughts era. "I think it's great that the side fringe is returning as not everyone suits a middle part or wants the commitment of a full fringe," Tara-Lee Mitchell, a salon owner, told Refinery29. So sorry to Generation Z, but it looks like the obsession with the middle part is about to be replaced with the fun side fringe.

Even the famous and super-talented singer Bebe Rexha often rocks daring side bangs, as you can find pictures of her showing off the hairstyle on her Instagram. Are you ready to follow the pop star's footsteps and explore side bangs?

Lean into the edgy vibes with a bold hair color

Side bangs are known for being edgy and are often labeled as "emo," so if you like that dauntless look, consider leaning into it by dying your hair a nontraditional hue, such as lavender, blue, green, or any other color of the rainbow. By flaunting side bangs and unconventional hair color, you'll instantly exude early aughts-inspired emo or scene energy.

Side bangs look so sleek with straight hair

While various hair types look good with side bangs, straight hair is arguably the most eye-catching with these bangs, as the side-swept fringe will add an intense contrast to the rest of your locks, serving as the focal point of your look. Plus, there's no denying that straight hair was ultra-trendy in the Y2K era, so straightening your tresses and flaunting side bangs will help you look like an early 2000s supermodel or movie star.

They look lovely with long locks

If you're going for a dramatic, elegant appearance, try adding side bangs to your long tresses. Long hair softens intense side bangs, so side-swept bangs with long locks will create a beautiful combination. Let your tresses flow and flaunt your side bangs for effortless glamour; showing off this hairstyle will add a stunning flair to any outfit, even when you wear something casual.

Side bangs are also great for short hair

On the other hand, side bangs look adorable with short haircuts, too. If you have short hair and are interested in an effortlessly chic French bob but don't want to commit to full bangs, consider opting for side bangs instead for a cute spin on this trendy hairstyle. Whether you're going for emo or cutesy vibes, side bangs are an excellent addition to short hairstyles.